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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, 03/11/2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Passion for Creating with Director Sebastian Siegel

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Passion for Creating with Director Sebastian Siegel

Director and writer Sebastian Siegel joins the show to discuss his upcoming projects and his passion for creating and spreading enlightenment through his art.

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

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In today’s busy world it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Dr Dravon James helps to inspire, empower, and educate people to live the life of their dreams. Focusing on health, wealth, and relationships, Dr. James offers strategies that work for everyday life.

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Empower yourself with ojiya power meditation closely guarded for centuries this rare ancient technique attack to empower you with clear calm energy in just minutes are you ready to experience the easiest deepest most Blissful meditation ever weekend Adventure now at Power<br> thanks for joining us<br> online radio<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> Empower yourself and get inspired to build the life of your dreams<br> welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James<br> hello and welcome to our show I'm dr. Dre Bond James and this is everyday peace and I'm super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace Define does wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality can you even imagine living in this space every day right now well I'm here to tell you that yes every day peace is possible yes you deserve every day peace and yes you can have every day peace we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guests to partner with you as you create your life piece every day so if you missed last week's show I want to tell you you missed a great show it was lucky to Carol she is<br> licensed social worker and she was on the show talking about relationships with none other than our teenagers so who couldn't use that kind of helping guy that's what she brings over 20 years of experience and therapeutic and mental health coaching she gave us some really really helpful tips that are just like wow you can Implement them right now and I wanted to share these with you cuz I really want to encourage you go back and listen to the show are teenagers are important our relationship with them is important she talked about the three c's for conflict resolution<br> with communicating I think they work for everybody but she suggested they really really work for teenagers and that is calm Clarity and consistency those are the three C's so if you or someone you know what benefit from having an improved relationship with your team's go back and visit that show and back you can listen to our entire library of shows by subscribing to doctor drink a bunch of games everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google Play and Stitcher or you can listen on Unity online radio. Org another great place to find out about the everyday peace movement as I call it is to visit our new and improved website doctor dravon where you're going to find so many fabulous things excerpts from this show interviews and talks that I do other places excerpt from my book Freedom is your Birthright and just a couple holes Bears free stuff on there guys there's free courses right now we've got a course of beer<br> self-esteem and self-confidence who couldn't use an improvement of those because we need to improve those two areas of your life things start to look different from you for you to visit the website today book market and visit all that address again is doctor drayvon and we're going to go to our everyday peace moment before we bring our fabulous guest today or everyday peace moment has to do with one of the principles of success one fundamental principle of success is you guys probably already know it before I say it because we talk about it all the time on the show its gratitude<br> gratitude is a game-changer so but we don't talk about what I don't hear a lot of people talk about and what's come up a lot this month and the last few months with my coaching clients is what is the barrier the number one barrier to success it's true lot of us lack leadership skills that something I teach and can work with you on but the number one. True leadership to success is not necessary leadership it's before that is how we think how we think about ourselves our past how we frame things so I want to leave you with this thought today we're going to expand on this for the whole month but I want to start right here I want you to know that you are already a winner start to see yourself that way whatever came against you last year to destroy you failed you want hundred percent whatever game against you last month lost you one you want a hundred percent and I know that because you're still here<br> right are you still here you're still able to think you're still able to change you're still able to progress change your mindset around how you see yourself and how you see the world and everything you see stars to change that is our everyday peace moment with that we're going to go into our guests today guys were bringing back a fabulous yesterday because we had some unfinished business and we're so lucky to be able to get them on the show this is Sebastian Siegel director writer after you name it we are super excited and he was here to discuss his film and we're going to continue in this film because it's getting so much press I've watched it several times I call it my ugly Joy cry movie so it makes me cry ugly but I feel so good at the end of it that film is Grace and grit the true love story of an iconic philosopher Ken Wilber and his wife trailer in the 1980s California where they fell madly in love and I do<br> want to give too much