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The Tony Sands Show, 02/11/2015

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The Tony Sands Show
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Guests, Ryan Bartow, Coach Bibbs, and others

6:00pm- Intro to show
➢    Sound bit Ace hood Bugotti

6:01pm- Introduce Show
➢    Call in number 888-429-5471
        Live from Tilted Kilt Location address
6:02pm- Show topics and guests for the show
➢    Brief overview of weekend games (NFL, College & High School) Guest List
         C Creek
        National Recruiting Analisyis Ryan Bartow
➢    UM win
        Coaching changes VT
➢    Call in number 888-429-5471

➢    Sound bit Jay Z Best of both worlds
        Hi Lite audio sports (players) 4:00 minutes
6:20pm- Return from commercial break
        cALL bIBBS
➢    College Games and news
➢    Live read Kelcey- Tilted Kilt live on Set

6:35pm- commercial break play Drake 0 to 100
➢        Football Hi Lites

6:40pm- Introduce : Ryan Bartow
➢    Sound bit (Hood)
➢    Coaching changes
➢    Local and national recruiting
➢    Ranking broward and dade

➢    Thank Zoo Gym for their sponsorship
➢    Sandsational Designs
➢    Closing remarks ~ Thank Guests

7:00    High School Segment
        * Talk about games from last week
        * Talk upcoming games
705     Coach
        * how are you preparing your team for Deerfield series is tight between two schools
715   Commercial break Li Wayne Mr. Carter

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