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Radio Toni Everyday Business Show The Power of You Andreia Solutions, December 8, 2020

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Radio Toni Everyday Business Show The Power of You Andreia Solutions
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Module one of the Andreia Method Discover your default – begin where you are now

Radio Toni Everyday Business Show The Power of You Andreia Solutions with John Williams and Toni Lontis

Talking Points Radio Toni Every Day Business with John Williams

  • Intro to show and reminder of where to listen and see podcast

  • Intro to Co Host John and Andreia Method – Inspire influence and impact your word by being who you were meant to be. John - Briefly why and want is the Andreia Method and who does it help – online do it yourself, self paced, can go back again and again, you will get results without having to Waste valuable time, money and effort, Attend countless workshops/seminars, Continue the search for the Holy Grail, Do training that doesn’t stick, Fake it until you make it, Do affirmations , Do endless research, Reinvent the wheel, Follow a Guru, Walk across hot coals and who’s it for? The 3 principles of Andreia – Shakespeare had a point you are the master of you universe and red and blued don’t make green

  • This weeks show – Module one of the Andreia Method Discover your default – begin where you are now

  • Internal Chatter, The Power of Your  Words and Be, Do, Have!

  • Your default thinking casts a shadow over everything you do. It’s like an old computer program that you’ve got running on auto-pilot, that you wake up to every morning. And, it’s running the same program over and over. And it’s this program and these thoughts that you are very familiar with, that you no longer want. You may have heard this before:  Your thoughts create your reality, whether they are yours, or someone else's you believe they're true doesn’t matter. At some level you believe it and that's your default thinking. PAUSE and allow this to sink-in!

  • Why? because you were born like that, it’s the environment you grew up in and your experiences to date. Your thoughts create your reality

  • Internal chatter – what is it? Why is it important to pay attention? Does everyone have internal chatter?

Internal Chatter + Words + Action = Results

  • Let’s talk filters before we delve into more on internal chatter: What are filters and why do they make such a difference in our lives. You perceive the world through a series of filters and those filters blur what you see. These filters come from the past, the way you use language, they are self-reinforcing and create your default. We all have them; it's why we don't see the world the same way. All of us are in constant conversation with ourselves. You know that ‘little voice’ we referred to earlier…Well, we all have that little voice nagging away at us! Constantly judging and criticizing everything and everyone. MOST of all it criticises and judges YOU! It’s the voice that keeps you safe and sound in your comfort zone. It’s the negative voice of all the reasons you shouldn’t, can’t, and don’t want to take Action. What does your little voice say, John? You need to be more, and you’re not enough. Mine says, you’re not smart enough and it has plenty of evidence for what I’m not… Now here’s the thing, that little voice never goes away. We’ve just learnt to re script what it says, and not pay it the attention it’s demands. Are these thoughts normal?

  • That “little voice” is a programmed response. And, these reactions give you patterns of behaviour. The problem is, your patterns of behaviour have no interest in your success, and worse they don’t want to change. And, programmed deliberately, like we are going to teach you, is the secret to creating your life, the way you want it to be. Remember, Our one goal is to get you to start to play by your own rules. That’s not going to happen if your ‘thinking’ on auto-pilot

  • You’ll know the auto pilot voice we are talking about; it has characteristics like: It’s harsh, rude and downright mean, It’s black and white, The voice of “reason”, The you aren’t ready yet…You aren’t good at stuff… ie. maths, finances, skills negotiation, It’s the voice of perfectionism, It’s a tape that says the same thing over and over Broken record It’s pretty opinionated, too. It pounds you with problems and won’t let you be. Most people have experienced some or all of these, frequently…every day and even every hour and this is what gets in the way of clear thinking.

  • Fear and how it plans in our words

  • Uconscious bias

  • Lets explore WORDS - Words influence both how you feel and think about yourself and others. The two most powerful words you can ever say are “I AM”. Whatever comes after those two words defines YOU. The way you use language is habitual. There’s that default again. And, because it’s habitual it going to take some practice to become aware of what’s really coming out of your mouth- or going on in your mind!. Secondly, it’s going to take a little bit of effort and focus to start being more deliberate with your words.

  • I am – Uninspiring verses I am – Inspired and Inspirational; I am – A fraud verses I am – Enough; I am – A follower verses I am - Influential “The words you speak become the house you live in. As we said, most of us give very little thought to words we use. We’ve forgotten The Power of creating YOU is through Your words.

  • You can divide your thinking into two camps: Thoughts that hold you back and Thoughts that move you forward…You can think of them like opposites!

  • What Action naturally flows from thoughts that hold you back? Remember, the Action you take WILL BE consistent with the thought you have!  This is why, how you talk to yourself is SO important!

  • If time we can do a real-life case study!

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