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Brenda E. McDaniel shares her real-life story and experiences going up with a parent who suffered from mental illness.  Brenda shows us beyond a doubt that God and Heaven exist!! And his love, guidance, hope, and faith is everlasting. 
Brenda's topics include:

  1. Navy veteran Father who fought in WW II.

  2. Impact of leaving his family.

  3. Harmful gases used during WWII.

  4. Mental Illness is caused.

  5. Her Angel mother.

  6. What did the military do to help?

  7. God and Heaven

  8. Angels

  9. Celestial beings & other worlds.

  10. Gods love?

  11. Real love?

  12. Hope without Faith?

  13. Real-life Miracles

  14. Meaning of life?

  15. Favorite word.