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Lets Find OutGuest, Mary Tocco
February 24, 2014
Expert on infectious illness and vaccines

Mary Tocco has independently studied natural health, vaccines, and other…

History and YouGuest, Dr Vincent S Filingeri
February 18, 2014
Psychologist, Professor, Author

Dr. Filingeri is a licensed psychologist in New York, New Jersey, and…

The People SpeakGuest, Charles Strange
February 25, 2014

Charles Strange is the father of Michael Strange a 25 year old Navy…

On the Double with The Double S XpressGuest, Henry Turner
February 17, 2014
Sacramento Kings Analyst & former Sacramento King

Henry Frank Turner (born August 18, 1966) is a retired American professional…

On the Double with The Double S XpressGuest, Henry Turner
February 17, 2014
Producer; Writer; Analyst

Ryan Maquinana is a busy man who wears many hats! Maquinana is a Digital…

The People SpeakGuest, Ron Thomas
February 18, 2014
Retired Sheriff Deputy

Ron Thomas is a retired Orange County California Sheirff deputy.  He and his…

A Fireside ChatGuest, Carla J Fox
February 22, 2014
*** SPECIAL NEW YEAR SHOW for 2020!!! *** Energy Healer, Quantum Sphere Healing Practitioner


Carla Fox has been…

A Fireside ChatGuest, Vinny Eastwood
February 08, 2014
Internet Radio Talk Show Host

The Vinny Eastwood Show is not here to wake people up, it's here to help the…

Galactic ConnectionGuest, David Gibson
February 11, 2014
Founder and dTalk Show Host, Director, Professional Recording Engineer, Teacher, Sound Healer, Author, Inventor, Music Theory Explorer, Globe Institute Founder, Visual Sound Applicatioirector of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco

As the Director of the only Institute in the Nation that offers an approved…

Angels Are Near UsGuest, Patricia G Joyce
February 10, 2014
Author, Screenwriter, Poet

Patricia G. Joyce is a freelance writer, novelist, screenwriter, poet, song…