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Spouting Off with Karen Kataline and guest Pastor Steven Grant

Pastor Steven Grant ( is a church planter, author, musician, and businessman.  He has been in ministry for more than 40 years and has planted three churches.  One of them is Destiny Christian Center in Greeley, Colorado where he is currently the Senior Pastor.

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher

Jack and Jay speak with James Breunig and Hoda Alshami about Agile, DevOps, and how companies can implement Agile practices without big costs (especially newer and smaller organizations)and technology tools that enable innovation and responsiveness that delight stakeholders even in highly complex technical environments and regulated industries.

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher

The essence of digital transformation is a focus on value and values.  Our organizations' purpose is to create and deliver value. How we determine and prioritize value is a manifestation of our values.

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher

Jack and Jay discuss Digital Transformation, what we think it means, and who we think we're talking to (you, of course!).  We talk about the show format, topics well cover, and things that we learned over the course of interviews that we include in these 12 episodes.  Preview a few highlights, and what might be different in Season 2.

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher

Pilot Episode

What is Digital Transformation, and Why would I care?

Today we discuss stepping into your greatness, increasing personal power, and making your business and life shine!


Today we’re talking about promo bling and plants that sing!


My first guest, Teresa Helgeson, also known as the Plant Music Whisperer, shares the impact that plant music therapy has on the body, including strengthening the immune system and reducing physical and emotional stress.

Today we discuss the importance of making self-care a priority in our busy lives.


Hello and welcome to the inaugural show of Change It Up with Paula Shaw!


Melinda Wittstock, the creator of a podcast called WINGS of Inspired Business, and Dr. Janet “JJ” Sawyer, an expert in leadership, communication, and human relations, join me to talk about helping women kick off businesses in a big way!