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Peaceful Planet, February 2, 2008

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Our Show Sat Welcomes Carol Fitzpatrick!

Carol Fitzpatrick has been immersed in fostering new paradigm leadership for the past 25 years. Today, she serves as a teacher and mentor to leaders who are working to bring about radical change to the face of our human family. Her focus is on global stabilization of regions that undergo radical change, which result in destabilization of entire populations. Her passion is to share insights and strategies for adjusting to upcoming changes, and to create a feeling of oneness consciousness among all people.

 The precurser for her work began in 1988, when she began unravelling the mysteries of a transformation that took her deep into the mystical realms of the Divine. Fitzpatrick uses her spiritual gifts for healing while sharing with others how to bring more joy into their lives. She does so by speaking to the soul having a human experience.

Her prophetic teachings are rooted in the practical application of modern-day life, and have taken from as mentoring, inspired writings, articles, workshops, and energetic healing. She is the author of Fear Not My Child: Emerging from the Spiral of Fear (published in 2003) and A Call to Remember: A sacred call to wake-up and reclaim your power (due out in 2008). She is also the author of a monthly e-communique called Light Streamings, and has written many articles on the subject of spiritual transformation.

Carol is co-founder of Arayu; a partnered ventured which teaches the alignment with oneness consciousness in all areas of our lives. Her platform of teaching new paradigm leaders how to live in the flow of joy has evolved into an international following.

Peaceful Planet

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Our special topics include the Holy Grail Mysteries, investigating the life of Jesus, past lives with him, and the truth of his mission, which is vastly different than the story presented in religion.

The Ascension Series is another topic of interest for our listeners and we bring world teachers to this forum to discuss the personal and planetary aspects of ascension as it is ocurring now on the planet!

  •  Ancient Mysteries and Sites
  •  Goddess and Divine Feminine
  •  Angel Messages from Marcia & readings for our audience
  •  Peace process in the Middle East
  •  New Revelations from Spirit
  •  Authors from all walks around the world
  •  Creative artists and musical talent
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