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Guest Name
Steven Nicolle
Guest Occupation
Author and Waiter
Guest Biography

Since the bartending course back in 1979 I have held various positions in Food and Beverage Operations. Bar Manager, Head Waiter, Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, Sommelier, Maitre'd and most recently the past few years am a bartending teacher at a local college.

My experience has found me on such shows as the Doc Zone, being interviewed by CNN, and local television shows both to promote the bartending course and my new book all about my travels during which I basically lived out of a suitcase. It is called "You Only Live Once" because I believe you have to try in life to do what you want to do and not let anything hold you back. The younger you do it the better. Now is the time!

Presently I am 57 years old, happily married for 20 years with 2 boys. I can thank the bartending course for all that I have right now.

How taking a bartending course got me out of dead end jobs to traveling for the next 17 years. I went from working in nightclubs and discotheques in the early 80's to traveling and working in Europe for a few years. After that moving up the ladder to Maitre'd on a luxury cruise ship in the mid 90's. I even wrote a book about my experiences up front and personal detailing how I did it.

My philosophy has always been to look out for good opportunities and to take advantage of what you know and love doing to live an extraordinary life. Never let fear or mistakes stand in your way. Also I will talk on what I would do today if I was in the same spot and taking a bartending course as I did back in 1979.

You only live once!