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The Sports Doctor, 17/11/2021

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The Sports Doctor
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Guests, Dr. Bruce Williams and Matthew Morales

The Sports Doctor with Dr Robert Weil

Guests, Dr. Bruce Williams and Matthew Morales

Guest, Dr. Bruce Williams

Guest Name
Dr. Bruce Williams
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Podiatric Physician, Author, Researcher, Biomechanics, & Gait analysis
Guest Biography

Dr. Bruce Williams is a Podiatry Specialist in Merrillville, Indiana. He graduated with honors in 1991. Having more than 30 years of diverse experiences, especially in PODIATRY, Dr. Bruce Williams affiliates with no hospital, cooperates with many other doctors and specialists in medical group Weil Foot And Ankle Institute LLC.

Guest, Matthew Morales

Guest Name
Matthew Morales
Guest Occupation
Author “Never be Poor Again”, a spiritual guide & approach to money
Guest Biography

Give me one hour on your stage and I’ll completely shift your mindset around money and business in a way you have never imagined. My name is Matthew Morales. As a successful business consultant, author and an expert public speaker, I have dedicated the past ten years of my life to designing and teaching my own personal unique business and finance strategies based on philosophical and universal principles that can help every industry. I have given speeches at conferences across the country on topics such as "Selling Through Empathy" and "Building Your Personal Brand".


My goal is to help you identify and patch up any holes found in your business including business/marketing plans, standard operating procedures, sales techniques, and investment strategies.

For many, owning a business is the dream. The idea of starting something out of nothing and pursuing one’s personal passion is truly inspiring. However, for many the dream begins to diminish as road blocks reveal themselves. As a dreamer myself, I do not wish to see this happening to you!

Hire me to speak in front of your team or at live events, as a consultant for your business, or take one of my simple courses and know that you are well on your way to transforming the way your mind and business operate.

My ability to breakdown and explain the most complex topics in a simple manner combined with my proven formula, will leave you feeling unstoppable on your quest to financial success.

The Sports Doctor

Show Host

The Sports Doctor is in! Dr. Robert A Weil, Sports Podiatrist, specializes in orthotics that improve alignment, stability, balance & performance. He has practiced podiatry & sports medicine for over 30 years in the Aurora- Naperville area and was recently inducted into the prestigious 2019 National Fitness Hall Of Fame. Dr. Bob has treated many of the world’s premier athletes from all types of sports. He is the host of “The Sports Doctor™” Radio Show. The show is now featured on BBS Radio Network, UK Health Radio Network & Sports 4 Fanz Radio. Dr. Bob was formerly on HealthyLife Radio and was also on WDCB public radio in Chicago for over 20 years. He has written articles for many newspapers & magazines and is a frequent guest on other networks. And his new book, co-written with Sharkie Zartman, titled '#Hey Sports Parents! An Essential Guide for Any Parent with a Child in Sports' - is now available on Amazon!

Join the Sports Doctor and his great guests for important topical information for injury free exercise, wellness and sports performance for both adults and kids. Frequent topics include, the role of the foot in sports, all aspects of sports medicine including, proper sports shoes, youth safety, health, wellness, and sports performance for both adults and children.

