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A Fireside Chat, September 3, 2011

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A Fireside Chat
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I'm honored to welcome DR. CARMEN BOULTERack for her fifth show! Carmen's lifelong passion for discovering and revealing ancient truths is clearly demonstrated in her masterful, award-winning film, "The Pyramid Code". Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Walter Cruttendon, John Anthony West and rare footage of Dr. "Hakim" Zahi Hawass, indigenous wisdom keeper, make this 5-part two disc DVD set a "must see".   In this show, Carmen delves more deeply into the underbelly of our global patriarchal, rule-from-the-top society and makes astute assessments of the present shift in energies. Her diagnosis is grim for those who continue to remain "asleep" to the multiple realities pressing in on every level.  We openly discuss the controlling patriarchy, the horrendous damage being done, and that their last days can now be counted.
She is creating some exciting opportunities, in being granted by the Museum of Antiquites, private time with her group on 11:11:11.  She fully intends to open the mystical portals, and after 28 deeply inspiring visits, she knows how!  This is a trip of a lifetime not to miss, if you feel "the call".  There are two other exciting books not to be missed:

1. Aliens in Ancient Egypt by Carmen Boulter and Xaviant Haze
New Page Books - Hard copy with color plates and full color e-book version

Explores the mythology of starseeds in the 18th Dynasty: Queen Hatshepsut; Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and their 6 daughters; and King Tut. They all had distended skulls. What was their lineage? What is the importance of who they were and what they stood for and the relevance of that today? We also explore the symbolism of the snake cults during the Egyptian Dynasties.

2. Lost Keys of the Sacred Feminine: Decoding Dendera by Carmen Boulter and William Henry
V-book version (video book - online with animations and video clips and writing) and hard copy version (writing with black and white stills)

Decodes the elaborate symbolism of the newly cleaned First Hypostyle hall of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. Explores evidence of sophisticated knowledge of cosmology, the precession of the equinoxes and large cycles of time, the Zodiac, our place in the galaxy and the cosmos, star beings, ascension portals and wormholes.

To find out more about the Portal Opening in the Great Pyramid in November 2011, or read articles and find out about her present work, here is the link to her site.  It has been thoroughly revamped, and now includes a separate page for all of her interviews, to listen to freely.   Enjoy!

Guest, Dr Carmen Boulter

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Dr Carmen Boulter
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Expert on Egyptology, Archaeology, Professor at Calgary U, Author, Global Research, Television Host
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Dr. Carmen Boulter hails from Calgary, Canada, where she taught at the University for many years.  She is best known for her groundbreaking internationally renowned DVD series, The Pyramid Code.  With 25+ trips and tours to Egypt, sacred sites and places unknown, she is a female counterpart to Indiana Jones.  Often called in to appear on television as an expert on the Pyramids and ancient sites, she will soon be hosting her own television show!

Carmen is changing the landscape of higher education by painstakingly creating a venue for anyone to learn about their favorite subjects, via Interactive-U.  It is a revolutionary concept, which she designed and participates in with passion.

In addition to the DVD Series, The Pyramid Code, she is the author of Angels and Archetypes, a deep look into archetypes, mythologies, goddesses throughout time, up to the present.

Each year she hosts an incredible tour of the Pyramids, with access to many places that are off limits to most.  It's a great opportunity to learn, experience and expand consciousness!  Check out her website, for more information on the many-faceted aspects of Carmen Boulter's ground breaking work!

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A Fireside Chat

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