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An important message to the active members of the ITCCS - Common Law movement : On Local Leadership and Action Now

An important message to the active members of the ITCCS - Common Law movement : On Local Leadership and Action Now

An important message to the active members of the ITCCS - Common Law movement : On Local Leadership and Action Now

An important message to the active members of the ITCCS - Common Law movement : On Local Leadership and Action Now

8 March, 2018
Dear friends,
You're receiving this because you're part of a vital remnant, the active local leadership of the ITCCS and common law movement that is reclaiming our world from corporate tyranny. You are now acting on what you know is true, and are not merely passive observers or commentators.
These coming five weeks prior to our Operation Atonement are critical ones. I ask that you start initiating local publicity and actions in this campaign, whose aim is the legal, financial and spiritual disestablishment of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United churches, and other child-trafficking and child-killing agencies.
First, to begin this work, it's vital that you tune in every week to our blog radio program Here We Stand (Sundays at 3 pm pst, 6 pm est, 11 pm GMT at not just to stay informed and connected, but take part in the programs and be updated on events. Here We Stand is our best cross-border organizer, for now.
Second, please immediately start publicly circulating the attached leaflet, which is addressed to members and officials of those churches. You can do so directly, by leafleting them on Sunday mornings at their church services (note: always arrive a half hour before the scheduled service) or by delivering them anonymously. Post the leaflets throughout your community as well at strategic locations like libraries, colleges, community centers. And post this youtube broadcast, that sums up the leaflet, as widely as possible online, especially on facebook, which has blocked us. Here is the link to post:
The attached leaflet has to be read by church goers by Good Friday, March 30.
Finally, prepare for the long term campaign that commences on April 15. You can do so by planning to host a public and an invitation-only meeting anytime after April 15, when I will be free to personally visit your communities. I will be on an organizing and public lecture tour starting on that date and continuing into the fall, across Canada, the USA and Europe. You and I need to speak directly to plan the details of these meetings and your own local situation, needs and issues.
Every successful campaign for justice boils down to a question of Leadership and Initiative. We'll discuss this theme and more this Sunday on Here We Stand. Tune in, contribute, help plan a program. And please respond to this email or by leaving me a message at 386-492-2395 (USA). I will be speaking soon to all of you.
Carry it on, brothers and sisters. For the children. For Liberty.
Kevin Annett

Leaving the False Churches: A Call for Prayer, Fasting and Separation

in preparation for the launching of Operation Atonement


For what does light have in common with the darkness? Therefore come out from among them and separate yourselves. - 2 Corinthians 6:14, 17


Since February, 2013, the churches of Rome, of England, and of Canada have been convicted of unspeakable crimes against children and humanity, and have been declared criminal bodies. It is time for all people of conscience to leave forever these false and murderous churches that continue to threaten the safety of children.


Commencing at noon on Good Friday, March 30, 2018 and extending to Easter Sunday, April 1, all people are asked to enter into forty eight hours of prayer, fasting and separation from the Roman Catholic, Anglican, United and other churches that have harmed and murdered children.


During this period and afterwards, under the laws of God and Humanity, all people are required to cease and desist from funding, attending or associating with these criminal churches. We ask that people declare their intention to do so by taking the attached Pledge of Non-Cooperation and sharing it publicly.


Other public actions will occur during this period to prepare for the commencing of Operation Atonement on April 15: the political, financial and legal disestablishing of these murderous churches.


Issued by the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State -


Pledge of Non-Cooperation with Criminal Churches


I, ______________________ , acting in good conscience, do hereby pledge to disassociate from the Church known as ___________________________ and to deny it all attendance, funding and adherence.


I do so because of this church's criminal conviction as a genocidal, child-killing institution that has betrayed God and humanity, and thereby has forfeited all rights and authority.


___________________________ Signature






Please leave copies of this Pledge in the church collection plate and share it publicly. The evidence of the crimes of these churches can be found at and .