of a weight away I've seen it a couple times and<br> I'm moved by it so with no further Ado Sebastian thank you for being back on the show absolutely love it<br> trade straight talk again<br> and I know I reached out to a lot of friends of mine asked to please tune in today I want to read something that Deepak Chopra said about the film he says this bill Grace and grit mirrors these stages mirrors the earlier stages of physical attraction than infatuation and then communion not just connection but sacred communion it goes on to extreme vulnerability and intimacy and then surrender and then passion very interesting kind of passion with all the masculine and feminine archetypes coming together and turns into the static moments of physical exercise mythical ecstasy sacred ecstasy get it does in with Transcendence<br> I'm now at a stage where I'm just tipping over the Dark Night of the soul and this film has been very good for me because there's a fine Edge between existential Despair and then suddenly and then suddenly Liberation so thank you for making this film<br> it almost makes me want to cry all over again so I want to say thank you too for making the film because and I got to start here because we all know that we will all enter into the Dark Night of the soul and I happen to have been to in an extended. Of Dark Night of the Soul when I saw this film for the first time and I thought I I couldn't move for hours I just said<br> and what you did for me and that fell was<br> you open up the possibility one that<br> it's okay it's absolutely okay it's more than okay it's part of the army<br> make the pain the love is part of the journey but you open up this part of that film and it sounds like it if a Deepak to for me certainly that<br> there's there's a whale of what it did there's a deep well of whatever I have inside of me and it doesn't empty I'm built for this I could take it so<br> wow<br> thank you for being here to do where should we start I know the film that you were getting your on the show back in August<br> I can't open up a magazine or read anything without this doing any type of ticket vending without seeing your name in here in this bill but soon is that<br> I think we were talking about going and showtimes that we're going to be this month on Showtime and it's on Apple TV is on Amazon Prime YouTube as the availability to rent the film as well but it is on Showtime right now Apple Amazon<br> let's start at the very beginning of course this is groundbreaking piece of work and I actually have started a little group of friends and then I encourage I know everybody probably is doing this I'm not alone in this may be going out for drinks afterwards and just kind of doing like a book club around around the field because I'm going to people who didn't get the opportunity to read the book I do have a number of friends who have read the book who said that and so post is one of those films that when you read the book and you see the film you're equally as moved is that like you come away saying oh it was nothing like the book says they're saying that it's exactly that it's parallels so much as I can<br> if you were sitting with him as though he wrote the book you're going through the experience with him at the same time how how were you able to do that how are you able to get this film and I want so often we see. We have the images in our mind and you go, how are you able to get that two parallel so deep thank you search up I like to say what you like to celebrate and what you said about I had this well as life force inside of me and it doesn't deplete just that when it gets taxed or challenged there's a way to transmute that challenge into more life force and I appreciate that because I think that we all think of tears and pain and sadness is something that's awful that we want to move past where is in fact if we look at it without judgment pain and sadness and<br> oh really it's just a dynamic force of energy and that there is a way to transmute transformed that energy so that works for us that when we recognized for instance let's say the loss of a loved one or a pet or something devastating to so we can see there's an electrical force fear of transformation and how can we celebrate that transmission both won out of respect for what the the join that transformation has been and then where does it move and what doors does it open so let's say we lose a loved one or a cat or something like this that ultimately our tears are tears of celebration for all that has been so wonderful and the same way that we celebrate Iran at a loss we also must in our duty to God and our duty to Spirit and I'll give you whatever that electrical force her to acknowledge that electrical force current of light we must also celebrate the same I respect this loss but it has been a marker<br> what has been so wonderful and so gifted in my life and I wouldn't want to return that gift under any circumstance just because of this loss then I celebrate them the same way and then also to say what does los what doors does this now open but I'm not ready to step through quite yet but I will be what doors does this open just like exiting the womb and entering this life exiting this life and entering into something Beyond opens up some sort of new new door that is unimaginable so when I am in this moment when I spaced this loss with its heart ache or sadness or illness or the loss of a friend or lover or whatever the thing is what doors will this inevitably open and how can I be how can I hold stay in the truest an illogical sentence with the word not trust not hope put space that I will be available that I must allow myself to be available for my faith in God and spirituality<br> just a simple Miracle just like how can I let myself open up with courage to the doors that this is going to open so I really appreciate you saying that that that well of energy inside of you sure this film does spark that I didn't want to make a film that was lowest-common-denominator another's words