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On The Level with Sharmin Smith being interviewed by JLouis Mills, host of On The Level

On The Level with JLouis Mills

Guest, Pastor Jeff Carter

Reverend Jeff Carter is Pastor of Ephesus Ministries in Buffalo, NY. Ephesus Ministries is a vibrant, community involved congregation on the east side of Buffalo. Ephesus is a Ministry on the EDGE – Evangelism, Discipleship, Growth, and Empowerment.

This week JLouis is answering listener mail and social media messages - good and bad.  Tune in and find out what's been going on behind the scenes!

Spouting Off with Karen Kataline

Guest, JLouis Mills

Time to talk about this NFL controversy.

Maria Sanchez is back and our guest this week is actor JLouis Mills from NBC's hit television series 'Heartbeat'! We'll be talking about his life 'before' the hit series when he spent some time homeless and 'after' the series ended in 2016, and what he's up to currently with his new radio talk show 'ON THE LEVEL' every Wed at 8pm PST / 11pm EST on BBS Radio! Join us!

This week I want to hear from YOU! I'll be talking about current events in the news, but I'd REALLY like to hear from all of you out there. Every week I see my number of listeners, and this week I want to hear from you!! Call me, call in . . . let's get acquainted ! I have a genuine interest in hearing from my listeners. So, come on in, pull up a seat and join me in conversation!!

Interesting show this week! JLouis has received quite a few questions and comments through social media - good and bad. He'll be answering some of them on air.  Wonder what people are saying to him?  Tune in and find out!