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Reclaiming Authenticity, 25/02/2022

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Energy; The Capacity to do Work, we can change it but not destroy it. The fire of transformation

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Energy; The Capacity to do Work, we can change it but not destroy it. The fire of transformation

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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dr. James house
well good afternoon everybody one in all wherever you are in the world at this time welcome to reclaiming authenticity helping you find your courage to reclaim that which has always been in you very happy to be with you here today and every Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific Standard Time and Time in between I'm dr. James Howard and if you would like more information about me or if you want to leave me your comments about Today Show just invite you to visit the website it's www.pbs reclaiming authenticity that's www.pbs reclaiming authenticity and the topic intrigues you invite you to call in and join in on the conversation that.
where is 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break now these broadcasts just want to say up front that these broadcasts are Now podcast case you want to go back and listen again or you can even go back into the archives and listen to previous and they are now available for download on Audible and Amazon music and iHeartRadio well for those who are tuned again for the first time thank you for tuning in on you I hope you enjoy what you here today and he said drop me a line and leave me your comments welcome to the show and just want to share with people and turning in for the first time that each and every week these broadcasts are dedicated to the
integration of our spirituality and our mental health. The other call to live a more authentic life is certainly becoming increasingly poignant these days and it seems that everywhere we turned ideas for topics such as genuine as an authenticity are becoming more and more rare now these characteristics among people who are searching for the same substance and their relationships they want something more out of their relationships that you know they're tired of being hurt they're tired of struggling they're tired of you know in all relationships in general so they're looking for something you know I meant that has more substance in and of itself and their relationships but how would they
is rapidly conditioning Generations one after another the start to question the motives and desires of others like never before the end by this I mean that Personal Image is at an all-time fever pitch as one reality show after another presents us with anything but reality and if you've ever had the pleasure to watch these so-called reality shows, you know what I mean they just been countless one after another they seem to follow the same format because Billy were being sold the message that to be the most socially acceptable you know person you know you have to throw a lot of money at it you know so it is in fact it seems as though the more drama and the more tears the better the front page story you know so reality shows often you know want to promote well who can outshock who
or who can accumulate more toys and points than anybody else and who has more guile or more trickery who's more cutting even by hook or by crook
we have nowadays and probably since the beginning of time Cutthroat politics and religious candles have saturated that the Daily News as bewildered people in coffee shops and bars and everywhere else kind of look at each other wondering just how much worse can it get
well unfortunately instead of taking people at face value and its again. We're now becoming accustomed to ask alright what's the catch what else is what else is going on here what are you not telling me you know perhaps as a result of a number of humiliating and painful experience say of the physical emotional or spiritual parts of themselves in relationships and furthermore out of our Brokenness we may feel that we just cannot risk being a victim to yet another example is a fraud trickery and or dishonesty and past physical psychological and spiritual wounding has really taken too much out of us leading us to believe that other simply conspire to take advantage of our vulnerability you know it's something that when somebody sees that there it's going to be exploited and yet
I see this as a dilemma that we face that to strive for genuineness and authenticity in our relationships certainly Demands a level of vulnerability from us and therefore I placed this integration in relationship this integration of mental health and spirituality because when you think about it we ought to receive our deepest physical emotional psychological and even spiritual wounds in and through relationships and here's the irony we can also discover our greatest healing our greatest strength peace forgiveness and love through healthier relationships
are these relationships just might be within our own families or they might be with our co-workers and friends because whenever we experience transformation on some level in our lives we also transform others by our presence by our Grace by our understanding but first you know forgiveness kindness compassion begin with how we treat ourselves because whenever we are compassionate with ourselves we then can become more compassionate with others and when we are more forgiving of ourselves we then can be more forgiving with others
and when we were able to live in gratitude with ourselves we didn't discover how this opens up our hearts to see and live and gratitude with others so transformation actually begins with us but it extends out to others
I guess other words I would say that before we can expect and appreciate authenticity from another person we are compelled to look at ourselves first you know the confront our own inconsistent and inauthentic ways and author and family psychotherapist Virginia's a tear up the sentiment of nicely she says I want to love you without clutching appreciate you without judging join you without invading invite you without demanding
