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Signs of Life radio production of Medium Insights with Roman Karpishka and guest Certified Medium, Lee Ashley

Signs of Life Radio: Medium Insights! Thursday, August 11th, 2022. 8pm EST / 5pm PST

Host: Roman Karpishka
Guest: #FFFCertifiedMedium Lee Ashley

Thriving Not Surviving with Gina Gardner

Guest, Brenda Jacobson, Easing the journey of awakening into this new world

Part 2 - Grief

Sound Healing with David Gibson

Grief, using sound to work with Grief

Today we discuss some of the causes and cures for violence in our communities.


Our guest, Jolen Philbrook, talks about releasing stress and bringing yourself to a better place in life.


Today we discuss positive changes that come out of tragedy and the power of positive thinking.


Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick -  In this show Adena talks of her private memories of 9/11 , being a New Yorker, and how far the events of that day reached for her in her family. Afterward she did some free readings. 

Grief is a reaction we share, from losses of many kinds - Death, Divorce, loss of dreams, your own health, Youth, your many more. It can leave us debilitated until we heal the deep intricacies of our identities.  It can have a dire effect on our health. But John James and Russell Friedman Founded The Grief Recovery Institute in LA.

We are moving through a time of tremendous change! One of the aspects of this transformational time is that we are creating new and fresh perspectives on the meaning of the passages and initiations of our lives. By becoming more aware and "conscious" about death, we no longer need to fear it. 

Signs of Life - The Gathering Discussion Show

Topic: Getting through the holidays