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Veronica Entwislte : Intuitive Energy Counselor
Veronica Entwistle : Intuitive Energy Counselor

Paradigm Shifters presents Colin Tipping and Radical Forgiveness

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Paradigm Shifters is doing heavy lifting.

Colin Tipping, teacher of this amazing therapy, brings forward the great and challenging style of dealing with, e.g., old abuse issues, by recognizing that abuse as being a purposeful issue that forces you and I to see that we have enlisted in an exchange, in order to learn, to know that we are learning as a species to grow in compassion and kindness, to set the human species on a higher consciousness level.  

Listen while Colin speaks of Princess Diana and how her drama and pain, shared an opening with much of the British populace.   Useful, but my goodness how painful.  You'll relate to your own pains and flaws listening to Colin, directing information through you and to you.

Tune in to Paradigm Shifters September 20th at 8 PM PT

Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Tuesday, 8pm (pst) ~ September 20th.

Special Guest ~ Colin Tipping

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A Message from Veronica --

Hello Everyone,

Veronica here inviting you to my classes on INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT Thursdays at 5 PM PT    Just call me at 510 595-5564. 

The course is a series of 6 classes. This is the first in several courses, which each cost $347.00. When paid you receive your zoom link for the class.

The classes are explorational, challenging and fun.  Like, what should you eat for dinner?  Is your job good for you?   Is someone mad at me, Do I look good in green? Beyond those simpler questions, learn about your purpose in life.  People who impact your purpose. 

There are an infinite number of hints and directions that any of us can use to spur on that never ending stream of light.

Forgiveness helps us all flow forward, releasing karma and soulular expectation.   We can learn to become new.

Help yourself with your own wisdom, your intuition.

Call to register

I look forward to playing in the ethers with you on Thursday a t 5 PM PT

Much love


510 595-5564

Veronica Entwistle is an intuitive energy counselor whose guides take her into a deep and loving exploration of the inner conscious, the universe, and the realms beyond. She is known for her wit, love and compassion, and ability to unhook realities from limiting patterns.