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<p>Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick&nbsp;and Special Guest Carolyn Gervais. Carolyn is certified in spiritual psychology, clinical hypnotherapy and has a masters degree in holistic nutrition. She is the author of two books ( so far ) " I dreamt I was human, and Her newest one, " Life Before Life, How Soul Agreements Direct our Destiny"&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;This is Carolyn's third time on Meta Monday's with Adena. Our audience loves her, and she is someone Adena&nbsp; feels has a special message.

During times of retrograde, we are presented with opportunities to find resolution with our past and the people who have been in our lives.  Are people from your past, sometimes your distant past, finding you during this time of retrograde?

Sri and Kira Live with sri ram kaa and kira raa

Your Soul Group: Destiny or Design? Is it controlling you?

Does your Soul have a preference for how you experience your life on earth?  Are you “hard wired” to learn in certain ways?  What effect does your soul signature have on partnership and union?