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Unlimited Life, November 3, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Anette Halfon

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Anette Halfon

Anette Halfon, owner and manager of “Soul’s Mirror”, the international Center for Feng Shui, holds a Master degree in Theology and is a world known Master in Feng Shui and one of very few experts in the special field of Chinese Astrology “The Four Pillars of Destiny”.

She gives lectures and consultations to private homes and businesses worldwide. Online classes to study Classical Feng Shui are on the way.

Our bestselling books are:

“Feng Shui – The Mirror of your Soul” (Marat Haneshama) was published 2009 in Hebrew and the English translation is already ready for publishing.

Appetizers for Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology (in Eng, Heb and German) 2012

Feng Shui for Love, 2014 (in Eng)

All books are available in and our website.

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

Hour-Glass Bride – The World’s Number One Show for Relationships, Intimacy, Communication, Connection, Sexuality, Marriage, Happiness, Bliss, Passion, Sensuality and Living the Happily Ever After.

Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

behind came to call Brandon album welcome to unlimited life I am so excited and so thrilled for Today Show when when I created unlimited life it was my goal is to bring to you the top experts from around the world that had the keys and a secret than the tools and the techniques to really live and lead in a limited life and I cannot think of a better gas to do that than two days guess today we are talking with Annette have to pull me away for years I have been mesmerized by her work and probably one of the greatest stand possible because of her work is extraordinary and I've had the opportunity is always wonderful to me because I meet people around the world and I'm always bringing you people the experts in their field but when I've had the opportunity to experience it myself
and I've had the opportunity to work with someone and to have the difference in my very own life to say that this is something that transformed my life isn't it something that opened doorways and Pathways and windowsill Road I never knew and a network certainly does that and that is a Fung shui expert extraordinaire graduate theological studies in Germany and she lives with her family in Israel and she really started to read about Funk shway and decided to get into this in a way that you really cannot only make a difference in people's lives around she has studied extensively and now she has authored several books near appetizers for funk shway in Chinese astrology is just remarkable so I am pleased I am honored I am privileged to bring to you today's game
welcome to the show
hi Jamie, thank you so much for inviting me it's so exciting to be there and all your breakfast said well I'm glad to hear it's so interesting to me because you're so humble is so amazing and so I guess what I want to ask her is one of my favorite questions to ask people has been did you know you know like when you helped so many people when you were little girl when you were six or seven or eight was it in the sink so for uses to be helping people
yes yes I think it's in my nature I don't think about you I get to Choice from it if I can help and then you stepped into this world you were in theology which is amazing to begin with and then fall into the swimming
actually I didn't want to go on this making PhD and I got because I like people so I think your mom and then I was cooking something you're more for myself also going back to work and I tried all the time and then by chance and there is no chance I came up at a college year they had to pose for punctual so I said she paid that sounds nice that's what I was looking for
yep and that's going to act like the time ago Incredible 2 we are people listening from all over the world from multiple wherever it is cook and crannies are the world and so for many different a new words Funk shui so can you share
it's a question that's really really difficult because I think it's something he has to do with the house and everything is right because it's so complex I would say it's the reflection of your soul in your home
between every personality every person is turning his home into a reflection of himself
that's amazing I absolutely love that explanation and you look so seriously into Funk Reddit used pocketbook and I know that I only had the opportunity to take your shop to have you come in and do some work in my house you could you make it to Temple it's really something people can do they actually can
I mean in a very short period of time a grand ship than their life sucks I love you to talk about that
yes I just did it remember we met last week for the lecture in Los Angeles and a lady after birth the next morning she wrote me images that you wouldn't believe I was in the truck and I think just a few suggestions that you said and I stayed at least a weight was lifted from me
I just doing a few little things so it's really amazing because country is the art of placement so wherever I put something and influencing something in my life
until I can I can take control I can move a lot of things in my life I can change the energy
that's great
I mean it's really special and it's really wonderful and I know that when I was taking your legs hurt that you would talk about the element the earth and the wood and fire in the air and how does that work how does that incorporate in your home
okay and I would say everything that moves in this world is it connected to the five elements because this is the cycle of Life the water element get the tuition to the word element is the nutrition of fire fire has burned into ashes and under the metal we have to go to sleep and then we start to cycle again so everything comes basically back to this element so if I want to change something I have to see what element is missing at the element can be protected by Colors by by
buy furniture by