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medical information obtained from our website or on the live show is not intended to be a substitute for professional care if you have or you suspect you might have an illness or other medical condition you should consult a healthcare provider the opinions expressed on this radio program are not necessarily those of the sports radio show or their sponsors
Barbie life in Chicago welcome I'm Doctor Bob Wild Sports podiatrist all things Sports Medicine Fitness & Wellness brought to you by Ellie are lower extremity review and MVP parent Magazine global schoolwear school uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger right Fit sport Fitness Wellness quick shout-out we're excited about being new members of Bruce Arians celebrity speakers Bureau and go to Bruce Dern celebrity find out all about it he's a legend he's represented president great Sports Stars celebrities will be telling you more about it in the near future and author researcher biomechanics getting analysis expert he returns along with Matthew Morales is the author of never be poor again at the spiritual guide and approach
the money then the Sports Doctor Is In with your email dr. Bruce Williams welcome back and forth doctor
thanks for having me. While I appreciate it
give us some background on you and all your different articles and positions give me some background
oh yeah I bet I could I could for the last 30 years my specialty is biomechanics football mechanics sports medicine and do a lot of orthotics getting out about 2 last two-and-a-half 3 years I've been working with HP to help develop a 3D printed foot orthotic for the free industry and you can find out more about that in my arrive at the n y a r i z and nothing really really great experience work with us 1450 company like that not a lot of medical professionals get an opportunity to do something over the years Bruce and on the sports doctor for decades before we talked about collaboration team approach when it came to all sorts of Technologies weather was injury prevention
enhancing performance for my namesake the same as Doctor Lowell Weil famous sports that I just do the Bears White Sox do you still have the gate last of them for a while also aren't you
yep cuz I was not there about three years ago and that's fantastic and so is his son will Jr talks so much about the role of the foot in sports here on the sports dock we talked so much everything again from what the right shoes to strengthening the Foot and Ankle making such a big deal out of that movie years ago that was ignored for the most part and the whole lot in India we see great success 2010 men's Olympic gold medalist who grew up in Naperville Illinois Illinois license check in years he was 10 years old
escape the top kids to talk a little bit about your experience and really really stressing the role of the foot and all aspects of it in your world
oh yeah well I mean you know what is key for those that have by mechanical issues where he made up of different phones and it makes a big difference how the joints move whether they're very stable or very flexible or kind of a mixed bag in certain areas and that it's great to see you know 3D printing is something that's moving into all of manufacturing throughout the world. You can put Orthotics and being able to build products with a lot less plastic waste is a great thing and also a lot of new opportunities for actually building those products to hopefully get better outcomes for our patients who need for their products
now you know it's interesting because she's going to the world of figure skating I've never had a coach called me and told me it's load the kid down I'm very very excited about enhancing performance improper biomechanical it's interesting how that whole terminologies don't be just another words if you have bad mechanics maybe you need Orthotics and compared to whether you would benefit from them but the 3D world is very involved in the shoe industry also hasn't it
yes yes he just came out with a 3D printed last several years a couple years ago it's not exactly personalized for each individual but they're using a certain process to do that but I think we're going to start seeing that more and more more and more often if you have the ability to create products that are lighter dinner watch way in a lower profile be able to fit into the shoes better that's one of the goals and being able to customize certain areas of the device so it's it's not all one stiffness the way a lot of orthotics tend to be for your limited on the certain Plastics that you can use as a thickness of plastic that you can use also like dirty flexible plastic for their grandmother we want something that again is going to give us some good stability but that's got some good shots
what's dr. Bob while Sports podiatrist if you go to my website Sports Doctor if you go over the newspapers shows rather radio shows you can go back Hears a Who was the guest what were the topic and endless array of somebody interesting areas of very very important for the parents of young athletes nap with yourself or you just trying to stay healthy and stay in shape if you go to newspaper articles in magazines you read an endless array of information are supposed to be written for our friends with both extremely review in the very exciting new Wednesday p.m. parent Magazine with talking with sports podiatrist dr. Bruce Williams and his excitement with the 3D World so those who really don't have a real clue what what is special about being able to fabricate a shoe or an orthotic with what the rise doing with the technology
right so we don't waste it being able to right now or really streamline the system so it's a lot easier for us to prescribe they can do this all on my computer and then I have to fill out a form or anything like that and then you guys
I'm we can actually scan a plaster cast storks on boxes so if that's something that you would prefer to do we can we can do that as well but then we can also use a scanner or even the iPad scanners it depends on what people prefer prefer and how they prefer to get stupid thoughts to the public should be on the new exciting and People magazine and the whole lower extremity attention physical therapist podiatrist chiropractors area all Areas Athletic trainers and you've been involved with them for a long time haven't you
