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Headlined Show, Reach For It Radio Show July 30, 2015

Are you interested in the Tarot as a tool for your understanding about life and your spiritual development? This show is about taking…

Headlined Show, Universal Soul Love July 14, 2015

Dr Lana and Det David Love speak to author Marshall Masters about Planet X, Earth changes, the pole shift, and global issues.

Headlined Show, John Barbours World August 24, 2015

Cynthia McKinney - Former Presidential Candidate, Perpetual Human Rights Activist spends an hour with John to speak about the…

Headlined Show, I Dreamed I Was Human July 18, 2015

Experiencing Parallel Lives and Alternate Realities

We are all…

Headlined Show, The War Report on Public Education July 12, 2015

Part 3 - Going Deeper Inside the ESEA

Part 3 - Going Deeper Inside the ESEA (ELEMENTARY SECONDARY …

Headlined Show, Shadow Politics July 12, 2015

Franklin Garcia was elected US Representative (Shadow) for the District of Columbia on November 4, 2014. He is working to bring full…

Headlined Show, Why Life Is... July 17, 2015

Advanced Consciousness Series:

Planning For a Dark Near Future…

Headlined Show, Living Your Souls Journey July 12, 2015

This Sunday will be discussing Faith and Patience which results in Freedom in your life. Will be taking live calls for discussions,…

Headlined Show, Cosmic LOVE July 11, 2015

Channeling Awareness in the Internet Age

  Consider that articles and books are channels for…

Headlined Show, American Truth Finders July 12, 2015

American Truth Finders July 12, 2015 Guest Karen Schoen Common Core Cradle To The Grave