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Article by Joan Newcomb March 21, 2016

Competition and Consciousness

A few years ago, I saw the Dalai Lama speak. A politician asked him a question. It was during an election year and they wondered how, after running against the others, they would be able to go back to working together when the winner was in office.

The Dalai Lama didn't understand the question. Why would they be competing with each other? Wouldn't the best way to proceed be to each person declare why they would be qualified for the job?

Imagine, an election where people simply stated their abilities without mudslinging each other!

The energy of competition often keeps you from achieving or creating what you desire. If you are running a race and look to the left or the right of you, it slows you down and you see others zoom by you.

It only works when you keep focused on your goal and use the energy to propel you towards it.

What about when others compete with you? The antidote to others competition is ownership.  They feel you have something they want. Rather than paying attention to them, own whatever it is that they're crowding your space about.

For several years I had an interesting situation regarding competition. I started a group with a pretty narrow focus and guidelines. Some people wanted it to be different than it was, and split off to create their own group (while maintaining membership in mine). I decided to consider their group a resource, I was able to refer people who wanted to post things outside our guidelines to them.

In their group, they allowed badmouthing about my group, and also got very competitive about the numbers (ours has grown at a steady rate over the last 10 years).  It felt, at times, like I was dealing with a younger sibling, so I just ignored it. I kept my focus on my group and the service we were providing to the community. As some point, they passed leadership onto someone new and the competition stopped.

If you feel you lack something that someone else has, you're creating that reality. Take your focus off of them and place it in your own space. The Law of Attraction only works when you're tuned into yourself.

As Consciousness, we are all one. As Consciousness, we created this physical reality to experience the opposite of who we are. We created duality, dichotomy, polarity, and lots of fun stuff. However, if you really, truly, get that you are Consciousness and you are creating this down to the smallest detail, then it doesn't make any sense to compete with or for anything.

The Dalai Lama groks this, of course.

In Consciousness there is no sense of lack. There's a complete awareness of abundance. If we all shifted our focus away from competition, we would know that there is enough time, energy, money and resources. You can have, and create, whatever you want. There is plenty for everyone.

Try this mindset shift for the next week and see what happens!