I have a pretty good following of trainers and Sports Medicine professionals on Twitter and Linkedin
if it's receive it the information you know this sometimes is this so much new stuff in the world of shoes
the World of Sports shoes and I just wrote a tweet about the fact that 40% of us still aren't even fit properly Dr Bruce you know let alone getting more sophisticated but we've come a long long way baby and all different the sports shoes and the Technologies to talk a little bit about that
yes you know it just depends obviously sports are specific whether their Court shoes or no on the sports field shoes in most instances and you got to be able to have the right tackiness or right outer Soul that's going to engage with whether you're on the field or whether you're on the court you know what some of those tennis shoes I need to slide on clay and things like that so do lots of functionalities and then some shoes need to be more flexible so I need to be a little bit more rigid depends on what the score it is but all of the different aspects of the shoe can make a huge difference in the overall function and injury risk and performance opportunities for infer athletes
yeah we make a big deal here on this porch doctors but it's one of the chapters in my book #a Sports parents to essential exercise concept and number one to strengthen the feet and ankles you know I'm a big rubber band fan Tool Guy too and the sad part is with the rages what your sport is strengthening the seating is very very cheap to number one stay out of trouble with number to do some enhancing performance and then of course getting into ft year and shoes is a whole different world again if things change sometimes so often it's difficult for people to keep up isn't it
absolutely there's just so much information out there and I had a lot of it's a marketing with not a lot of you know who viewed in formation behind it anywhere in the world right now where is proper custom orthotics in their role in preventing problems and enhancing performance you know whether we're trying to prevent Falls and super seniors we want to 13 year old tennis player to have better alignment better efficiency I find that make a big deal out of that 3D technology I guess there's going to be in here to expose you quite a bit right
it will revolutionize the way so many things are made including for Aquatics they know it's just a lot of opportunity this like I said make things better but still retain that originated in your stiffness that's necessary but still in those patients that need flexibility in certain areas to build that in as well it's just a great opportunity to restructure re-engineer how far is products are made lot less waste for trying to be a little more ecologically for at Friendly wherever we can
oh I didn't tell you what number to was the essential exercises text Bruce Morgan Fallon with The gait analysis are you guys really are very pioneering the whole idea of paying attention to watching how somebody's walking out there bouncing house are functioning and the effect you know the I'm sure you like me you were singing the song Hey the phones connected to the leg bone right
absolutely and it makes a huge difference whether you got back pain hip knee or ankle pain you know it's just how how you compensate for weaknesses 15 versus the other or even pain I can make a big difference in how you walk and making some small changes and how your foot is supported or guide it or you guide those forces can make a huge difference and how you can eliminate that pain not completely as much as possible
yes indeed the sociation again of the parts of the body or in the fact the years that you just haven't paid enough attention to that relationship regarding again the role of the foot in the rest of the body trying to stay out of trouble trying to prevent problems what is the website again of the your new Orthotics
it's my arrived and y a r i z
okay I think we might have another minute to we're still fighting around with some of the time you're here and
are We There Yet Doug
okay good idea of affecting you know the rest of the body and what are the key points and wanted to make you seen it all so often is the feet don't hurt then the attention to the rest of the body is ignored for 40 years half the young girls I see any trouble afoot related by mechanics related me problems so sometimes it doesn't hurt we don't pay enough attention but that's changing a lot and dr. Bruce Williams is one of the big big parts of these kinds of changes with all this research all of the different articles he he rides he's got some great stuff on Twitter and whatever people follow you and you work
you can follow me a dock or n t o c o r a n g e the number 11 on Twitter and then on LinkedIn you can just look up Bruce Williams and one of those what are those personal homes will be me taking a few weeks after effect on O'Leary's Sports Performance to buy mechanic is my friend and colleague here dr. Bruce Williams Ruth hold on a second thanks so much for my back everybody sport doctor
talk to Bob who uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger is setting a new standard within the school uniform Market more schools are understanding the value that you don't want to provide school pride and identification be one of them another is a well-recognized reduction of student pressure to keep up with classmates in the real world of what to wear each day to school uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger provide amazing quality and value to its partner schools and families it is truly the first brand in this market that students are excited about where you go to the website global global schoolwear. Cam is the unique physical fitness experience cuz breakthrough formula is built for all ages and ability young or old high-level athletes have special needs or seeking post rehab and Recovery therapy
right fit has a 15-year track record of measurable results rights it has to Illinois location LaGrange and Willowbrook no membership fees as you go go to write dash cam right Fit sport Fitness Wellness right there at fit. Calm
