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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 13 May 2021

All Paws Pet Talk with Jack Guberman and Various Hosts

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All Paws Pet Talk is directed to the millions of owners who are devoted to their pets and animals. Our hosts are animal industry professionals covering various specialty topics and giving free pet behavior and medical advice. We give listeners the opportunity to speak with animal experts one on one. Our show offers the audience exciting updates about events and entertainment opportunities taking place in their communities. We offer new animal health information, doggy fashions, latest trends in pet products, tips that pet owners need to know and much more valuable, informative and entertaining information.

Bi-Weekly Show
BBS Station 1
4:00 pm CT
4:55 pm CT

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

All Paws Pet Talk, August 25, 2016 Guests Laura Souza, Katherine Bozzi, Stewart and Tommy G
All Paws Pet Talk, August 18, 2016 Guests Alannah Batten and Jeremy Gateman
All Paws Pet Talk, August 4, 2016 Guests Jeremy Gateman, Dan Wolf and Dave Merrick
All Paws Pet Talk, July 21, 2016 Guests, Keith Minster and Dusty Rainbolt
All Paws Pet Talk, July 14, 2016 Guests Geoff Phillips, Dan Wolf, Andy Kat & Dr Katy Nelson, and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, July 7, 2016 Guests Marion R Wells, Viva Singer, Denise Fleck and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, June 30, 2016 Guests Kelly Apfel, Remy Bibaud, Denise Fleck and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, June 23, 2016 Guests Nicci Theron, Daniel Bisso, Chris Ruben with Sean & Tom and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, June 16, 2016 Guests Roger Welck, Denise Fleck, Chris Reuben with Sandy Robins and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, June 9, 2016 with Denise Fleck hosting and guests Donna Chicone, Kit DeRoche and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, June 2, 2016 Guests, Denise Fleck, Chris Ruben, Betty Baker, Becky Starr and Dusty Rainbolt
All Paws Pet Talk, May 19, 2016 Guests, Chris Ruben, Heather Williams, Denise Fleck and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, May 12, 2016 Guests, Jaimi Wolotsky, Dusty Rainbolt, Becky Starr, Chris Ruben
All Paws Pet Talk, May 5, 2016 Guests, Bill A Johnston, Chris Ruben, Rachael Greenberg, Dusty Rainbolt, Don Kanfir, Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, April 28, 2016 Guests, Rachael Greenberg, Dr Richard Palmquist and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, April 21, 2016 Guests, Arlette, Rachael, Chris Ruben and Becky Star
All Paws Pet Talk, April 14, 2016 Guests, Jeremy Cohen, Ron Krajewski, Chris Ruben and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, April 7, 2016 Guests, Joe Delcampo, Jaimie Wolonsky, Chris Ruben and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, March 31, 2016 Guests, James Furr, Laura Souza, Chris Ruben and Becky Starr
All Paws Pet Talk, March 24, 2016 Guests, Barbara Cappelli (, Bonnie Snyder (Max Launcher), Chris Ruben and Becky Starr
Jack Guberman and Various Hosts
Animal Trained Specialists