spider the way things are either by the food we eat and we can if a person eats fire needs more love needs more attention he or she should trust in more red colors for could eat more wet like this until we can we can really change the person's habits and pain
it's incredible even by eating different color food
your support goes back to The Fifth Element
that's beautiful and I remember you saying something about very feminine and masculine energies in your house like areas of your house and ever since you said that I was wandering around my house trying to see is like okay so are our house is divided into nine different sectors across sectors and each one according to the direction to function without the direction so what the first thing you have to know is I'm goes up that's the East where the sun goes down that's the worst according to do so you can do the other direction to cordon off the area which is put the presenting the female that the lady in the house
it is the Southwest in the southwest lady is represented if I have their living room the bedroom but it's wonderful if I have the kitchen there that shows that the lady she's cooking that's great
history of bathrooms or utility room that shows that the lady she is not have said she cannot really put out her possibilities and then they have to do corrections
and the male energy is found in the Northwest in the house to each Northwest again whatever we have there it's influencing my husband current in the house
until it so we can see if there is a beautiful woman there then the men he had Authority has good income he is himself if we have their secondary problems like a Michigan income
that's cuz I love this information it's incredible and so is it for people to fix their house I guess that's the way the energy what is m e i see things or people can buy or you have water flowing and how do you know what to put where
aesthetic and goes back to the five elements and for this I need the the birthdate of the person because according to the birthdate of the person I know what element is he has what he needs today is a person that needs more root borer bite elati in his character so I would put him exactly in disk or if it's a lady to I would say put the plant in the southwest area
if it's a man maybe he needs mortality he wants to be stronger so we would need to matter item so we have to look according to the taste and style at the house or what they want to have bench I'm so we have to see what's possible
it's just so beautiful it's amazing that you're able to do that with someone's birthday and what happens if it's just a little bit more complicated then I have to take everybody into consideration
that's great I have two people work with you today you know I know that you fly people places to do like she's because I just had the opportunities amazing opportunity to work with you here in Los Angeles and I know you are New York and that you were in Florida and Stokes can somebody bring you to Belgium to wherever do whatever country there in to come work with him
opportunity to come physically into the country but today or the internet we have Skype and so I'm doing a lot of Scots
text somebody contact you to work with you
and basically Atwood internet also
the client off friends coming from friends because people are there like me and Jesus Loves Me song
It's amazing and I you know I was reading in your bio but it said that you worked with a master Raymond low from Sung Kang and that you attended International courses in conference doesn't even have his fun with the phone as a senior consultant in front of influence you and what was it about his work that actually to you in further
you know I studied the subject two years at the college here in Israel and then I had the opportunity he came to his way and so I could just just the one called to see and I was so excited that I took all the courses he gave here and this post like the like the the cream on top of the on top of the cake
a lot of the most of the material on the inside like how to use them the the food for balancing Auto all supplements call little things like this from him
that's just phenomenal I absolutely love that you were so strong or so enchanted or so and so and so much love in the way that you and I love even your size I wasted this was a visual presentation so people can cuz you had such a great sense of humor
applied to tell me the size that really in my mind will always be with me even from years ago when I met you but the fact that romance and love and I remember that time you know you had gone through my house and I had pictures of ballerinas and single beautiful girls with him so I would love you to share with our audience about romance and love because I actually it's Christmas New Year's Valentine's coming up and they're alone and no matter what they do they think they're going out to me
waiting on their doorstep when they open the front door
okay so the first thing is to come to a house I look what people have on their walls what I see
because specially is stinky people they can they have the tendency to fill your house up with single people that means I have pictures of Lily Monroe off of ballerinas on this a single ladies or heifer Superman for for men
it's really it's just not only it's a sign that you're single it also prevents them for finding a relationship because if I want to find out if I have to send out the sickness the energy and ready it's like a magnet so if I collect ballerina to balanced and which also collecting some tattoos of couples I mean I don't tell you to throw all the ballerinas out but I tell you I don't put them in the corner but you to suspect the lady is also marriage and Vermont so don't put it there you can put it in the Korea Korner if you want I don't mind but at least in the woman's corner I would like to have a couple because you want to attract this
relationship energy and it's not only by pictures or statues you can use simple things like a the Chinese they have to wear the symbol of love or the Chinese stock so I just called here a beautiful couple of cattle and soul. It was such a symbol of a relationship and I can use this couple if my kitchen let's say it's the Southwest I put this couple there it's a relationship symbol that means I'm ready for a relationship or if I want to enhance it
