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Paranormal Truth and Reality, June 29, 2018

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Paranormal Truth and Reality
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with Christopher Houston and guest Brenda Mudrack

Paranormal Truth and Reality with Christopher Houston and guest Brenda Mudrack​

Mission Statement and our Objectives

We are Paranormal Researchers.  We are a two member team.

Our primary mission is to:  Find answers to the ‘things that go bump in the night.’

We are not enthusiasts, we are investigators.  We take our mission seriously. 

We do not go into places expecting to find or wanting to find ghosts. We go in believing a place is not haunted and try to find out what could be causing the strange things going on.  We believe that we can help the client out better if we find the logical explanations first and put their fears to rest.

Its never our goal to go in and find ghosts.  We believe this just makes them more afraid.  Our goal is to calm their fears, not make them fear more.

Our clients needs come first always and we strive to help them to understand.

We will never leave a client hanging.  If we encounter anything we can’t handle, we will put them in touch with someone who can handle it.

We never use provocation while doing EVP sessions, we believe if the spirits want to talk they will, if not well provoking them will just anger them and the last thing we believe is wrong to do is provoke them and then the clients who may live there has to deal with the angry spirits.  We do not provoke ever.

We don’t use Ouija boards and we are not Exorcists so we don’t do exorcisms.  We believe in letting the experts do that.  We just go in and document evidence that may show the clergy that an exorcism or cleansing is necessary.

Code of Ethics

  1. We are professional at all times.
  2. We do not joke around during the investigation.
  3. We do listen to the lead investigators.  That is whoever set up the investigation.  We believe in unity here.  There is no reason that two or three teams need to go off in separate directions when we should be able to set up in one room work together.
  4. We analyze all evidence and try to find logical explanations for them before rendering it ‘paranormal’ and even then we don’t necessarily say it’s a spirit, just that its something we ‘can’t explain, can’t understand but can’t deny it happened.’
  5. We wear our team shirts/hats at al times when we investigate to identify us with other groups.
  6. We never wander off without letting someone know where we are going.
  7. We have a set of questions we try to ask when investigating places that will hopefully help us to debunk all that we can.
  8. We ask our clients that if we do find anything would it be okay to post on our YouTube channel and then ask them to sign a release form  

This is our missions statement and our code of ethics.  We try to debunk whatever we can and what we can't debunk we rule paranormal, but we never say its' a spirit per se, but try to just say, its something that cannot be explained logically or scientifically.  

I got my interest in the field when I was a kid and I heard stories from my aunt who told me about the paranormal activity in her house and I was hooked.  I wanted to experience everything she did -- shadows, noises, beds that were kicked by an unseen force and have done just that since 2012 when I went on my first investigation.  The three places we investigated proved to me that there was something to the spirit world, having caught my first evp at one place, being forcefully knocked down at another place when all I was doing was standing and being prevented from going into a shower room by an unseen force. 

I have investigated countless places, but can count (barely) on one hand the places I would definitely say are haunted.
I have written two books one on my experiences about the paranormal I have encountered, the other on teenage satanism and the occult.
I have a few pieces of evidence on video and pictures that are stupefying to me.  The more answers I get, the more questions it raises.
Denise Hilton, my partner and lead investigator was sceptical when I took her on her first investigation to Poasttown elementary.  But after we left, she told me that she wasn't skeptical anymore.  We were in the back hallway where the mean teacher's room is and I had set up the laser grid to shine down the hall.  We weren't really getting anything until all of a sudden, the laser grid was blocked out.  All the green lights had seemed to be swallowed up by a dark mass.  I thought, "I am not going to say anything, I'm just going to see if she see it".  Sure enough, right after I thought that, she turns and asks me "Why 's the hallway getting dark?"  And then we watched it come towards us.  
We got evps from the room they call Mr. 209 where we stood in all 4 corners and did an evp session.  I told the entity if he wanted us to leave, tell us and we will.  Through the SB 7 you hear in response, "Get, get out."  
At the Roads Hotel, we encountered an entity, who called himself "Curtis" who called Denise a "b***h" and a "homely whore".  At Sedamsville rectory I heard with my own ears and caught on audio a woman say, "you there' or "who's there" in the basement where the dog cage is.  On another investigation of Sedamsville, standing in that dog cage room in a pitch black room, I looked over to the wall that NOW I know had a mirror on it, but didn't know then and I saw a woman's face staring out from it.  And it wasn't my eyes adjusting either because we had been down there long enough to adjust. 
At Willows' Weep, that one scared the mmm mm out of me, because again in a pitch black room, the person who set up the investigation was telling us that we should go in the garage to warm up and tell of our experiences, then proceeded to tell us there was something dark standing in front of her and she couldn't find the door.  I turned to where the sound of her voice was and saw right in front me this pasty white 'demonic' face with black eyes, gnarly teeth and a hood on its head staring at me.  I stared back thinking my eyes were playing tricks or needed to adjust, but as my eyes adjusted, it remained there AND it spoke to me, but not in audible words, and not in my head, more like telepathy and it told me, "you can't have her, she's mine."
Waverly Hills, we were walking to the stairs to go to the chapel room, I had the video going and all of a sudden, we hear another investigator's voice come over the walkie talkie and say, "forever".  I walkied her back and she said she didn't say anything in the walkie and no one else heard it on their walkies.
Fox Hollow, I took a picture of the stairs in the foyer through the mirror and when I got home and looked at it there was a shadow figure standing behind me and when I lightened it to see if I could tell if it was a person or not, saw another figure looks like they are running and turning to go up the stairs.  
Also, I took several pictures in succession in the pool area in the basement and on one of them, there is a dark figure that looks like it crossed in front of the camera.  The picture before and after doesn't show the figure.
Monroe house in Hartford City, IN.  My first time there, I caught a face like a gremlin face on video.  I turned the camera on, switched to night vision, it was aimed at the crawlspace hole, the face was there.  I panned to the left and panned back and it was gone.  I don't have that video anymore and could kick myself for accidently deleting it from my camera. But the owner and one of the guys hosting the event saw the video so I do have witnesses to what I caught.
My second time there I was going to debunk the claims because I was still skeptical.  Did pretty good until I went to go inside the back door and heard a disembodied male voice say, "boo."
On another investigation, we were in the kitchen, we hear the radio come on in the blue room, I grabbed my video camera and videoed as I went and sure enough the radio was on, tucked in the corner under a cart with something in front of it I think.  No one in the room.  As I walk around the room and video, I go in the bathroom and then come out and I am standing there videotaping the front room, I can feel someone behind me, but I just thought it was the other investigator, when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned to see what she wanted and found she was all the way across the room messing with the radio and no one was behind me.
That happened to me again at Loretta Lynn's dude ranch when I took the tour.  I was standing there looking at the kitchen the guide told us she used for the Wesson oil commercials she used to do.  After that, the room went silent, but I could still feel people behind me so I thought everyone was still there, until I turned around and found I was completely alone.
At the Birdcage Theater, I was taking pictures of the brothel room, I turned to the poker tables, that's all I did, and heard in my right ear, a female disembodied voices say, "hello".  Turned around, no one there.  I did catch that same voice on audio a little later when a couple came down, they were at the brothel room reading the story of Josephine, when he finished, you hear and EVP, same woman's voice say, "I'm busy."  
Just a few things I've encountered.
In God We Trust

Paranormal Truth and Reality

The show is dedicated to real truth and reality within the paranormal community from those that are in it every day. We cover topic material from the point of view of the investigators, real experiences, and truth involved within those situations. A true approach at real paranormal radio. We also discuss techniques, equipment, paranormal theory, reality of real study, urban myths explained, and much more.
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