The mission of All Paws Pet Talk is to reach our listeners and web visitors, directly and interactively and save the lives of homeless animals. Our goal is to assist the listeners in achieving their pet care objectives - thoughtfully and prudently - through education and ongoing communication. Through our interactive website and call in radio talk shows, All Paws Pet Talk is able to teach all levels of pet owners the technical skills needed for caring in today's world. Through these media, All Paws Pet Talk is able to provide the best medical and behavior advice available today. In order to get the best information available, All Paws Pet Talk has assembled the most respected animal expert minds in the country to provide the most current news and comprehensive advice available. The audience finds in our programs something they won't find anywhere else on pet talk radio, an education. This unique, educational aspect has helped to give All Paws Pet Talk an audience that is extremely devoted and loyal. With Animal Experts - Hosts Candi Cane Cooper, Animal Communicator Dr. Carol Osborne, Anti-Aging Pet Expert & Holistic Veterinarian Christopher Ameruoso, Celebrity Photographer Colleen Gordon, Animal Therapist Dr. Ernie Ward Debra Wilson, Comedienne & Actress Deborah Wolfe, L.L.B., Author, Animal Trainer. Devra Martin, Musician, Producer Hanai (Kris Lee Scott), Peaceful Pet Music Joyce Levine, Astrologer Karen Watts, Pet of the Day .com Mari Justin, Petritionist Martin Deeley, Dog behavior counselor and trainer Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert® Stacy Moore - Canine Behavior Expert Suzan Vaughn, Animal Communicator Todd Langston, Canine Behavior Expert Vickie Emanuele, Energy Reader Vladislav Roytapel, Dog Wizard Don Kanfer, DVM - Veterinarian Dedicated to the memory of Judy Troiano, founder of All Paws Rescue - Massachusetts Affiliate Broadcast Area State Dial CRN Los Angeles CA Various KAAM Dallas TX 770 AM KABA Anchorage AK 87.7 FM KBRT Los Angeles CA 740 AM KBNN Lebanon MO 750 AM KBNP Portland OR 1410 AM KBXL Boise ID 94.1 FM KCBC Oakdale CA 770 AM KCBC San Francisco CA 770 AM KCBR Colorado Springs CO 1040 AM KCEO San Diego CA 1000 AM KCFO Tulsa OK 970 AM KCMN Colorado Springs CO 1530 AM KCNW Kansas City KS 1380 AM KCUP Toledo OR 1410 AM KDAR Ventura/ Oxnard CA 98.3 FM KDOW San Francisco CA 1220 AM KFAX San Francisco CA 1100 AM KFH Wichita KS 1240 AM & 98.7 FM KFIA Sacramento CA 710 AM KFNN Phoenix AZ 1510 AM KFNX Phoenix AZ 1100 AM KFPT Fresno CA 790 AM KGFT Colorado Springs CO 100.7 FM KGNW Seattle WA 820 AM KGU Honolulu HI 99.5 FM KITZ Seattle/ Tacoma WA 1400 AM KJCE Austin TX 1370 AM KJJQ Volga SD 910 AM KJSL St. Louis MO 630 AM KKFS San Francisco CA 910 AM KKGM Dallas TX 1630 AM KKHT Houston TX 100.7 FM KKLA Los Angeles CA 99.5 FM KKOL Seattle WA 1300 AM KKPZ Portland OR 1330 AM KKZZ Ventura CA KLNG Council Bluffs IA 1560 AM KLTT Denver CO 670 AM KNRY Monterey CA 1240 AM KNUU Las Vegas NV 970 AM KOGO San Diego CA 600 AM KORN Mitchell SD 1490 AM KPDQ Portland OR 93.7 FM KPRZ San Diego CA 1210 AM KRCN Denver CO 1060 AM KREL Colorado Springs CO 1580 AM KRLA Los Angeles CA 870 AM KSAC Sacramento CA 105.5 FM KSBN Spokane WA 1230 AM KSKE Buena Vista CO 1450 AM KSLR San Antonio TX 630 AM KSPA San Bernadino CA 1510 AM KSRO Santa Rosa CA 1350 AM KTEK Houston/Galveston TX 1110 AM KVCE Dallas TX 1160 KVLE Vail CO 610 AM KVLE Gunnison CO 102.3 FM KWAI Honolulu HI 1080 AM KXEG Phoenix AZ 1280 AM KXKS Albuquerque NM 1190 AM KXXT Phoenix AZ 1010 AM KYCR Minneapolis/ St. Paul MN 1570 AM WAMB Nashville TN 1200 AM & 99.3 FM WAVA Washington D.C. 780 AM WBIS Baltimore MD 1190 AM WBRI Indianapolis IN 1500 AM WBXR Huntsville AL 1140 AM WBZS Boston MA WBZT West Palm Beach FL 1230 AM WBZW Orlando FL 1520 AM WCAR Detroit MI 1090 AM WCGA Simmon Island GA WCMC Atlantic City NJ 1230 AM WCPC Tupelo MS 940 AM WDCD Albany NY 1540 AM WDCX Buffalo NY 990 AM WDIS Boston MA 1170 AM WDXI Jackson TN 1310 AM WELW Cleveland OH 1330 AM WERE Cleveland OH 1490 AM WEZE Boston MA 590 AM WFIL Philadelphia PA 560 AM WFTL Miami FL 850 AM WGCH Stamford/ Norwalk/ Greenwich CT 1490 AM WGUL Tampa FL 860 AM WGUN Atlanta GA 1010 AM WHIM Miami FL 1080 AM WHK Cleveland OH 1420 AM WHKW Cleveland OH 1220 AM WHNZ Tampa FL 1250 AM WIJD Prichard AL 1270 AM WIND Chicago IL 560 AM WIXC Orlando FL 1060 AM WJNO West Palm Beach FL 1290 AM WKDL Washington D.C. DC 1250 AM WLBY Ann Arbor MI 1290 AM WLNO New Orleans LA 1060 AM WLOE Eden NC 1490 AM WLOU Louisville KY 1350 AM WLSH Hazelton PA 1410 AM WLSS SRQ FL WLVJ Miami FL 1040 AM WMCA New York NY 570 AM WMGG Tampa FL 1470 AM WMNY Pittsburgh PA 1360 AM WMUZ Detroit MI 103.5 FM WMYN Mayodan NC 1420 AM WNIV Atlanta GA 970 AM & 1400 AM WNTP Philadelphia PA 990 AM WNVY Pensacola FL 1070 AM WPHR Vero Beach FL 97.4 FM WPIT Pittsburgh PA 730 AM WPSE Erie PA 1450 AM WRDD Edensburg PA 1580 AM WRDT Detroit MI 560 AM WSMN Boston MA 1590 AM WSTU Stuart/ Ft. Pierce Vero Beach FL 1450 AM WTBN Tampa FL 570 AM WTLN Orlando FL 950 AM WTNT Washington D.C. DC 730 WVHI Evansville IN 1330 AM WVNJ Oakland NJ 1160 AM WWBA Tampa FL 820 AM WWJC Duluth MN 850 AM WWNL Pittsburgh PA 1080 AM WWTC Minneapolis MN 1280 AM WXJC Birmingham AL 850 AM & 92.5 FM WYLL Chicago IL 1160 AM WYRM Norfolk VA 1110 AM XEPE San Diego CA 1700 AM


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