okay so I can do this and even if I have my bedroom let's say I have one chair so I had another one I want to have two chairs have two pillows two nights then I want to be ready to be in a relationship
it's so amazing it's that mean I love the fact that it's too many people are so stocks so sad and so frustrated and one of the things that really stood out for me is the nightstand
I don't know why because that's something I cannot tell you how many houses I've been around the world where is he going to have a one-night stand with
just a little a lot of single people they put that back and they pushed to the wall because it has to have more space but this is also a sign you're not ready for somebody I was just there with the lady I love you lady in Fort Lauderdale I told you listen you are so wonderful beautiful to men will stand in line judge make some room
Ditch Witch of clutter and example in your life and I mean really home in your apartment or so if everything is closed. There's no there's no place you energy to come in
and if you and that she might be the new boyfriend or husband
digital I love the fact that you can do this tonight share and teach and I'd love you to talk about your book because I love you both I mean I love you people have Christmas and have fun because you're not only you know gifting somebody this beautiful special books for your gifting their future success help romance love all these things I wish that you are giving to you by giving someone your book and sells talk to me about more of yourself
okay the mirror of Fate of your soul that I'm sorry it's only in Hip Roll this is it the whole guide with everything new almost everything you need to know and what you can do yourself out taking care of petitioner in the English version translated it's already I just have to put it together and to give it to somebody to the publisher so I could take some time but day appetizer this is Russian for somebody who has no idea yet what is punctuated I just want to get an idea and to want to have an appetite appetite for the trailer and it says it's really sweet and it gives you a
another skylines tips what you can do in your home already in a very very short version just by tasting it up giving attention to certain areas and that you know what it means all so you can work with your own home according to your own needs and my used took now that is just the three weeks old this is functional for this test result of examples of what you can do with a to enhance the the areas in your home that are connected to romance and love and to the wife and husband and then just came out so this is not yet on Amazon but you can get it by simply emailing me and then I can send it wherever you are
Sophie, you email
emailing at my email is
wte sanctuary fengshui like me. Com
cuz I know I love him and Tara and so enchanted by it and it's different for me and I'm always like yeah and I even walked into my house or I put something down it doesn't want me to put it
I know it's funny I have a friend she comes with me to other like just you know how it's okay and she has 20 times but you said you know what I told you it would get boring for you to come with me she said no dumping you
because if electric depends on the people solar
when you talk about the direction this is this burger time as well that I've ever heard you say and I went home and I did it
I didn't know that my phone had to comfort and I can't tell you how many times I tried to figure out what direction in my house when I make Skype with session I noticed the biggest problem for people to take measurements with a compass
it's amazing so I instruct them I sent them pictures how I want it and everything but the people have talked about this so my son is 17 and technically I show him before I am
so this is what I did I take somebody with the phone and say now please find the application and every smartphone has a compass application
then you just wait until you open up and you look into the direction that it tells you
it's easy and then you can stand it if you are in your house if you want to look for your mom's and then the lady corner it's a it's a Southwest so you're looking you're turning until they needed shows you the suspect then you go to work this corner or room and you know this whatever happened there this is influencing banana lady my marriage my love life
so that was the easiest way can I go to call my son
please tell him thank you and that he's a very smart and very much appreciated by people around the world the word
and I would love you to talk as well and had about because so many people it is especially this time of year when people get colds and flus and whatever for people that have chronic allergies and Stillness can you change your health from chewing your house
if a thing is is connected to the east in your apartment so now you have to take your compass you have to go and see what it what you say about the sun goes up next to you
take note I want to share with you one but experience I had with this simply it's so amazing that I had to lecture in the states and after the lecture, just come to my house and I thought to myself oh my God this
it's probably too late because she was smoking very very carefully
oh okay I took a Swiss I took her date of birth and before I come to the house I usually I do I do the chart so I look at your date and I didn't see this problem this lady supposed she was suffering so
okay so I can do this house beautiful area everything she opened the door very slowly very I went there last night what are the doctor telling you don't find anything
okay I know I thought the little bit too so I told you this
okay I'm right I also don't find anything so let's look at the house why you feel the way you feel you wouldn't believe I told you the Southwest is the Lady of this Terraria of the lady to impress us with a beautiful girl who is a painter
