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Guest Name
Billy Ceranski
Guest Occupation
Former Pro Paintball Champion & American Moda Associate & CBD Advocate
Guest Biography
I played  professional paintball for 15 years; most of that was on a team  called Aftershock based out of Chicago land area.  Aftershock was one of the most dominating teams of its time winning more World Cups than all other teams combined.  The sport has progressed from the woods and 10 players per team, to a faster pace play with teams consisting of 5 players per side and played on open spectator friendly playing areas.  
Additionally I work for the largest manufacture/wholesaler of paintball equipment in the world called GI sports.  I've long sense stopped playing paintball and take up my spare time with Brazilian ju jitsu … however long term impact damage to my knees has led me to use cbd topical to reduct pain and inflammation.

Info on Paintball:

Paintball has been described as one of the most enjoyable adrenaline action games in the world! Players work together with their teammates to run, dive, creep, crawl and sneak towards and around opponents to tag them with paintballs and attempt to capture an opposing team's flag to win! Paintball, when payed with friends and family, is enjoyable, great exercise and ideal for church groups, corporate team-building, school outings or just plain having fun outside, off the couch and in the action!