it was broad pop fair but that was a really a film that in a story like the book and like this is a true story that allows us to witness what is possible through love and that allows us to both celebrate the joys and the Ecstasy of lot of Deepak Chopra said in the quote that you read and also the pain that is requisite to transformation which Deepak House of his own that was my mission in this film<br> in in adopting this book and true story to film in terms of how did I keep it so true to the store yet I see people all the time right when another Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or Ian Fleming James Bonds or whatever the people will read the book and then I'll see the phone on the compare and contrast the two which is a great exercise and fun to do but of course in a 400-page book you're not going to have the same articulation of that story and it as you will in a 90-minute movie or two hour movie up on the screen so there are differences in the question becomes what to leave in and what to leave out and also there is something that is powerfully immersive and fill me where you can use music in specific visuals that take or leave the audience on a very specific Journey where is in a book you don't have those visuals that are dictated by the pain<br> the director was a writer in some cases or the music but on the other hand you have all these visuals that are now when you read a book brought to you in your head write creatively to what you like so for instance you reading a book or novel and a man or a woman walks in the room and he or she is beautiful and attractive or whatever the description is right away you have an image that is unique to let anyone else sees which is what makes a book so creatively seductive in a different way than a film by contrast the film has to make a decision about what each scene looks like sounds like feels like taste like sometimes that will agree with us all the time so it won't which is why you have people being very critical often times of film adaptation to book a film is not meant to supplant show me something to supplant a book a film adaptation in other words should support<br> Implement a book on a true story with this film. I was able to hit it very close to actual events because I think I know the author of the book and Wilbur so well I've read all of his other books unconsciousness and I did and me too many years of research about him about his wife's journals in order to articulate on-screen the story that was truest to the original story and I his response to it was very powerful he laughed a lot during the film he cried during the film and he gave a great you also the film itself it was very true to the essence that ensured that the movie Echo did the true nature of what they were experiencing the more overall so this is a love story for anyone who has fallen in love has been devastated by love and seeks to be renewed and have love is a source of Hope in their future<br> I would go so far to say to it it does challenge you to feel and think and critique what you called love in the past<br> it is that intense of a man this is to me was you know I don't know very early on in the film they're they're deeply soulmates you know there's a phrase that something about in the first touch or something of that nature but they are connected in such a way so quickly and and you always hear you should hear about that in the other side and then you realize that while you may have had 20 of those in your lifetime before you be here for you see the film and then you see the film and then you really say this is Grace and grit this is the love this is the experience and maybe you get two or three of these in the Lifetime right but this is the experience that our soul was crying for this is this is that this is that knowing that there is another person in human form that walks this earth that could be so much a part of your life<br> experienced in some of the darkest moments of your life<br> that it's not it's not Perfection that we're looking for<br> it is at least this is what I came with it because dummy you can expand them so I'm interested to hear how how how it was for you making it but the feeling that I have the times that I'm watching it is that to be seen<br> on this level by another person<br> is the quest that weird that that's what are sold is crying out for is for someone else to reach out and say I see you<br> I see beyond the physical I see you<br> is there a much very much and I think that that will and that desire to be seen it starts immediately with Duality when I say Duality coming out of the womb and coming into this world right we're one with the mother and we don't breathe oxygen we don't see right we are fed through the umbilical cord we absorb oxygen and nutrients in information through the umbilical cord to the sounds around us a sense of awareness is very as unified as undifferentiated from the mother and it would come out of the next is really bright and Loud place all the sudden and the umbilical cord is cut and we do the first human action that we can do which is Pee-wee gas for are right and then we seek for the breast and then everything is separate from us see how we start to differentiate and then in that differentiation as painful as it is it's also Gloria and so we are from the first moan<br> the first incident in his life seeking to be seen to unified to reunify with all of existence and we try to do that through another person through our dog through our love for to our friend through the stranger that we passed on the street yeah we like to have eye contact with people even if we don't know them and have a mutual acknowledgement because I didn't want to beat challenge is what's going on in the world right now but people feel separated and that deep in pulse it denies that depend on us we must heed that decompose to look at each other when we passed and just just see the face of God in someone else's eyes<br> is Martin buber terms of the I value our relationship that