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Guest Name
John G Ryan MD
Guest Biography

Dr. John Ryan is a certified specialist Medical Doctor in Diagnostic Imaging at a tertiary level care hospital, university professor, author and speaker. He has worked for over 20 years in both traditional and energy based healing paradigms, and led countless seminars on emerging topics in healing and consciousness.

Dr. John’s life was transformed by a series of mystical and synchronous events through which he was destined to discover the validity of the spiritual, energy and consciousness basis of life, and it’s potential to support human healing. This led him through a personal “spiritual awakening” and a deep transpersonal awareness of what one needs to understand as they begin and sustain a journey of healing and spiritual awakening.

In recent years, his work has led him to the mystical threshold of the quantum basis of DNA, its integral connection to the human spirit, and the potential of this awakening knowledge to support the healing of humanity. He loves to bring this esoteric information down to earth - so anyone and everyone can access and benefit from the knowledge and experience that is available in this awakening time.

He is the pioneer of Unity Field Healing; a new “quantum” based healing process based on conscious activation of the DNA quantum field to support healing and personal evolution.

When not working and writing – he loves nature, adventure, learning, travelling, spending quality time with his family and friends – and, yes, adoring his great dane Miah!

He is author of two books - The Missing Pill (2014), which explores the rise of Energy Medicine and Conscious Biospiritual Transformation, and Harp of the One Heart (2013) - a collection of sacred poems.