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Breaking The Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams

Truths you can believe! Loving Yourself!

Relationship Help Show with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

​INTRO:  EP 26  Intuition, Loving Yourself, and New Beginnings

SEG 2:  Are You Stuck in a Comfortably Uncomfortable Relationships?  Rhoberta Shaler, PhD 

SEG 3:  GUEST: Liberty Forrest, Part 1 - What About Your Intuition and Loving Yourself Enough? 

SEG 4:  GUEST: Liberty Forrest, Part 2 - After a Hijackal or two, what does it take to be open to a new relationship? 

SEG 5:  Q & A  Dr. Rhoberta Shaler - Should I stay or go? One moment, she's an angel, the next, the devil.