she had this portrait there and it was lady sitting there Crouch together without a face and she called it the suffering lady
so I told you this is your first homework is you get rid of this painting and you paint a self-portrait that he's and happy lady
and then do that into her bedroom. You get the Goosebumps if you hear this time we come to her bedroom and in her beautiful bedroom and did she have to load the whole house with her and she had in the southwest and didn't learn
I just hate that their actions of all her late dogs
in her bedroom and she was sure she's going to die
melt the same visit that we took the older containers we took them already to the balcony outside I told her you can print them to a graveyard you can do whatever you want but not in the house. Two days later I made her a follow-up visit
then I locked the door open the door come in I want to show you what I did she was she was smoking Normandy full of energy and believable
yes it was simply she put them in her own mind in her own home
and she was true she was she was going to die
yes I was just going to say just the visual of a suffering lady portrait I mean I heard your heart when you say it
yes send it to Facebook without the face it's also something that is totally against cancer a fungus in a few other places also that special people they don't do they put a picture
picture no eyes no mouth
it shows how they feel
that's what I mean what happens when you see panties that are not for their abstract pieces or is that affect you as well
I asked them because it's something very Merry Christmas. It depends what I see if I look at the picture and it makes me happy that it's a good picture whatever is on the picture can be spoke to Canby color to check
so it really depends what the people person sees dogs if I see a specialist.
what do you see
when did person test
I'm excited okay that's when he says Mom I just called it from somewhere I didn't know where to put it and take it off
and people do that down there they just put it up just because you know I have a garage and I can tell you maybe I have time maybe when I was like it has a nice place
because I have two kids of pictures of one relative she has a famous painter. The pictures are very aggressive and I totally take them off but this is my relative when she comes in what should I say I say I paid a lot of money for a lady to come in she told me it's not good for me
but you didn't take them off
it's amazing that people when they even have the opportunity to make a difference in their life or shift in their life is not going to work or what if it doesn't work what if all of a sudden
I hear you know things about putting like water fountain by your front door or Little Frogs would clean his mouth and other ways to enhance finance and success okay yes. But this is depends very much on them
on the house the area of the of the finances in the house on the North Dakota State so if you have a nice India whatever day is good and now
okay the second thing and this is really really helpful when you have a home office try to sit with your back to the wall that you are in control of the room that you see what's going on nobody can come from behind that can surprise you and also what is important you have to sit in a good direction for you if a person has talked with erection and 4.1 of minor problems to Willie that problems so it's not good if you sit working in one of your back problems
it's what's not good for a child to sleep in them and usually feel what's good for them be sleeping but we usually we have proof this intuition so for us we have to check it out so it can be checked out by the date of birth
so if somebody wants to know this because I cannot say it now or for everybody so please email me and this is free of charge I will tell you
what should go directions to sit facing them at this makes an amazing difference you would be more concentrated I have my lady that's doing my my website she said she's looking outside she was in the hotel and she told me to go to me and I was just thinking about you I was looking on the pro check and 4 hours I couldn't get it done because I'm in this hotel room but then I remember when you and I just shifted my my place to a good direction for me
and I got it I got it done so this is it's very very important to sit in a good erection that's personally good for you
that's recently just said something to me about that and I know I've been in the house that I've been in two years and I've moved my office how many times we used to be by the front door to the living room in that I took my trying to figure out which way or which direction feels better for me to be working and
okay so when maybe next time I come to visit you
think about that you can shift depending on the year right that it may be a different direction so every year did a different direction become really good at positive energy of money and success and other direction they're not good so far. It's a bit
energy if you have your office in the Northwest to be publicly you have time to talk with you
and the Northeast also have problems of Lord I give you just make sample I had a lady at the summer office and she's a realtor in the in the Northeast and I talked to her for this year I'm sorry relationship comes later. Are you going to get your book back on track so I moved her office into the bathroom is completely changed and everything became up to it it was a medicine
but then you have to be flexible to even to move around every year to make make changes I know he ran in my house my husband knows me already every year we are moving up and down sometimes, bedroom baby using the guest room for the whole year because of his energies of the Year by the way I have two Corrections what you can do it on my website for everybody and then I really suggest it to everybody who listen is in that you read it and you do it this important things
this is great it's such an amazing information and then what about that does things the symbols the waterfalls are that's to Froggy's Goethe is very very dominant element okay it can make a lot of good it can make a lot of damage
