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American Truth Finders, August 23, 2015

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ITIN What Does It Mean
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with guest Marguerite Telford

American Truth Finders with Marguerite Telford

ITIN What Does It Mean

Guest, Marguerite Telford

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Marguerite Telford
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Director of Communications for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS
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Marguerite Telford serves as the Director of Communications for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), an independent, non-partisan immigration research institute located in Washington, DC. Ms. Telford is responsible for media relations and the coordination of special media events. She shares her expertise on immigration policy with television and radio networks as well as visiting groups. Prior to joining the Center, Ms. Telford spent over 20 years in various public relations, international affairs, and legal roles. Most recently, she served as the Director of Communications and Marketing at Prison Fellowship International, a non-profit organization which operates in over 120 countries. She has lived and worked in the United States, Canada, France and the U.K., and has written on prison reform for a variety of media outlets and publications, including Notre Dame Law School's Journal of Legislation.

Ms. Telford earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and French from Dickinson College. She received her law degree from George Mason University.

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American Truth Finders

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Neil’s internet talk show, American Truth Finders, will search for the facts of what is going on in America that is leading this country down the wrong path. In this quest to sort out the facts, there will be many theories. Some will be found to be truths, some non-truths. And there will always be the conspiracy theories. This show will investigate all those theories to give it’s listeners the knowledge to separate fact from fiction. Whatever the political position, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or other, if it’s not the truth it will be exposed.

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