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Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and guest Michael Jaco

Topics Include:

New Bill (already passed Senate)

Discuss Hunter Biden’s laptop
Unearthed video shows naked Hunter Biden claiming Russian drug dealers stole laptop

Illegal break in by the FBI of President Trump
Judge signed FBI raid Mar Lago represented Jeffrey Epstein's workers

Steilacoom Road 27

Vaccine deaths and injuries

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Pathologist on children 6 months to 4 years old

The Chuck & Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell & Julie Hayden and guests Patrick Neville and Rodger Edwards

Talk about an October surprise!  President Trump and the First Lady test positive for Covid 19. 

Rep. Patrick Neville joins the show with his take on what impact it might or might not have on the election.

He’ll also talk about Colorado's progressive Dem Secretary of State demanding the media not report election results on election night.

Please join us in wishing everyone a very special and happy Veterans Day! We extend a big THANK YOU to all who served for our country and the families who sacrificed and supported them! You are remembered!  What a week in the news - the President's trip, the tax bill, General Flynn, Judge Roy Moore, the Virginia and NJ elections, and of course the widening circle of sexual misconduct allegations that are coming to light, not only in Hollywood, but all over - so much to discuss.

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters & Julie Peters

Topic: Christine Marie and Julie are talking about Hurricane Maria, President Trump's response, what does it really mean to be sex positive, and a Lyme Disease update.

Time to talk about this NFL controversy.

The Veterans News Hour with David Cory and Richard Hurley

VA accountability legislation and other VA news. More on PTSD awareness month.

Andrew Fischer of "Nature Of Reality Radio" interviewed Alexandra on May 3, 2017. As Alexandra is presently on a mission in Europe, and not available to host her regularly scheduled program on BBS Radio, Galactic Connection is posting this interview instead. Finally, we get to hear Alexandra on the other side of the microphone. Fascinating insights and riveting stories emerge as Alexandra gets to speak about her own life and experiences. 

Adona and Tolec join Alexandra in an engaging discussion about the state of US presidential politics from their galactic perspectives. Adona and Tolec both carry Dakotan Pleaidian star ancestry and are long-term ET contactees. Tolec, a returning guest, is well known as an Earth-human representative of the Andromeda Council, a multi-world ET confederation hailing from the Milky Way and our closest neighboring galaxy, the Andromeda.  

Mike Harris is Financial Editor at Veteran's Today, and host of "Short End of the Stick" on Revolution Radio. In this interview with Alexandra, Mike Harris gives us his perceptions of President Trump's first days in office, the make-up of his administration, and the prospects for real change in the US and its international relations.