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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 28 April 2021

Living and Loving Life with Mary Ann and Preston Swanson

Living and loving life as seen through the eyes of an indigo crystal perspective.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Our Radio Show is a fun magical, creation in the making. Like life, it’s an ever unfolding wonderful journey filled with joy, love, and laughter and it teaches us to not take our selves so seriously. So remember to have fun and play LOTS!!!

By the way Indigo/Crystal means divinely connected and aware!

This is a place of manifesting and allowing life's gifts to unfold, easily & effortlessly. Here you will find amazing Aha's & Information that will empower and inspire you! We welcome you to the exciting and joy filled journey of remembering your divine self and coming into being!

Our radio show, is a special project between (Preston) one of my Incredible kids & myself (MaryAnn).

My mom is a beautiful spirit and imp so glad that she is allowing her divine light to shine through! And THAT'S why this radio show is here! And especially since she received the divine green light to go ahead now.

We have been given these insights and ahas for years and the time to share them with others is now. So please take what feels best and leave the rest. Go ahead and SHARE with others, because we’re all in this together and together we can do anything!

We are grateful for your support!

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Mary Ann Swanson and Preston Swanson

Mary Ann Swanson and Preston Swanson
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