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Dr Teesha Morgan
Guest Occupation
Sex Therapist
Guest Biography

Increase your sexual confidence, expand your sexual repertoire and get the real down-low on oral sex.


Because when you know better, you blow better.

Heads Up is an edgy-yet-educational, entertaining-yet-accurate book written by two Clinical Sex Therapists and Couples Counsellors on a mission to demystify and de-stigmatize sex and sexuality… specifically, the blowjob.

Dr. Teesha Morgan and Constance Lynn Hummel, MA, provide practical, no-nonsense advice for fabulous foreplay, chock full of tangible tips and ideas guaranteed to stimulate a sensational time in the bedroom. An alternative to the run of the mill “How to” guides, Heads Up will empower you to create a sex life that truly reflects your sexual choices, while still leaving you laughing (and blushing) along the way.