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5:00 pm Interview: Scott Werner

Dr Scott Werner was born with the gift of higher dimensional sight, which means that when he “tunes in” to someone, he would not only see them in the physical level but also “see” them on multi-dimensional levels.

Dr Werner received his medical degree from Saint Louis University School of medicine in 1986, specializing as an OB/GYN and general practitioner for 19 years.

He practiced at Good Samaritan medical center in Phoenix Az.  Scott was recognized in advanced laparoscopic laser surgery. He later moved his successful medical practice to Utah and during his career he delivered over 2000 babies successfully. Scott used Alternative/complimentary medicine and has seen thousands of patients. Scott voluntarily relinquished his Medical license in 2005.

Dr. Scott Werner truly believes that all dis-ease is a combination of too much toxicity and not enough nutrition in the body, coupled with negative emotions that deplete our health. He also recommends using parasite cleanses, anti-fungals, improving microbiomes, detoxing and removing virus. He has a very spiritual understanding to the approach to wellness, using many healing methods and techniques.

In 2014, in answer to the question, “What do we do to stay healthy with all the chemical toxicity, GMO food and radiation on our planet?” St Germaine and other Ascended Masters appeared teaching how humans can evolve past our own creations. Scott was given the ‘Divine Invocation’, one of many ways to evolve our DNA, physical body, and mind, creating our own perfected DNA, manifesting health and evolution.

St Germaine then sent Scott to Medellin’, Columbia, SA to heal Father Gabriel Mejia Montoya, a Claritin priest  who developed Hogares Claret for the “Disposible Ones”, children who were orphaned  due to the Cocaine drug wars started by our CIA in South and Central America. Scott wrote the book, Father Gabriel Mejia, a Modern-day Saint available on

Dr. Werner now travels around the world, teaching and mentoring human beings on how to evolve, Manifest health into their physical, emotional, and mental bodies with these techniques and get humanity ready for the Ascension.

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5:35 pm Interview: Michael Priv

MIchael Priv is being interviewed over 6 shows(aprox. every 2 weeks) with different subject being covered in every episode.

Subject of this interview: THE FIFTH BATTALION
- When and how did you achieve the International Best-Selling Author status?
- A few words about the best-seller THE FIFTH BATTALION?
- What is in store for this book? Are you working on a screenplay?

My writing career started in 2008 with the publication of my first novel, Friends of Fred. My first Sci-Fi novel, The Fifth Battalion, an auto-biography, The Golden Fleece, as well as several of my short stories, marked by lighthearted view of life and a spark of spirituality, are available on Amazon.  I have also published a collection of my selected short stories, 

The Roto-Rooter. Recently I have released a psychic healing guidebook, You Are Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook, my attempt to train anyone into a psychic. I have completed the screenplay for The Fifth Battalion and working on the sequel, The Baltizor Conspiracy.