so we have to be very careful careful this photo because usually people know that water is connected to money and that's why you see every Chinese restaurant has the body of water polo something but we have to be very careful about to put it so what what I suggest if you want to have a water phone starts with a really small like a class with sufficient I'd just seen it and put it on the place and see what happens
if you get if you could find something with the next 2 weeks happen take it away from their don't make a big waterfall that is on the wrong place okay if you put your little place there and you start getting your money comes in and business picks up then you can really put you up because volume
this is a simple test that you can do on your own
and it's like a little goldfish or whatever did the water need to be flowing or could it be still in a little while I have to be flowing out of the best you can do so if you have an old water fold it straight up his boat and not moving and getting your it only closed mosquitoes and it's not possible.
so I do have it nicely and always working it can be a air pump it can be a filter most devoted it's okay
great advice and then what about the coins or the Buddhas are the holographic coins in the doorway
okay Ed decided if I seemed pissed again according to the five elements I can take them I don't need them so if I need metal it's a against the against the sickness this year in the East Gable sickness store official leg cure is to concentrate in the East but if I don't want to have a Chinese coin that what you can use the other metal objects
like a hump chili can you say any other things that it is metal in this case so I don't have so I don't have to go all the way switch to Chinese symbols I can use both on same page but I need a certain element that means if I say metal a metal or plastic
and the fish if you're putting this bowl with her face with his line water is very specific Direction you want to play 7 or is that can be anywhere in your house
is so let's say what I say we have to find where I wanted to tell you that I will put it but I have to wait what happened yes okay OK Google put the water tank in two bedrooms and it's only it it can be a cure to certain their sicknesses or it's a yak its tail hypoxi for something like this but never do it by yourself did have to be checked off and they have to see it in the bedroom who are the people think they are and if they need water or not so this is a very sensitive issue
if it's great information I remember also several years ago is the color of your front door
you had said something about like if you had a red front door or something for money or for finance or judge that match the color of your front door and knock knock knock the front door is the front of the house is affecting your communication to the world and so it has also to do with your with your broken Correa the crystal is to have it nicely and they're beautiful because this is your career opportunity when the color of the house depends on what direction to house turned in a cheese to have in the house so this is most pathetic and I cannot say now it was always good. Always
because every 15 degrees and the house is facing and the year the house was built it has a different energy so maybe you need to rest or maybe so I will go with you to the color
what about people that are at live very close in proximity so their Windows AC another house or another building
okay just they cannot change but at least inside they can make some space for themselves they can make it the most beautiful space because this is where they live that's the only thing I have is my home so this I should really pay attention and not have it as a sterilizer hotel or something in that when they come there to go to sleep
attention to your home because this is who you are
and as such you know I love each and every piece of this and every bit of it because even I remember you saying something about that your feet shouldn't face the door in the bedroom and some made it home he going to and you see that that's the position that somebody would be sleeping in
if they told me I said another big subject because we are spending a few hours at night to be sleeping there so it should be in a beneficiary position plus it means I should have a boil behind my head to be protected I should see that nobody can surprise me
oh my
of course you should sleep in the benefits that erection again that's another thing
and I have a couple more questions that I know we've got people texting in here mirrors
ideal would be a slight in a cheese ball
energy in it as good as long as it doesn't reflect the bed
what's a window
if I can put a mirror in a bag that I don't know.
Cuz it goes so many people have those sliding glass mirror is in their bedrooms see an hour and the door so the solution for this is where my pet is since I don't have a mirror Obits my head because they're at their energy is influencing me so I can be creative today put a put a button-up open up the door
to everyone according to his how he feels and tastes possibilities he has
I mean it's so natural and it's something people can do so easily to make it there and so this is perfect and the people that have chocolate shops pocket whatever they are with an i
lights in the kitchen
it's okay that they're on display
in its but I would put them on the spider in in the cowboy in a block that they don't like her like Shopko in after that can kill myself a cup myself they have to be safely put black snakes carry one that was really Auntie functuay exposed to human body and the knife domestic from all sides this for Swae Lee
if it's a small cabin
that's crazy
that's crazy wow
it's really amazing it's kind of scary
and so is so wonderful having you in touch with people that are new to Funk shui do you have any vices where do you two can I mean I know your books are great praise and and is the first thing to learn the directions or to know your birthday or where it where do you start a thing I would say you start with the letter A
trying to get rid of all the things that you don't really need you to use
