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What a powerful show on Monday - I was truly moved. Thank you for all the work you are doing to heal even those that hurt you - I have so much to learn from you.

Hey Steve! Maybe I could convince Doug to insert "audience applause" as a sound effect into your show somehow !  Loved the Mister Rogers song - I remember that show with the little boy in the wheelchair -he also appeared as a grown man at one of Fred's award shows -  wow!

I have a  piano request - its late on Tuesday night but maybe for next week - can you play the 1st Gymnopedie by Erik Satie?

Love you both,

Debrah and Doug


Great show! The two of you remind me of the old variety shows that were so comfortable to watch! I clap for you all the time - wish I could send it to you!


Interesting - that Mister Rogers song brought back some memories - I always liked that song but didn't know anyone still remembered him. Boy, you sure play the gambit of music Steve - remarkable - love your show!

From Sadie's mom, Amy, regarding the Mister Rogers song - "Its You I LIke" -

"We are listening to it right now! What an excellent piano player! Wow!"

Thank you!!!!!!

Amy, Nathan and little Sadie

WOW, what a fantastic show! I am so looking forward to learning more, as this is a very serious and troubling scenario, what is happening to education world-wide. Thank you for your desire to educate us on this matter! I'll be listening!

Listern in N. California

I want to thank you Dr. Miller for your show on BBS radio. As an avid listener to the various shows on BBS radio I was pleased to hear a show that will tackle such a complex issue.

I look forward to hearing your shows. Once again, thanks


Love your show and the music! I have a friend who has a daughter and she loves Mister Rogers Neighborhood when it used to be on - and she would like to hear the song Fred Rogers wrote called  "Its You I LIke"  - it was her favorite song and Daniel Stripped Tiger is very special to her. Her name is Sadie and her Mom's name is Amy and Dad Nathan. Do you think you could play this for Sadie? Thanks for all the great music!



Dear Steve and Janis,

So nice to hear some music from the church and your background in it!  I am not a Mormon, but I love some of their Hymns - do you know BE STILL MY SOUL? Thanks for entertaining my husband and myself !

I can't wait to hear! Thanks for all the updates on the Trusted Trader during these wild and turbulent times and more info on ETs! Oct 14 is not too far off...neither is Oct 9th the date the Time monks referred to..... I like your concept of meditating for world peace! And am enjoying so much of Almine's BBS archived shows. Thanks ever so much! You're such a wonderful Angel! With love, praise and gratitude, ~ Chooi-Chin

Thanks. Your fine efforts are much appreciated. ~ Myrtle F.

Hi Don. I love BBS Radio. So many enlightened people! Things are really shifting. I use to depend on Art Bell and Coast to Coast but have lost interest in their programs. I will renew with BBS asap. With gratitude ~ Vicki

Greetings, I really enjoy your shows! I burn them on CD and listen to them as I commute between Seattle and Spokane weekly. Great stuff! I burn them for friends as well. Keep up the good work! Blessings, ~ Daniel

Hi Don! What a wonderful blessing you are. I've been "playing" with an advertisement for BBS Radio which sums up my view of how I feel about BBS RADIO... Hope you enjoy it! ~ Betty Hightower

I see your wonderful site has changed things.... it has been my pleasure to have been a faithful listener of your archives for a long time; especially enjoyed Eva Herr. Again, thanks for BBS! ~ Sharon Kahrar in Jackson, NJ

Hi there. I love your programs and music. I want to make a it possible to label the title or album of the music that is being broadcast? Keep up the good work! Best wishes. ~ Cuong in Savannah

This is a wondrous service for the people on our planet. Thank you. God bless you. ~ Cherise Franklin in Dundee U.K.

Hi Doug, Man... I went to your myspace page to learn more about your radio program and I happened to click on your blog about "Messages of POWER!" What started as a simple visit to preview your station turned into a journey of further discovery for me... I can't tell you what a widely profound effect that blog has had on me tonight... I've been sitting here just thinking how nothing happens by accident in this universe... and tonight proves it to me yet again... I want to sincerely thank you for posting those thoughts and messages... they've really helped me in my current life journey... sincere thanks for that.... you strike me as a fellow Landmark Forum graduate... and someone who would really enjoy the film "What the Bleep Do We Know Anyway." It's so rare in the music business that I come across a person who's energy effects me in the way yours did in that blog... I can't thank you enough... I wanted to pass along some links to you for your review... as I said... I went to your site to review your station in the hopes you might consider my my new CD for inclusion in your playlist. Here are some links for you... and thank you again for your being yielded to the notion of being a catalyst for individual change... you certainly have been one in my life tonight. ~ Vinnie James

Hey Don, your show with Wynn on Saturday was hilarious - you lads are something else when you get together LOL! Tell your assistant she did a fantastic job holding it all together while you sorted out your business with GoDaddy. I had a good laugh. That's what I love about BBS radio - anything goes. I hope that never changes LOL! BBS radio is brilliant, I am absolutely addicted. The programming is cutting edge and relevant to this important time on our planet, so a big Thank You for providing us with a central place where we can all learn, share, help each other grow and have fun. I love the shows and now addicted to BBS radio (a grand addiction indeed) :-) Talk to you later Lots of luv, ~ Caroline D. Best - Global Solutions, Knowledge, Methods & Tools

I LOVE your website! I listen leave it on all the time. You would be amazed how much calmer my dogs are when I come home. Keep up the good, no, I mean GREAT work. sincerely, ~ Rebecca Sanflippo