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The Spirit Revolution, 29/05/2012

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Courtesy of BBS Radio
Gary Evans is exploring the acoustic qualities of many ancient sites, after a fortuitous experience inside the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid drew his attention to an often overlooked component of ancient sites. He has identified that many sites, whether in Peru, Egypt or megalithic England, have acoustic qualities, which too few researchers have observed so far. But Garys special emphasis is practical experimentation: using his own voice to test how the sites react to sound. He advocates that we should all join in and be far more interactive when visiting the ancient monuments.

The Spirit Revolution

The Spirit Revolution is a weekly one hour radio show, in which Kathleen McGowan and Philip Coppens serve up a riveting cocktail of news, opinion and interviews with leaders in the fields of alternative science, revisionist history and transformational self-help.

Kathleen McGowan is an international bestselling author, including The Expected One, which has sold more than one million copies in the US and has been translated in over fifty languages.

Philip Coppens is an author, journalist and broadcaster, whose articles have appeared in magazines across the world and is known for his pioneering and insightful and controversial material.