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Paradigm Shifters presents Peter Calhoun and the power of our LIGHT

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Paradigm Shifters Presents Peter Calhoun who will speaks to us all about POWER - awakening visions. Visions that showed him that many people walk through life here, in a stooped way, always showing less strength, pride, knowing, as he says, that we are an "unlimited" species.  Yet we are trapped in beliefs and holding ourselves in defensive patternings and more.  His talk takes us through his inspiring journey from Episcopalian priest, to visionary, to being a shaman, to taking so many people to master their abilities to work with elemental energies, wind, fire, water and earth. All done in different realms of consciousness.  What a merry chase!   But how empowering for humanity to realize that we can all be free this way.

Peter's talking about his journey, spontaneous healings and understandings on how to end drought, and communicate with many of the challenges on the planet.

Tune in.  This is an older interview but a lovely and encouraging - especially as we approach more dire climate circumstances.  We can be In Communication with our planet, our atmosphere, one another.    

Paradigm Shifters airs at 8:00 PM PDT on   Join me as we empower ourselves.

Let me know what you think...or what you can do with the elements!

Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle
Tuesday, 8pm (pst) ~ June 21st.
Special Guest ~ Peter Calhoun
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A Message from Veronica --


Awakening is happening all over the planet.   Don't buy into that term WOKE.  It is meant to dampen our joyful spirits which allow ourselves to recognize the powers we are or can evoke.  

As we meditate on Sunday mornings with the Structures and their vibrational lights, guiding light through wars. political war and financial control, or threats and saber rattling, we note that amidst the chaos we remember that Spiritual Teachers have said that the US is a light-based country that has been blinded.  But as we keep recognizing light it is amazing how strong it gets.  Everything is that way, isn't it?  Our look, our visions, direct energy to our friends and family, or our manifestations and more.

Interesting to think that if we keep recognizing the intrinsic light under so much of the dark flagrant aggressions that is gathering resources and power round the world.   What would happen if we nurtured and win with empowerment right here!  Let's remind ourselves that how we see other people makes a difference.  SO, in the meantime we need to get to work and share our look, Our Look of compassion, love and understanding.

Let's talk about you, your world, your awakenings and growth and with your rapport with who you really are!

Or join our Sunday meditation at 10 AM PDT

Much love

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Tues in ~ June 21st. ~ 8pm pst
Paradigm Shifters
special guest:
Peter Calhoun
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