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Cameron Live, September 29, 2017

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Sports and Life
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with Cameron Datzker and friends and guests Cassandra Elliot, Cynthia Hammer & Bernadette Di Gabriele

Camerons Sports and Life with Cameron Datzker and friends and guests Pastor Cassandra Elliot, Cynthia Hammer & Bernadette Di Gabriele

Guest, Pastor Cassandra Elliott

Guest Name
Pastor Cassandra Elliott
Guest Occupation
Pastor, teacher, musician
Guest Biography

Pastor Cassandra Elliott, also known as the “Purpose Pusher” and the “Giant Slayer” is a walking example of the Five Fold Ministry. A native of New York City, Elliott began playing music at a young age; this passion unfolded into accepting the call as a Pastor of Worship, teaching the word of God, and becoming an innovator and mentor to many. She is a survivor of Kidney Disease and Breast Cancer and has used both of these testimonies as a vehicle to encourage others through the preached, taught and imparting Word of God. In 2016 Elliott launched out into the world of Periscope launching “Morning Manna” a time of real talk, inspiration and coaching. Most recently Elliott launched out again into the arena of coaching with her debut of Elliott Consulting which allows clients to come under her mentorship and guidance through various trainings, individual and group coaching internationally. Pastor Cassandra Elliott states: “when we are doing the RIGHT thing with the RIGHT people in the RIGHT place we will achieve the RIGHT RESULTS” and God constantly and consistently achieves that through her!

While Pastor Elliott’s ministry career has been a fulfilling one, she is no stranger to hardship. For 12 years she lived with kidney disease, then battled breast cancer 7 years later. In both cases, she received supernatural healing by trusting in God and has been given a clean bill of health as of July 2014.

Currently residing in Greensboro, NC with her husband Bryant Elliott of 25 years, Pastor Elliott leaves her testimony and the words of Philippians 1:6 to those who are also weathering storms and waiting on God: “Remember that He, who hath begun a good work in you, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Guest, Cynthia W Hammer

Guest Name
Cynthia W Hammer
Guest Occupation
Author, Speaker, Radio Host
Guest Biography

Raised on the back river of southern Maryland, along the Chesapeake Bay, Sherry Sweetstone is one of five children who as a young girl discovers through her dreams that she can see the future. 
Read about how Sherry talks to God and how she handles the frightening prophetic dream of her little brother out on the frozen Severn River in danger.

Published A Good Case and Iceburg novel available at AuthorHouse and Amazon Books, KCAA 105OAM RADIO, AuthorHouse

Empowering people through inspiration and motivational speaking.
Encouraging youth not to succumb under pier pressure.
Through the avenues of producing, talk radio,and published works.

Guest, Bernadette Di Gabriele

Guest Name
Bernadette Di Gabriele
Guest Occupation
Life Advancement Consultant, Speaker
Guest Biography

Autumn is my favorite time of year; perhaps that is because I was born into a big family, living in a small, upstate New York town, during this fabulous season. I am number six of seven children and ironically, I am now a mother of eight amazingly unique individuals. I love to write, teach, speak, inspire, motivate, and create. For me there are no limits, our potential is infinite, and our destiny is ours to design. Guiding individuals toward embracing their truths, discovering their passions, and living a balanced happy life is what I am here to do. Hello, I am Bernadette Di Gabriele and it is a great pleasure to meet you.

To begin, I grew up in a strict catholic home and realized early on that structured religion was not for me. It was in my mid-teen years that I had the chance to venture out and discover other religious mindsets. In my early twenties, I decided to dedicate myself to Christianity, moved to a small Tennessee town, and became an ordained Spiritual Teacher under the Church of God. During this time, I co-partnered a business heading the departments of Human Resources and Operations, while singing in and co-pastoring at a small church - where my primary focus was relationship enhancement, family services and youth counseling.

Still feeling unsettled about my spiritual beliefs, I began researching deeper into other philosophies and quickly became intrigued by the diversities and similarities I had discovered. I was now in my late twenties, finding myself at a major crossroad. Feeling desperate and trapped in a life of falsities, instability and uncertainty, I stumbled upon a spiritual weekend intensive that impacted my life so significantly that I had no choice but to make effective, necessary changes. I allowed my mind to embrace the idea of universal energies, I opened myself up to accept my gifts and passions, and I embarked on a new journey set to understand and grow what I knew was innate to me.

Through my studies, I have realized that there are very few absolutes, however, those that exist are irrefutable. I particularly enjoy working with one of these rarities, as I find discovering its power and ability invigorating. What is this captivating absolute, you ask? The answer is energy. Being a Usui Reiki Master and Theta Energy Practitioner, I tap into the power of this phenomenon in order to help others restore balance in their lives; ultimately creating happiness.

Today, my path of discovery has brought me to a place where my heartfelt desire is to assist others in achieving their goals, both personally and professionally. My recipe, well, I take my experience, passion and divine impartations, then I combine those elements with my behavioral science, communications, and, spiritual education and background. Adding these components together equals valuable guidance for individuals toward realizing and reaching their highest potential. Together we can make discoveries that will forever impact your life, setting you on a path to design your destiny one intention at a time. 

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