leave you without guilt
criticize you without blaming and help you without insulting
and if I can have the same from you then we can truly meet each other
now as idealistic as this kind of human interactions sounds genuineness and authenticity and relationships are tangible but it doesn't require a lifelong commitment to self discovery and honesty about who we are with all of our warts and gifts and phobias and strengths and Graces and everything else but unfortunately you know today this commitment to that communal depth and relationships is a price many people consider artists simply too high to pay and it's just not worth their time I mean wouldn't it be easier just to go with the status quo go with the flow and not the question I mean of course you know what that might be there frequently traveled around but let us not deceive ourselves you know that that inner desire for this genuineness and authenticity in relationships with ourselves and others and go
it's certainly not going to go away
and moreover that internal logging to be authentic and true or to our cells will only become louder and more intense the question is how much more sleep do we want to keep losing night after night how many more times are we going to struggle with this how many more times are we going to wish that well I want the authenticity but it has to come from somebody else first
I mean how many more times are we going to blame others for what we don't have
and his book The Return of the prodigal son and it was Henri nouwen who wrote that people discover that there is a tremendous strength and healthy relationships there are people who heal each other's wounds forgive each other's offenses share their possessions Foster the spirit of community celebrate the gifts they have received and live in constant anticipation of the full manifestation of God's presence and their lives
so how do we do this I mean it sounds so easy so simple but why is it such a struggle for many many people how do we do this we how do we get Gage in an inner spiritual transformation that's ongoing and more aligned with our anticipate
well let's think about it in terms of energy you know if you're a follower of this program you've you've heard me talk about this before one of my favorite topics energy the basic definition of energy as we've learned in our physics classes is the capacity for doing okay. Just your basic garden-variety definition but let's flush down a little bit more okay and energy can certainly exists as kinetic energy or thermal energy electrical energy chemical energy nuclear energy other various forms and energy is something that cannot be destroyed it just simply cannot be transferred from one body to another okay you can always change it but you cannot destroy it
also for example let's think about heat okay heat that is transferred may become thermal energy that could be used for mechanical engineering and so forth but what is the shift that occurs in us moving from let's a carbon energy to crystalline or crystalline energy
method involves of releasing of the unneeded energies and replacing them with higher vibrations of love and light the crystalline energy is the energy of light and love it is very powerful and that it has the potential to transform anything that is not aligned with love and with our higher vibration ourselves and our society we already know that cell memory occurs when we hold trauma in the body and you can change ourselves you can change our genes and this is what type of genetics is all about study that pretty much came out of a traumatic experiences of World War II as well as other atrocities whereby trauma was stamped on a person's DNA and it was passed along to Future generations and it was just lived out over and over
and over again even though let's say the 3rd 4th 5th generation never experienced with the first generation went through
I had no idea of Horrors of let's say war or the horrors of famine but yet it was something that was passed down to them through their genes is epigenetics where they acted as if they were going to reliving it out and they were having these traumatic experiences as if they had been there themselves but you know when we shift into your higher Consciousness or vibration is greater awareness you know that two creates a change in our DNA and can breakup trauma that has altered our genes even in the slightest way
and at the same is true with our mental health I mean when we speak of short-term and long-term memories and intelligence there are actually two ways of looking at them now there is fluid intelligence and then there's crystallized intelligence now fluid intelligence involves being able to think and reason abstractly and to solve problems okay this is something that we'd learn how to do we have the capacity for it but we also learn how to incorporate it and its ability is considered independent of learning or experience and education
now intelligence interesting enough tends to decline during late adulthood and certain cognitive skills associated with fluid intelligence had to decline and people as they reach later adulthood specially when it comes to short-term memory of ever had a loved one or you've known of an elderly person to really struggle with memory lost this is more akin to fluid intelligence and yet crystallized energy on the other hand is based on facts and it's grounded in our experiences because as we age and we accumulate noodology and new understandings and we Encompass everything and we just take all that about what we have learned and experienced and heard and tasted and emotions we have felt these things also include are positive
core memories and negative core memories
and that all of these experiences are held in this crystallized intelligence which unlike fluid intelligence has been shown to become stronger and more over time
bring Martin something so strong as our crystallized intelligence there's so unhealthy patterns of behaviors in distorted perspectives that need to be dissolved and released in other words you're never too old to experience a radical shift in the vibrational awareness of your vast self and We Begin by becoming more aware that everything is connected to energy everything is energy our thoughts are words are behaviors
