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Submitted by Jo Sainsbury on 17 May 2021

KickAss Radio with Jo Sainsbury

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KickAss Radio with Jo Sainsbury

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Show Host: Jody Sainsbury
Train Driver, Author, Speaker, Advocate for Women in Non-Traditional Roles, Founder of Kickass Women AND Radio Show host for Kickass Radio


Jo Sainsbury is the definition of a go-getter, or as Jo likes to call it, a ‘Glo-getter’. This is in reference to working in Industry & donning High Vis, a uniform that Jo is proud to wear.

After working over 30 years in the corporate sector, Jo kicked off her heels and became a coal train driver working in the rail and mining industry!

The transition into a male dominated industry was no easy task. Jo had no contacts, no experience, and barely knew anything about the Industry or how to apply.

It is for this very reason that Jo Sainsbury founded Kickass Women in 2019, making it her mission to empower and support women who are considering a career change into an industry role, and helping to make their transition as smooth as possible.

“I’m a big believer in inclusion and diversity and I strongly believe that more women should consider non-traditional roles and careers, just like I did 7 years ago!”  - Jo Sainsbury

After some time in her new role as a coal train driver, Jo recognised that there was a huge disconnect between women’s perception of a job in Industry, and reality! Jo became conscious that many women perceived that a job in industry was either unattainable or unattractive, and so Kickass Women was born - to educate women that the leap wasn’t as big as they thought, and that these roles were worth pursuing!


Learn a bit more about Kickass Women!


Jo Sainsbury's book 'High Heels to High Vis' has been named an Amazon #1 Best Seller! Jo writes about her transition from the corporate sector into the world of Hard Hats and Hi Vis as a guide for women who are considering a non-traditional role within the Rail, Mining, Resource, STEM and Construction Industries. 'High Heels to High Vis' can be purchased from most leading book stores including Amazon, Dymocks & Waterstones!