it's supposed to make your home as light as possible and then you could feel like a ready and then we're supposed to have competition.
When you're waiting for its ability ready to make more changes
because people they're not they don't know yet this week I had two ladies four years getting functuay no no no spot
she finally the situation boss became so bad. After the sick and this little ditch between
to put the hatred plot in every area out for husbands to make order there and that I just haven't we serve God my house or kind of wind chimes with whatever
that's what that's most expensive a few years ago
that's brilliant that's really really. That's why I felt when I first met you I was so blown away by the eve and what you teach Mastery in which he peed and that you can give me two or three tiny little things like the single lady on the wall my dad scored to move my bed at happening in an angle whatever that means 15 seconds that totally just in my life
it's sometimes it's the little things that they make the different
and even when you say could have healthy plant and it would be this quarter for your help you know a live healthy
you can't get a hold of this seems like it's her house but when they come they have to take for the weekend beautiful bouquet of flowers and they let they let it die there I should listen this plant already take them out we don't want to have anything deceased in the house
picnic for every plan that we have should be healthy looking enter and be fresh
because it is pancakes good energy
it's just it's such a beautiful heart and I love the fact that you practice and I can't wait for your mirror of your soba to be in English in Chinese astrology and your new girl, just the way that you break things down and the even and elevation with the audience at the top of your sense of humor I mean some of the photographs I took care of what people put on the walls or what they do to has betrayed the artwork for the piano cluttered cluttered homes or hoarders where they have books and magazines
and if they don't understand why their life isn't working and I absolutely love and such a totally know how to find you
okay my bedside is ww.w
thanks way fengshui. Com
it's so easy and it's so beautiful and you such incredible information I love the fact that you help people find their Direction and that they're able to do this and it's just when you talk about you no money and you mentioned something that I just don't want to skip over before we finish the show you were saying at the northeast corner also for the law and I know somebody have lawsuits or bankruptcy or they even get speeding tickets or whatever that is is there a way to
okay at the collection is to put there a plant in water
any class base the best thing is to put the lucky bamboo in it and I have to plan to have to go to her and the class is also go to energy this is the correction but on top of this the best advice is don't be in the Northeast area of your home especially don't have legal to important papers there it's so important if you are at your office there to move it a little bit away by the most office from the northeast or at least take all the important papers away from the Northeast is it sweetie but important advice
okay I'm making a note to self as you say that can we eat all this food for this year about the Northwest in the Northeast and is what you can do it's in my right side so it's really it's worse to have to do this
well it's a picture of civilization such an honor in such a pleasure having you and for all of you that are listening to your house and now that you know there's a 17 year old son has a genius and that you have a compass on your phone and tell her what is Connor and she can help you make changes that can literally shift your life and your finances your health your happiness your romance your love your relationship with your children all of it so question for you so packed
is there a place to put the Dog House in there a place to Pet Shop a happy clutter
Christopher I love pets and pets they protect us to wherever we put them
protecting us from bad energy so it's good to have pet and wherever they are it's good but sometimes I see the people they put the put out the newspapers all over the house and check and poop all over I mean this is not good so at least we should teach them to it's a small pets that teach them to use the bathroom once the corner or Auto in the garden to have time. They know this phone I'm allowed to do and I have to clean it up regularly and Olympic friends and it's lucky to have them for the dog house
oh so beautiful it is so wonderful to hear your voice and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy and a wonderous holiday season and New Year and we look forward to having you so happy when I can meet you when I can talk to you and it was so so great that you invited me since you so so much all your incredible information and your expertise and your talent and your beauty and your light and we still look forward to having you back again thank you it would be my pleasure thank you so much thank you what a wonderful what a beautiful child and that happened so she's extraordinary and I can tell you first-hand that I've brought in it into my very own
and had her look at my house and look at my energy field and where I have placed things and in just a few short minutes she's been able to make shift but if I like so I welcome you to find her and she said she's capable and she does fly around the world and if she has not made it to your country or her schedule is too crazy to get your country find her on Skype find her material find her books and if you do have the opportunity to meet on person she's one of the dearest most beautiful in this town if you'd like to come across to definitely take every opportunity and chance to do that as well to this is Nicole Brandon wishing you and your family a wonderful
holiday season and we look forward to seeing you next week and a half of the Nets Houston and myself were wishing you an unlimited

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