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Piercing The Veil, 09/07/2017

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Show 63- Let's Build A Community (SESSION 6)
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Anarchy & Octologues w/ Graeme Muir and Alex Roos

Jordan Flies Solo this episode, and hosts our special guests, Graeme Muir and Alex Roos from

Alex and Graeme Just Got Back from Anarpulco held by "Jeff Berwick" the Dollar Vigilante.

A lively discussion ensues about the True Nature of Anarchy, it's origin in tribal governance for thousands of years, and modern methods of non-hierarchial decentralized community government. 

Graeme & Alex have some fantastic input, this was a great episode...


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Piercing The Veil

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Greetings World!

Join Us as we discuss & disclose powerful concepts, techniques, and methods for self-mastery and conscious evolution. Our goal is to spread important knowledge and information that is being withheld from the general population on earth.

What started as a banned youtube channel (in less than one week,) has developed into a full blown Weekly Radio Show. Since Jan 2016, Piercing the Veil radio, has enlightened the hearts and minds of thousands of listeners from across the planet. [Which is most definitely not flat, stop falling for Alphabet Letter Agency diversion tactics, its bad for your health.]   :)

We strive to maintain a nice balance of factual analysis juxtaposed with Accurate Speculation. Our show delves into many rare, and esoteric topics such as: Past lives, Psychic Development, Near Death Encounters, Crystal Programming, Manifestation, Exo-Politics & SSP's, Universal laws or maxims, Dismantling of Shadow Governance, ZPE or "free" energy, Reclaiming personal power, The Future of Cryptocurrency, and much more.

​Our Show features new and re-occurring guest speakers, including but not limited to Authors, Experiencers (both NDE and ET), Keynote Speakers, Free Energy Researchers, Shamans, Spiritualists, Retired Intelligence Analysts, Financial Experts, Reiki Masters. 

On Behalf of Myself and Corey, may you attain the freedom, and the necessary tools for spiritual freedom and mastery;

Keep Up the Good Work Folks, You Know Who You Are!