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Guest Name
Jana Shiloh
Guest Occupation
Homeopathy Teacher and Practitioner
Guest Biography

Jana Shiloh brings 34 years of homeopathy practice to Cosmic LOVE, and we’ll be discussing Jana’s unique path towards mastery of the homeopathic method, her book “HeartFusion™- The Magic of Imprinting Water”, and how you can create your own homeopathic remedies for your pets if not yourself and loved ones.

Jana helped to found one of the first schools in homeopathy in California “The Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine” in 1988. She was named “Honorary Homeopathic Clinical Associate” by Dr. Ronald Davey, Physician to the Queen of England in 1990.

In 1992, Jana taught Post Graduate courses at the University of AZ Medical School, and has also taught homeopathy in Colorado, India and Sedona.

Currently, Jana practices homeopathy at Choices Integrated Healthcare with Dr. Devin Mikles in Sedona, and also privately. She is nationally certified in classical homeopathy
Jana has creatively expanded her work to include special frequency essences for spiritual development including one from the fur and milk of a pure DNA tested white buffalo.
You’ll also find Jana’s latest research on pet communication fascinating. As the veil thins, new awareness grins and ESP wins:)

Welcome Jana Shiloh to Cosmic LOVE with your Presence,
Christopher Rudy
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