everything everything carries vibration to it everything carries with it and energy
and this is why many ancient cultures certainly value their Elders because they carried the wisdom for the people since crystallized intelligence is this energy that's behind it and it was the wisdom for you know what that the generations and they've spent the better part of their lives alongside the Elders of their time listening to their stories and learning from them and so forth
and some Elders men and women have even been gifted with the ability to understand how ancient wisdom carries with it the knowledge and teachings for the people to continue living or if you want to make it simple so that the people may live
and it's vital for us to value and integrate such ancient wisdom and experiences that enhance our understanding and transform our limited abilities to fully realize ourselves but stay as souls and this is often seen through what we would call religion and spirituality Rona who has written extensively on Native American Medicine he writes that the purpose of religion should be to help us maintain a binding commitment to the spiritual awareness within the lives of our communities and this is done often through the power of ritual which is the materialization of religion
the bearer of religious tradition the insurer of continuity of the life of the present with the original Spirit of the past and the reenactment of traditional ritual in let's say worship by yuno provided you know through religion and sure is that the past another words our ancestors those who have come before us continues to touch our our souls are flesh reaching into our hearts
and as we begin this process of happy, higher Dimension relationship with God we're going to be reminded of all the the negative psychological emotional and spiritual patterns within our relationships those things that keep us stuck in the past and he's vibrational shifts certainly show themselves in relationships you know will you become more loving we find ourselves becoming more patient more forgiving with ourselves and with others
we even have the potential to increase our awareness of everything around us everything that we experience and awareness is the key to incite the key to have that understanding and when we often tend to the physical needs of others even the most simplest ways it always has a spiritual effect or an Awakening on some level in them you know in other words the soul is touched as well
that it is a daily surrendering or a saying yes to being led by our souls desires that connect us with God and the universe. Words we let go of the former in order to take on something more Life Giving by changing the energy of those things we let go more easily because we are no longer controlled by fear but compelled out of just everlasting love and grace
and certainly this takes courage because many times we want to hang on to the past or we can't imagine something better in our lives let alone discovering who we really are because again this involves us letting go of the things that just no longer serve us
yeah those attitudes and those perceptions that just really keep us wounded and then we let go of those things and we take on something better you know something more life giving and more authentic than who we truly are
one of my favorite teachings with kids and teenagers council is this metaphor of the fire of transformation and often have them sit you know what themselves and you know that the negative thoughts and emotions and things that come up to our awareness a times and and I just have them imagine sending all that ends at the all that energy negativity into a fire that's right beside them in order for it to be transformed
are we too can you send those things into the fire that have weakened and diminish the mental or emotional the physical and the spiritual body and by sending an out we also need to be reminded that needs to be transformed it needs to be changed and in the past there was a very common teaching that's you whenever we would do this we need to send that energy that negative energy into the Earth to be more or less soak.for soaked into but the Earth can no longer absorb that negative energy when the earth is being choked by all the negativity that's being spewed by Humanity
but instead just Elsa fire transforms wood into Ash and dust gases so it goes up into the universe only to come back in the form of rain and snow and so as you sitting there and negative energy comes up in your thoughts or perceptions are unforgiveness or whatever it however it manifests as for that negative energy to be transformed into the gifts that honor and sustain the mental emotional physical
in spiritual body and to heighten our awareness and vibration of our best selves and other words for us to truly see ourselves as we are and for us to truly see others as they are
and in doing so over time we discover that we no longer wish to find peace or Grace or love but rather we transform it into embody in peace Grace and love
talk about the vibration that we give off its at this sense of being this that generates a a powerful positive energy for you or even a vibrant aura
in one study from the heart math Institute that was entitled The Heart brain synchronization between mother and baby I believe it was 2008 when that study came out and actually study this energetic heart brain interaction that occurred between a mother and her infant and interesting Lee the researchers were able to show that the mother's brain waves synchronized to that of her baby's heartbeat and it appears that when the mother placed her attention on the baby that she became more sensitive to the very subtle electromagnetic signals generated by the infant's heart
and from these studies there is strong evidence to suggest then that our social interactions also have the potential to not only affect family members but all relationships and furthermore the implications can also be applied to our ancestors through our blood soul connection as it were