hey everybody talked to Bob Wild Sports Doctor I'm excited to announce the release of my new book co-written with Sharky zartman hashtag hate both parents and essential guide for any parent with a child in sports you know Sharky is a former Hall of Fame volleyball players use the mom of two daughters of the game Division 1 volleyball player we have over seventy years of combined Youth Sports Experience go to the book give you the attention to and guide to make your experiences for its parents the best it could be are sticky Sports parents is divided into four sections the first section Sports parenting 101 Sharky talked everything about the parenting about coaching that whole interaction between parents and coaches coaching your own kid what's the what are the things to really pay attention to the second section is a sports doctors in yours truly
discussion of injury prevention and treatment choosing the right shoes youth sports and drugs essential exercises that dilemma of Youth Football Orthotics third section experts speak out Bring together eight different experts in nutrition sports performance in mental training in all aspects of coaching and that section of the last section is the carrots perspective some insights from about a half a dozen parents of athletes so everyone hate get out your megaphones for the word now available on Amazon order now you'll be more confident so when you're young athlete hashtag Hey Sports parents
back live from Chicago is the Sports Doctor on Doctor Bob while Sports podiatrist you want to welcome Matthew Morales he is the author of never be poor again. Who guy approached the money that's got to be interesting so Matthew welcome to the sports doctor
thank you so much for having me I'm really excited to be here for that you could join me those who listen to my show Matthew over the decades we've always included important topic of finances whether we would talk about subjects important to family who traveling teams or whether we were talkin with families and whatever college students and scholarship and all these things the big big topic all of us but the idea of paying attention to the laws of the universe and look at something with the mind-body connection I gotta treat me so give me some background on you and your topic
yeah the once again my name is Matthew and I grew up poor and no matter how hard I try to get it fixed before out of me you know how to read books about finances and going to seminars about finances and joined the military to travel the world and I was still broke and I couldn't figure out why I had studied all these books and studied all the shutters philosophy the burnt cells and all the stuff and I was still in the same exact position over and over again until it finally hit me that it was never my poverty keeping me for it was my arrogance because yeah I read all the books and I went all the seminars but I skipped past inclusion if they gave me an exercise I said you're going to skip past the exercise
I thought really hit me but it was just me good thing is the basic necessity the basic recipe that is needed and yeah that's me that's my story took a long long time to really understand that it was all inside of me and it was a spiritual practice because I had to see what I was doing inside to get to the point where I was
that's interesting again on the sports doctor I characterize it as the mental game and again whether we talked about the best athlete in the world coach parents a young athlete people trying to stay on the diet people who try to stay fit as best they can the whole let alone the struggle we had over this past almost two years with the pandemic or mental health mental health mental health and I would think that combining those the idea topic makes a lot of sense what are some of the bullet and never be poor again that star you feel or a different direction
you know how much on what I was just saying right it was it became a spiritual practice because I realized we do everything a lot of us hear that all the time but we don't realize how deep that is if I let my gas tank empty I probably left my laundry out of underwear before I do my laundry now or I probably have $0 in my bank account before I refill it and so we have to look at these similarities if I'm having a hard time staying committed to an exercise to work on doing that's going to relate to the way I'm treating my money all these things are related and for what I learned was that there's the minimum recipe because no matter how cheap I can't trade flour for sugar and expect a cake to appear okay there's a minimum
cake or any kind of cakes first Formula
okay Auntie if we want to characterize the formula regarding what what is some of the real bullet point involved in that again with this big stress on the the mental side of things and how related a lot of these behaviors are how do you summarize different parts of your the formula recipe
okay well you know the recipe of something we heard a million times over but it's just about understanding them we all know to spend less money than we make we spend more money than we all know that we did not want all become chicken we all know to invest money but how many of us are actually investing money or taking the time to educate ourselves and so realizing that something we can educate ourselves on
that's something that we could do and doing that as what makes it this internal practice and money assistance
well it's interesting again not mean you can't watch television for five minutes without seeing financial advisors you know this the only more commercial or medicine commercial are in in the United States constant the garage so definitely isn't a connection again of being a mind body type of thing to look at it from that type of perspective I think is it is a lot different than most of the financial analysis would be would you say so yeah absolutely and I try to in my books show that through story you know a lot of books about finances about how you can become rich but I'm poor
what does that thing why am I in this position and what can I do mentally mentally spiritually physically that will get me to that way in realizing once again that's the finances will be a symptom of the things that I do with the changes that I make them the philosophy that I adopt
