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Today we discuss how to reprogram our thinking, adjust our point of view, and generate a compelling future that’s bigger and brighter than we’ve ever dreamed possible.


When it comes to expanding what’s possible in our lives, the first and most important step in the right direction is changing our point of view. But, how do we actually do that?

Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce and guest Ellena Lynn Lieberman

Power Games ©2015 Joan Newcomb

I've been playing with energy with a renewed focus, taking old techniques and 'upgrading' them.  The results are noticeable.  I've been filled with a sense of expansiveness and well-being, and prosperity and abundance is flowing into my lift in unexpected ways.

Whenever you increase light, it illuminates hidden things. Issues rise to the surface, in the process of being cleared out.

Two fantastic Big Time Guests as Kanoa Leahey talks about sports broadcasting in Hawaii and working his way to the ranks of ESPN!  Guss Armstead brings his knowledge of coaching/teaching/mentoring athletes in the Sacramento area, as they reach for athletic greatness!