because you see the more we heal from past trauma and the more we heal from emotional pain or psychological suffering and even our spiritual wound and the more we all give off of a transformative higher energy field stemming from our hearts and it's interesting that others can sense this energy even before we speak
you know we no longer have to worry about so what are we going to say it any given situation we can just simply be
and we find ourselves being fully present with ourselves and others as well as you know beginning to experience God in just the most unlikely places and threw the most unlikely people which is actually where God has been found all along
so when one person Rises we all benefit
well I would really like to hear your heart on this subject so if you would like to call in that again that number is 888-627-6008 call me taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James house I'll be back with you in one minute
alright welcome back I am dr. James how kind you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and before we get into the second half of the broadcast today I just want to share with you just a little bit about next week's show which the title of kind of sounds like an old joke that goes like this a shoe a spoon and a rope walk into a bar
has nothing to do with me you know I'm going to a bar and they sit down and order a drink but interesting lately they all have something in common regarding how we perceive our limitations to next Friday afternoon March 4th 3 p.m. for a shoe a spoon and a rope walk into a bar that way earlier in the show I was talking about me and as we begin this process of shifting into higher or no more energetic dimensional relationship with God we're going to be reminded of all the the negative psychological emotional and spiritual patterns that we have that keep us stuck in the past or want to pull us back into the past or say hey not so fast
okay and again this is normal because you know we go through this process of well who else do I have to forgive what else do I have to let go up where where am I continue making the same mistakes over and over again where am I blind spots so to speak and that and so when we certainly become more aware of this you know the closer we get the gods so to speak now the more we begin to function on just a higher and more energetic dimensional relationship with God but let's also keep in mind that walking in this manner is also a daily surrender or let's say our daily saying yes to being led by our souls desires that connect us with God and the universe
can I get the daily surrender okay we let go of the former in order to take on something you don't more Life Giving by changing the energy out those things you know where you would like to go more easily because we're no longer controlled by let's say fear but now we're compelled out of everlasting love and grace, but Let It Go of the former things is indeed a process and it involves forgiveness you didn't it involves examining gratitude and involves examining really the depths of our understanding of Bob & and realizing that you know just what is it about unconditional love. We might struggle with you know where does it really make us uncomfortable what do we like about it what you know it really is challenging for us
and so forth as many people I talk to and I'm Council you know are just so filled with broken this pain and self-loathing and this is something that's been increasing oh gosh probably over from I've experienced by the last I'm going on 2 years you know we've been dealing with the pandemic just a lot of heartbreak in pain just like really don't like myself and many people are at a loss as to what they can do next or they say that they're struggling to find Insight that's going to empower them to take those first steps towards unlocking their own psychological emotional physical and spiritual freedom
but still there are many people who out of ignorance or fear who would rather live in their grief and pain and sorrow just it sounds so strange but again it's you know just the they feel like they've just been gripped with this fear and so again they would rather just stay where they are more or less you know but for many of their just not ready to let go of those once and you know it's true that even though it's painful even though their suffering in their relationships and so far it's comfortable in a way because it's predictable you know if they don't like it but again they feel helpless to let go of those things and really work through an ass sometimes tough questions of themselves and others
so I got I see that a lot of people are just not ready to let go of those ones and it and really embrace the possibility that they can live in forgiveness and gratitude and ultimately love for themselves and for others
now back in the day and I went when I say back in the day this is the 90s I think it was late late 90s the title just really captured my attention and it was white people don't heal By Carolyn mace and yassy people don't heal and the book she's still that we are not to remain wounded we are supposed to move through let's say our tragedies and challenges and to help each other move through the many painful episodes in our lives and furthermore she says that when we remain stuck in the energy of those wounds we block our own transformation in fact we we tend to overlook the great gifts that our inherent even in those webs that is the strength to overcome that and the lessons that we are meant to receive
and they are indeed there are should say intended to teach us to be more compassionate and wise and sometimes it's often what we go through I have become our greatest teachers because you've heard me say this again on this program that one of life's greatest experiences of irony is how we often receive our deepest emotional psychological spiritual 11th even physical wounds as a result of being in relationships with one another
now whether the wounding was intentional or accidental it's it's what we do afterwards once we have been wounded or perhaps after we realize we have wounded another person that will either reinforce those wounds or eventually find a way to be healed and to be free from those burdens which circles us back around to forgiveness and gratitude