because that's what it comes down to its philosophy the philosophy of stays in the philosophy of investment the philosophy of making our money work harder for us and fussed for it
dick to get it take some of the Edge Edge Edge off of all those topics when you have to sit by the philosophy of I think you know that something again that's alright I find very very interesting again when we talk again whether it is the expense side of Youth Sports and it's huge you Sports has 20 billion dollar industry is also it's a tremendous challenges of financially and its tremendous emphasis on teaching kids teaching parent-teacher is educating them you know starting the wets.. Stop screaming on the sidelines you know two again is this financial peace and all of us many times struggle with and the idea of thing I'm looking at it from a little bit different perspective how's the psychiatrist
psychologist accepted your theme I love talking to you play the fast to this as well they related back to the idea of its back into the psyche it comes back into the psychic we're hearing these things all the time why aren't we doing it why did it take me breathing over a hundred bucks in trying finances for 15 years before finally hit me that it was me being arrogant me avoiding my own arrogance and all I have to do was pay attention to the simple rule separate my money into a different account you will dance for the sun something we want like you're talking about or so that stunt page for expenses. Some page for fun you know
and watching the way nature works and realizing actually that finances is like majorly call money currency water is a current electrical current Financial currency or current they actually follow the same lost
it's a great job inside in in something like that the way the people find out you have a website or people do is adjust on Amazon where's the book Matthew you can find my book on Amazon type in never be poor again a guide to money as a spiritual practice that has a beautiful orange cover and it will be available soon in Barnes and Nobles and I am working on an audio books to get that out I also do you have a website or you can find the social media money Mystic many Mystics. Co is my website and money Mystic 359 my Instagram and you can chat for me live there ask me questions business and marketing
yeah cuz what what is that your background
Yes actually my background is business and marketing and it's something that is because I personally spiritual and have read a lot of spiritual texts as well that it just became something that I saw a relationship in and started teaching about the relationship between defense but I started off with business this business plan and I have a I have a company l u v marketing and we do websites I see Yo Brandon for company social media
yeah yeah you know those are the topics at a very high on the list of so many different individuals or organizations against so many of these Youth Sports organization that we have on our team of expertise on the on the Sports Doctor ice for 360 and app for parents and coaches the National Alliance of Youth Sports just celebrating their 40th year of paying attention to all of these things Without You Can Eat coaches educating parents but again all of that stuff is you know so very very important than the mind-body connection
least paying attention to it you know I think is they
above a real interest so how you felt this maybe the world of psychology how's the financial World paying attention to your thoughts
same thing there a lot of people are saying that it's been a great Ridge because you hold that thought this was going to jump into a commercial I want to come right back home I thought and I will be right back it's just for dr. Scholl money to topic everybody and VP parent magazine is special evidence-based topics on all areas of Youth Sports Rich stupid Sports doubt himself takes his three-decade the publishing he just celebrated 12th anniversary of the acclaimed WR lower extremity Review magazine sports doctors key supporters and he pours it into and the Pea parents factual evidence based info on the topic but physical and mental training nutrition injury awareness treatment recovery prevention I am proud to be contributed to MVP parent with the Sports Doctor Is In article and
tissue go to MVP MVP celebrating the 10th anniversary been a decade of providing a clinical and practical information about concerns conditions and Treatment Solutions for the logs remedy both Sports non-sport to like Ellie are the only multi-disciplinary publication for doctors about Specialties Educators therapist and trainers they inform practitioners on current developments in the diagnosis treatment and prevention of lower extremity injury lar Prides itself on editorial integrity and evidence-based content that tagline collaborative care for better outcome says it all hey colleagues go to LR
hands behind your back live from Chicago it is the sports dock time. The Bob Wild Sports podiatrist we are speaking with Matthew morality is the author of the upcoming or I think it's here already and you never be poor again spiritual job description spiritual guide and approach the philosophy of money you will we would talk about some of those things before the break. Why don't you pick up on that again on the direction of the your philosophy add to the equation of paying attention to such an important topic like finances
yeah so I was saying that I'm like a lot of other Financial personal development books my book is written differently where a lot of people that are written from the perspective of I'm looking for the mine is different mine is written in the form of story perspective where you're getting so watch me a poor man grow up being for doing everything I can to get out season 4 filming for trying to learn how to get out of being for still being poor and witnessing mean not follow the rules I learned and break them over and over what the situation that happened until eventually I started following it and what I do and so here there's this experience will feeling of what we all go through it this way and what I legitimately did to fix the Easter and I would imagine the earlier the better especially again in our world
