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Submitted by Jim Benson on 18 May 2021

The Jim Benson Show with Jim Benson

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The Jim Benson Show; conservative talk radio done right, addressing the issues that concern you. With a background of many years as a journalist, host Jim Benson offers his unique perspective on current events and issues that we face as individuals and as a nation. 

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Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

The Jim Benson Show, November 14, 2021 Establishment Scrambles To Defeat AZ AG Election Fraud Investigation. Mike Lindell's Election Integrity Telethon
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The Jim Benson Show, October 17, 2021 Updates on election integrity battles, Chaos and totalitarianism in China, Is the USA next?
The Jim Benson Show, October 3, 2021 Audit says over 57,000 improper/fraudulent ballots; likely tens of thousands more; election should be decertified
The Jim Benson Show, September 19, 2021 Chicom infiltration, corruption of USA government, business is appalling; 174,000 votes lost in AZ 2020 election
The Jim Benson Show, September 5, 2021 Biden's Cataclysmic Afghanistan Surrender. George Soros: Man Behind The Curtain
The Jim Benson Show , August 22, 2021 What's Really Behind US Disaster in Afghanistan? Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium
The Jim Benson Show , August 8, 2021 CCP Owns US Mainstream Media, Draconian New COVID Restrictions?, States Push More Election Audits
The Jim Benson Show , July 25, 2021 Arizona Election Audit Reveals Election Was Fraudulent
The Jim Benson Show , July 11, 2021 Pennsylvania joins Arizona, Georgia forensic audit battle, Giuliani's law license, elites' plan and rumor of top CCP spy
The Jim Benson Show , June 27, 2021 Leftist infiltration and takeover of US education system, media, social and government institutions funded by the Rich
The Jim Benson Show , June 13, 2021 Mike Lindell's election fraud documentary, evidence of fraud, Lindell's lawsuit exposes voting equipment companies
The Jim Benson Show , May 30, 2021 Election Forensic Audits Gain Suppor, Left-Wing Billionaire Ties To China, Leftists Using Freedoms To Destroy Freedom
The Jim Benson Show , May 16, 2021 Arizona Election Audit Finds Key Vote Machine Computer Files Deleted, Biden's DOJ Goes After Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani
The Jim Benson Show , May 2, 2021 Joe Biden To Resign? Evidence OF China's US Election Interference, Trump Lawyer Giuliani Targeted By Biden FBI
The Jim Benson Show , April 18, 2021 CCP Involved In & US Gov't Involved In US Election Fraud, New Free Speech Site Set To Launch
The Jim Benson Show, April 4, 2021 2020 Elections & Election Integrity Efforts, Joe Biden's Cognitive Impairment: Who Is The Real President, New Media Site
The Jim Benson Show , March 21, 2021 Definitive Proof Of Election Fraud, Marxist Leninist Maoist Revolution In America, American Republic Hanging By A Thread
The Jim Benson Show , March 7, 2021 The Coming Totalitarian, Takeover of America, Lenin's Own Words, Lessons From History, Trump's CPAC, Speech Highlights
The Jim Benson Show , February 21, 2021 Patriot Prosperity, MAGA Threat, China's Goal, Bill Barr Deep State Operative, Pelosi Refuse Security, Dinesh Dsouza
James Benson
Journalist and Talk Show Host

James Benson is a Journalist and Talk Show Host that promotes conservative values and issues.