and as we explore all of our painful Memories We have to catch a glimpse of what healing and wholeness might look for us it just might be the slightest Glimpse that we get to know when it's inside Ackers you know we may be tempted to resist that change and I or we don't trust the transformation or we just don't know what it's going to look like when we run away from it we might even sabotage ourselves by falling back into the old ways in order to avoid embracing what thorough healing requires of us you know such as acknowledging a wrongdoing or asking for and receiving forgiveness or letting go of bitterness or letting go of resentment and then taking responsibility for living in gratitude and then so forth you know even with an opportunity to forgive and reconcile with one who has caused us great pain and suffering
and vice-versa is presented because bitterness has soul and Tangled the soul it's often impossible to let go of that paint
in fact we might of bitterness is a sign of weakness not all in all sometimes both the victim and the Survivor and offenders cannot Envision taking hold of something better it's just too vulnerable of a place for them to go
and although each person walks their own path in this life and embracing forgiveness and healing and Grace and love a really a curse when each person is ready when nobody can do this for another person and another words to the door of healing can be shown but you know we are the ones that have to you know turn to go open the door and walk through but this does not mean that there's nothing we could do you know so let's go back to the idea everything and I mean everything is connected to the energy our thoughts are words are behaviors everything and where there is energy there are different vibration on levels sometimes they can be seen sometimes they could be heard sometimes they can be felt and everything Our Lives has vibration
do you have different sounds have different vibrations Even Silence has a vibration and if you've ever seen any that's a demonstration of involving how water crystals are formed and transformed by specific sounds of music then you're certainly one who is yuno being familiar with the experiments of Mercer and motel
now you can Google this on you know at any point or I there might even be some YouTube videos on this you know but you can certainly Google his before and after pictures that he took after using various sound effects and music to create different crystallized structures in water
and since water we know now has the ability to absorb and store sound effects you know his experiments on the effects of music and words on water are truly amazing
so it stands to reason from you know where I said that that since sound can create change our voice also carries with it the you know its own vibrational energy to either damaged or restore to tear down or create
and our voices truly possess a powerful vibration within them every time we speak we can feel the vibration echoing from our larinex as a sound waves are hurting our eardrums of others and vice versa and we can use our voices through toning sounds to harmonize and balance ourselves and our energy Pathways and many people who meditate awfully often softly chant sounds that Echo Sentiments of a purity or gratitude in one's place or inner awareness and being open and teachable
and The prominent theme that emerges time and time again when people not only find the power of their voice but they also listen to the empowerment of others and they to find their voice and they are never the same again this is something that is easily way way way way way back in the day this is something that you know she was fascinated with and you know her studies involved in such as the oppression of women and how do women heal from the wounds that they carry and white men who have been wounded or women's empowerment comes from her voice and through her voice and when she finds it that is powerful that is how she expresses herself and you could just see that as she uses her voice the empowerment
feeling that takes place on many many levels so when a woman has found her voice she's never going to be the same again and she'll never go back to the way things were so to speak you know because she has come so far she has healed so much of herself
and this is what you do after the case again with anybody who has gone through any kind of trauma or event in their life in which a person's assumptions have been completely shattered and to find and or reclaiming your voice takes time but it can be done
do not give up on yourself
everybody has a voice you have a voice I have a voice there is power in the voice because it's vibration
how many people are unable to perceive their insights and strengths you know almost as if they cannot see themselves capable of healing or let alone achieving anything meaningful with their lives and most of the time people are content to live for let's say these brief moments of joy and celebration, and they're often marked off by my guess I would call them to talk to transitional Milestone stones of celebrations of marriages birthdays graduations promotions retirements etc etc etc and furthermore when it comes to wrestling with life's questions many people are often overwhelmed not only by the concept that the answers they seek off the
my within themselves but also the belief that inner freedom and peace and joy and unconditional love are just too good to be true
and up and that those things belong to somebody else that's fine if others haven't but I don't know if it's for me
but the truth is that we already have the key
to unlock our doors to that inner freedom and Grace and peace like we have never known before
but you know there most of the time there is a strong connection between this perception of let's say the fear of change and proceed powerlessness and a lifetime of struggling with self-love clothing and either like say I know a low to no self-esteem