pressured with these you know you spell situation sounds like also a more comfortable way to include such an important topic without it being so warm. What's the term aggravating you know
yeah I think I think that's the point to you know it's the authority without claiming Authority just rather than saying this is what I know I'd rather show you what I went through and see if you've experienced similar things and this is what I did to get out of there here's the actual legitimate that we can all do but aren't from me or things I've witnessed learn from watching other people as well
What will what do you store assembling a quickie
yes absolutely actually the first chapter and I'll try to tell you quick as possible I was in the fall I travel for six months with my girlfriend at the time and I'm in India the backpacking through India we ran out of money you have $1,500 that lasted six months and it was our first day in the park we had $40 that's $20 on the guest house we went to go eat dinner Nicole gets hit by a car rush her to the hospital she's okay but they give her x-rays to give her medication to put her on crutches and they give us a bill right there that we have to pay and it was $18 or $2 left and we're walking through the park trying to figure out way home cuz we don't know the language we don't know the area we don't do anything and Nicole goes I'm hungry so I reach into my pocket and I do well you have about $3 would you rather have breakfast for dinner
and the cold breaks down crying I'm not going to call what's wrong with you. I've never had to choose between two meals before
and I was like oh man I have and I broke down crying too because I don't know what to say or what to do cuz I knew that I knew that this is reality if it's unique experience for me. This isn't something we all go through so I looked in the car and I said you know what Nicole we will never ever ever feel so broken down so that we both feel this way again we will never be poor again I promise we will never ever be poor again from that moment that I could get a backpacking you you were in the fall right you were you were traveling the world
yes I did I realize this thing was it was the same position over and over again I have to choose between meals how many times am I going to do that
I'm a novelist you it says to you, long does it take to quote-unquote change things around when I'm aware of what you're talkin about
you know it can take me here but if you if you look at it like a college degree right I'm going to school to educate myself on my personal finances and after four years I'll have a degree I will be good and if you do that for the next seven to give yourself those four years give yourself for years of doing the things right not fast but slow is smooth and smooth is fast
go to Easter charm Sports nutritionist and you mentioned Keurig gold or the hockey equipment and all of the other tremendous expenses many time saving for college all these thing and but that's it
yeah exactly and that's really what it is like we're stealing a future we have some momentum momentum the movement movement needs some kind of fuel
also an interesting idea of somebody getting you educated themselves like they were going to school and educate themselves on the whole financial world makes you know so much sense and I would imagine the you're probably an advocate for the early the better really something that she
absolutely anything cuz she thinks this is something like it don't realize it but that works teaching our children from day one and sell at 1 years old at 2 years old either off things they can already know how to put 10% of every single thing we make for the size and to do that with our time to put away of our time and 10% of our money aside specifically for fun so we never feel guilty about it cuz what a horrible feeling all the time making $20 and then feel guilty spending that $20
keep it keep it simple so amazing yes that's a profound but very very simple thing you threw the old we all the time if we just said he is my gosh but the idea that it was on side of things that you will you give me a different tone to it is what I liked about your approach Matthew
thank you yes thank you because we hear this all the time and the truth is we just don't want to believe that it's simple and Jim Rome you sustain it was phenomenal he said you know it really is easy to do but the problem is if it's easy to do it's just as easy not to do people don't want to believe it's easy I didn't want to believe it was easy and every single difficult possible way to try to become wealthy and then when I just trying to become absolutely with a tremendous Anchor Inn in that regards to you that have stimulated a lot of conversation I would think of some business and during the world of parenting
yeah Yes actually actually those are two of my big thing just children anything anything anything anything simple quantum physics doesn't matter and the ability to understand that finances shouldn't need to be a thought a lot of good information on on the book and you
yes absolutely please check out my website money go to Amazon and type in never be poor again a guy the money of the spiritual practice it is orange cover you can find me on Instagram or you can find me on Facebook as well
DayZ doctor Bob right fit Sports Fitness Wellness is the unique physical fitness experience who's breakthrough formula is built for all ages and abilities you have special needs or seeking post rehab and Recovery therapy writes it has a 15-year track record of measurable results writes it has to Illinois location LaGrange and Willowbrook no membership fees as you go go to write Dash right Fit sport Fitness Wellness right there at fit. Calm dr. Bob school uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger is setting a new standard within the school uniform Market more schools are understanding the value that you don't want to provide school pride and identification be another is a well-recognized reduction of student pressure to keep up with classmates in the real world of what to wear each day to school school uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger
