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The Bev Moore Show with guest Ashbell McElveen, Chef / Founder James Hemings Society, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, contributor to High on the Hog on Netflix, Josephine Baker LMJC projecta and TV personality.

Unlimited Life Nicole Brandon and guest Paul Lazarus

Title: Paul Lazarus - Slingshot Writer/Director 

Description: A Conversation between Nicole Brandon and Paul Lazarus. Paul Lazarus shares his movie magic while opening the door to solving the world's water problems.

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Jodie Myers

Jodie Myers - Cinematographer that films Childbirth - MyBirthMovie

Title: Jodie Myers 
Description: Speaking with Jodie Myers, creating a cinematic masterpiece of the first moment of life. Memories that will live forever. 

This week, we have Luke Davidson, Fitness Specialist & Franchise Owner of The Exercise Coach, Naperville, Illinois  joins me along with Joel Franco,  Owner at Chesapeake Films, Director/Producer of “ Youth Sports in America-A documentary film- What’s behind a $15 Billion Industry”. Then, it's 'The Sports Doctor's In' with your questions and emails!


How can a filmmaker help those in need? In the next hour, Dean Adams will explore life, suffering, abuse, gratitude, the void and where it all intersects. He has used a talent and passion in filmmaking to be a way to rise to his potential and help others rise to theirs. Dean Adams is an Emmy-nominated director and cinematographer whose work has been showcased in documentaries for the BBC, ABC News, France 24, Arte Reportage, PBS and the Discovery Channel.