and through various hurtful experiences people have internalized societies definition that say wow okay these people are dirty or you're worthless or you have no voice or your dispensable or you're no good you're backward you're not going to amount to anything or whatever and although it's difficult to say when people started to internalize such messages when they were much younger it's soft and perhaps easier to pinpoint from whom these messages came
maybe you've heard such things from parents maybe you heard them from your teachers maybe you heard them from your friends or perhaps these messages were even reinforced by society and just in different advertising or marketing or it or something like that
but we can transform these perceptions and negative thoughts by changing the energy of them by simply let's say taking a page from the African concept of now is a concept that's easy to understand very easy to understand but for some reason it's difficult for people to practice this on a large scale in the west you know perhaps this is because we're so focused on our lives as individuals instead of collectively
well boo to all starts with the belief that there is a universal Bond of sharing that connects all of humanity now simply put can be communicated as I am because we are
I am because we are
it encompasses a quality that includes the essential human virtues 4 say such as compassion and humility
and if we belong to each other we certainly participate in one another's lives we are because you are and since you are definitely
well Archbishop Desmond Tutu once described and boot to as in bracing hospitality and caring about others and willing to go the extra mile for the sake of somebody else and other words person is a person through other persons and that my humanity is caught and bound up an extra kabli with yours and when I dehumanize you I inevitably dehumanize myself
so because we are connected to one another and you know every thought and word and action is energy
when one is made to suffer we all suffer but when one Rises we all rise
certainly has demonstrated that Society holds out an ever-changing who shall we say a measuring stick that has one standard for the so-called powerful in the privileged and another measuring stick for the weekend and the wounded
but nevertheless regardless of his place in history there seems to be a continuous pattern of interpersonal and dignity and humiliation for people who cannot realize their truth and have been convinced that the only way to know and accept themselves is to really settle on society's definition and mistreatment of them
unfortunately for someone to people that's enough to settle for
but as we begin this process of a higher Dimension relationship with God as I said before we are going to be reminded of all the negative psychological emotional and spiritual patterns within our relationships that really do keep us stuck in the past
and when we no longer wish to find peace and Grace and love as we transform but we do and body this peace and Grace and love and yes it is a vibration that others can certainly see and a sense of being this generates a powerful positive energy field I mean these things have been proven over and over again cuz have you ever been somewhere in public and you've walked through or you passed somebody and you swear you walk through their energy for you they just kind of picked up a weird vibe
you know just a weird vibe rhaetian of like just intense sadness or you walk by somebody and just kind of like woo you know you walked through their Joy or something like that again these studies this is you know something that the curse all the time we give off an energy field others give off an energy field and so forth and this is why I said that
you know others can tell it's even before we open our mouths and we can tell us about somebody else so you can before they open or there's that we no longer worry about what we need to say in any given the situation we can simply be and just allow our presents to do the speaking
we can certainly allow ourselves to be more fully present with others
well in certain regions of South Africa Africa when somebody does something wrong that person is often taken to the center of the village and surrounded by his tribe his people for about 2 days while they'll speak of all the good he has done
they believe each person is inherently good yet sometimes we make mistakes which they interpret as really a cry for help you know they use United this ritual to encourage the person to reconnect with his true nature
and the belief is that unity and affirmation have more power to change Behavior then shame and Punishment
this is known as who bumped into Humanity towards others
and this is what it means to transform negative and destructive energy into healing Life Giving purpose that benefits all
positive energy is shared it increases
unfortunately so does negative energy
so therefore whenever you have the chance to affirm another person do it
meditate on their goodness and consider who they are deep inside remind yourself of your value dignity and worth and remind others of their
always be ready to forgive when given the opportunity
restore when it is within your power to do so
laugh and discover the joy in the simplest things in life and never ever underestimate the value of your thoughts and your prayers
living in gratitude for what we share as Humanity restores our faith in one another especially in Generations who have yet to be born
for some people all in all toning really enables them to find their voice and to find their vibration and not just to find the voice but also to you so let's say your voice to use your vibration not to be shut down but to take back what has always been in you
reclaiming your authentic self
so all in all everything that we do everything that we say is so that the people may live
stalker James how can you been listening to reclaiming authenticity invite you to join me next week same time for another broadcast that integrates our spiritual and mental health so in the meantime everybody be safe take care of yourselves and by all means support one another bye-bye
thousand comments it's all there, and we'll see you next on PBS radio TV