amazing qualities value to its partner schools and families it is truly the first brand in this market that students are excited about wearing go to the website global global you live in or near Aurora Illinois and you're into sports fitness at any level will you son a daughter is you cannot forget about your feet you see the sexy everywhere else there a complex emotions that come into play especially in Sports Clips in back wall are affected with your foot mechanics come visit the office dr. Bob and get evaluated a check what you the best for you I offer prescription Orthotics which is usually one of the major tool to treatment prevention of foot related ankle and leg problem
also enhancing performance stepper to quicker or 630-898-3505 or go to sports doctor
everybody welcome back in his book sports doctors in segments retrieve you some upcoming shows we enter a few emails we are doing a replay of one of the Summers popular shows PR legend Bruce Marin and his speakers Bureau Bruce's the first guess next week jazz radek is the great editor lower extremity review and MVP parent magazine so excited about that show and then the following week one of our favorite physical therapist Mary Rochford with physical physical therapy & Balance Centers and then we're going to be talking if noticed with life coach hypnotherapist low pitch
awesome email Tom says what about overuse injuries in kids yes, what about it it's a huge topic it is the reason I co-authored the book #a Sports parents with Volleyball Hall of Famer radio host Sharky's Darkman overuse injuries many times in English is too much too aggressive too soon I call it the terrible twos and the more serious our sons and daughters are in a particular sport at a younger age take 12 13 14 or younger and more we run into trouble with just throwing too many pictures running and jumping too aggressively not taking enough time off and not paying enough attention to injuries when they talk pop-up you know my name
Michael's the store to my back's killing me you got to play you got to show up pay bill said excetera so overused injuries and of course important in adults again whether we're dealing with Runners as an example and the attendance need to be just the two much too many miles to the week had a gory of overuse injuries is a big deal and by the way in Youth Sports as well as a dog it's both physical and mental pressure so many different areas of how is my thirteen-year-old daughter tennis player she had ACL surgery over a year ago how important is orthotic I think it's the Major Imports cell
the when I have combined Orthotics and girls Sports on so many Gift soccer and volleyball and basketball and Tennis I don't want to jinx myself but unless it was traumatic we didn't see ACL injuries by the girl changing direction was stopping short or taking off aggressively so it's specially if this put mechanic and balances with your very very common in teenagers excessively pronated feet more torque at the day she's going to be maturing widening of the hips the whole by mechanic a big attention to including Podiatry Sports podiatry in your analysis Sal Rich says he talked a lot about intelligent rest you know Richards one of my famous the things intelligent mess it's got so many
meaning somebody definition whether we talkin about backing off enough whether it's you yourself or your son and daughter from the aggressive sport will allow a problem to calm down
whether it's taking enough time to come back from a particular injury that allows success
all these things can make such a difference so the idea of the awareness of how important recovery is recovery is one of the biggest sciences and sports medicine today. Sleep great where you very very important so intelligent rest and Recovery is something that should be stressed
and that's very important run into problems and used for sometimes when we see its year-round thanks figure skating big gymnastics big tennis soccer where is Iza I have a chapter in the book I call it the Prodigy Sports Wear again
it's based on the fact that everybody in sports medicine want children to grow up playing multiple Sports want you to play multiple Sports we don't want you specializing yes unless they are you a figure skater of gymnast or sometimes tennis or soccer where that's all you want to do so this is a category that we have to you don't pay attention to those back to the the overuse injury and the rest of taking time off and and not doing anything new around as as best you know we can but you are more and more so-called Prodigy Sports will we see these boys and girls think of 12 13 years old sometimes a year or so younger kind of ten-year-old figure skaters all doing double jump that's all they do they skating classes days a week
so we have to deal with these concerns regarding also was called repetitive motion injuries like that picture who's throwing too many pictures
music today some of the same as Tommy John surgery made famous by the great the Yankees pitcher and this is the elbow surgery is it done on teenagers
Iota Pedic friend tell me
be too aggressive you know how many double trouble jumping we can this growing kid handle
and this is one of the reasons why another chapter in the book again is called Youth Sports and drugs
over-the-counter painkillers the Advil in the Tylenol to the Naprosyn that a young boy or girl might be taking you routinely to stay in the game against the major point of the sports doctors parents coaches if your son a daughter or a young athlete needs pain medicine to stay in the game year old a lot
shirt and supervise situation medicines could be included but as a rule over the line you got it back off and can't use over the counter medicine to mask trouble that many times can give us bigger problems in the future because we didn't pay attention cuz he was saving the ankle stupid Google go back to that intelligent side of things at least have some of the Air Force Faron Young Sharkey right at the beginning Sports parenting 101 topic it continues to be challenging it continues to change in so many different ways
as the pressure increases so
attention everybody when we do you lie again with you spoiled I tell parents all the time don't be a Critic with young athlete be a good listener see everybody next week the sports dock is thanks to our friends the BBS see you next week

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