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Walking with Spirit, 17/01/2006

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Medium Simone - Since 1985, Simone has been a spiritual catalyst for the San Francisco Bay Area.    She gave the invocation at Mayor Gavin Newsom’s inaugural and recently gave the blessing for the United Nations Environment Day in SF.  She teaches meditation, hypnotherapy, astrology, shamanism and other techniques of healing.  She has been a clairaudient medium in the tradition of Edgar Cayce and has given over 25,000 readings around the world.  Simone’s novel “The Goddess of Fifth Avenue,”  was published in 2001 and she is the author of two books of poetry, a video tape and numerous audio tapes on meditation and relaxation techniques.  From 1989 to 2000, she hosted “Inside the Healing Circle”  and “S.F. Nights” on KEST radio.

Walking with Spirit

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Monique says: 'I am one of God's Alarm clocks. It is time to wake up."
"When life becomes overwhelming, let me help you find balance again"

Let's Join Dr. Monique for conversations with leading edge thought provoking guests from the realms of the paranormal, alternative healing methods, the unexplained, conspiracies and religion, the sciences, metaphysics, and new age issues who are uplifting consciousness.

Intuitive Consultant - Author - Clinical Hypnotherapist - Motivational Speaker

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Clairvoyant Intuitive Consultations
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Past Life Regression
Spirit De-possession
House and Office Blessings
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