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Radio Toni Everyday Business Show The Power of You Andreia Solutions, December 1, 2020

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Radio Toni Everyday Business Show The Power of You Andreia Solutions
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JOHN ANDREW WILLIAMS The Andrew is important and we will discover why later….

Radio Toni Everyday Business Show The Power of You Andreia Solutions with John Williams and Toni Lontis

JOHN ANDREW WILLIAMS The Andrew is important and we will discover why later….

John is a Senior Executive who offers extensive experience in leading commercial entities to capitalise on opportunities to grow business in highly-competitive markets; small, large, local and international. He has a record of success in start-up companies, emerging ventures and high-growth enterprises.

John’s strengths in strategy development, change leadership and management have been acknowledged by colleagues and executive management in every company with whom he has engaged. He has a robust background in international trade and has worked with both individuals and businesses across cultures, throughout Europe, the US and Asia, thus developing expansive international networks.

John is highly qualified in Executive management, education and disrupt resolution. John co-created the Living Consciously Course in conjunction with his business partner through their company Andreia. Their flagship course enables participants to understand what it is in their life that is holding them back from taking the next step towards their goals. It is simple but far from easy. 


John created a strategy for Roxcel Asia transferring responsibility for regional leadership from Europe to Asia. The resulting rapid expansion in intra-Asian trade led to the establishment of new offices in Jakarta, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Shenzhen, Shandong, Mumbai and Chennai. At the same time, the existing offices, located in Shanghai and Hong Kong were re-vitalised.

Devising a commercial strategy for Roxcel Australasia John enabled this start up in Australia to carve a profitable position in the highly-competitive Australasian market, growing revenues to $AU35 million within three years. This company has gone on to multiply this turnover and has now been trading for 15 years.

In part of this involved identifying an opportunity to develop a high-value specialised paperboard for use in the US market. Over three years John negotiated with, and fostered the development of trust among, the relevant parties, including Nestle Purina as the end-user. These stakeholders were located across three States in the US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.


Prior to joining Roxcel John instigated a significant change management process at Norcross Press which re-positioned the company as a market innovator but more importantly implemented John’s theory of goal alignment matching as closely as possible the attainment of individual employees goals to the goals of the company. The resultant surge increased revenue by more than 20% and drove net profit to record levels.

This is a second series for John and the team at Andreia, partnering with Radio Toni and co hosting together and we are really excited to be back again in this format. All this is a very important background to the man I’m about to re introduce you to, Mr John Andrew Williams.

Good evening and good afternoon John!

  1. Lets start at the beginning and talk about you and your life up to this point. It important that our listeners get to know the story of your life. When you were little what did you dream about doing?

  2. Tell me about some of the key moments in your life and how they shaped the person you are today?

  3. In the intro we talked about your career in international business, you could almost be enjoying a quiet retirement, what drives you with such passion to keep working with people?

  4. Why is the Andrew part of your name important?

  5. Can you tell us about the co creation process with Tanja?

  6. What is your mission?

  7. How do you work with people?

  8. How do people get in contact with you?

  9. What is your mission?

Downloadable from website.

Next week we will be going into detail about Andreia Solutions and start the deep dive into the Andreia method which is exciting for all you listening.

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