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Guest Name
Malia Carvalho aka Lia Light
Guest Occupation
Musician, massage therapist, yoga practitioner and guide
Guest Biography


Musician, massage therapist, yoga practitioner and guide (Kundalini, Tantra, Yin).  Lia Light holds a passion for guiding others in  living a “Tantric Life”- that is fully feeling, expanding vision and truly embracing the mind body connection.  

With her family having roots in Hawaii, she possesses mermaid vibes and values of preserving the land, malama ‘aina! and bringing community together. Lia’s love for the arts lead her on a path of studying graphic design and art history, bodywork and yoga.

She enjoys cooking plant-based meals, singing, playing the guitar, painting and guiding others in exploring their visionary states of consciousness through movement, journey and meditation. She has spent years designing and decorating her home temple to become a place of healing and unity.