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Salon writer, Matthew Rozsa put out a seething piece Dec. 2, 2107 warning Jews not to be foolish and trust Mike Pence or the Christian Right.  See Karen Kataline's piece in the Daily Caller:


 Table Talk

A Series of Reflections by Kevin Annett based on Covenanter Principles


Title: Wednesday in Washington

From Sessions to the Swamp 

Title: Is Pope Francis an Agent of the New World Order

The Pope is deceiving the flock with anti-scriptural preaching

The Jesuits 

Title: Feel Good Christianity: Truth or Misleading?

Today's churches are saying you can have salvation just as you are. But does the Bible teach that? 

Title:Lies, Lies, Sweet Little Lies. Americans love being lied to. 

Those who question the government's narrative get vilified by all who cling to their cognitive dissonance.

It's very difficult to believe we are being played by the powers that be.  

The CIA invented the term conspiracy theorist

Why the blue bloods sponsor islam – Audio

The common denominator between the NWO and islam – audio


Whatever Liberals say they support, it’s usually the opposite


Leftists use violence to further their ideology


abort white babies  audio


this white baby lived audio


Impromptu 1 hour rant. Will you pick up your cross or will you meld into the world?

People Who I Plan to Take Down, thanks to Justin Trudeau:

Another Ringside Report from the Great White North

by Kevin "The Champ" Annett