we see sacredness we see glory in the eyes of any other being that there is consciousness driving to all of us and that Consciousness is greater than any one of us independently are singularly so we think about love you know that desire for love to unified to feel seem to allow someone else to feel seem to get some know ourselves through someone else right couple I get to know you I get to know me through you and you get to know yourself through me right in all our Beauties and an all our faults as well that's the the will and the drive towards love knowing people are standoffish toward when we're free because we're often times afraid to get to know something in our self and that's when we fall in love in this pain of course this pain for doing it correctly there supposed to be giving birth are supposed to be<br> something about part of what bonds the mother and child together just like the pain is part of what bonds two lovers together at that salt and so we don't want to seek out that pain but we must welcome it and transmit it then into a force that unites right I've been through a force that unites and I think about and also could have met up perspective that you think like what are we really doing here right like what's ultimately happening in this life that God's spirit energy to electrical force of existence wants to celebrate and wants to dance right in there's no need to Mark joy and sorrow with positive and negative like we just want to find that celebration of that dance I think about this this great classical some great classical music<br> and it's all beautiful but without that thumb thumb thumb thumb right there we have to have that you on the dance relationship and that struggle to unite see in the fields seed you know it takes on even again beautiful quote that you right at the top of the show this Dark Night of the Soul this passage that we're doing the passage in a way that is correct in a way that is filling in a way that is glorious no way that is true then we will feel some of that Melancholy amongst the joy but that Melancholy only spikes the joy to make the cake sweeter right like all honey in a cake mix a cake to Sweet put up some salt offset that honey to make the sleep even sweeter I think also that when he writes the great poem is great poem about love he talks that love will Ascend to your highest Branch that's right and correct them and shake them in the sun we will also<br> descend to the roots are deep below the Earth and shake them in there clean video are right that love is supposed to undo us another was it supposed to crucify some some way so we can be reborn again something even better you know even more when I say better deeper as what I really mean I mean I think that's the experience that we that we have and love and then lastly I think the quote that I have by Play-Doh that's in the film when Ken Wilber the author of this book true story he writes and in Chronicles his wife's journals through this 5 years experience of rapturous love between the two of them and eighties California and there's a point where it looks really devastating right at the beginning of act three and he's alone in there in Germany and you can't see her she's not well and he climbs up to this place and then in Germany and he reached in his pocket and pulled out this note<br> written scribbled a note you know some months earlier this is statement by play Dota 2 men and women were once hole and then were torn apart was quitting the two in the end of pursuit and desire of that holds called love I didn't I think of that that sort of beautiful metaphor for the pursuit of love and as you said to see and to be seen in that particular scene in the movie Stuart Townsend a brilliantly played Ken wilber's looking for the sky and he's looking at the Earth he's looking at the sky and he's thinking about these energies of male and female energy ride at these dark types of a feminine and masculine energy the unification of those two things other forever a part and get there for ever touching and seeking one another. I think is at the core of what love and loving is but it's action to dance have to be continually renew daily and as an apprentice exactly<br> yes the desire to see another for who they are and accept them for who they are in this moment and the desire to feel seen and accepted for who we are in this moment<br> oh you said so so much that has resonated with me and I want to encourage our listeners today if you have not seen this film you owe it to yourself to your journey in life I think it's validates each and everyone of us that reminds and said that there is peace in our humanness it was what we call struggle if you were looking at it on the film we could find beauty and it we could find purpose in it I think the film challenges us to do that as you were talking I was reminded of something that was said in a family medical coffee to discuss this and I just wrote it down cuz I didn't want to leave my mind but one particular person in the group said he was reminded that love you night<br> and it also sets free will be right back with Sebastian Siegel Grace and grit right after this commercial break<br> experience the difference<br> Unity online radio<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to every Dave East with dr. dravon James<br> welcome back we're back with Sebastian Siegel the director of Grace and grit and we were I was just telling Sebastian at during the break that I've watched this film so many times it's so many different groups of people you guys know I'm an actress so hang out with a group of actors and directors and and one particular night we were discussing this film and one of my actor friend said to me I watch the film and she said I've Come Away with the fact that I've never been loved that this is what I'm looking for and it's interesting because this is a love story and it is a love story but it is so much truth in and just life experience it's about growing up it's about introspection is about awareness it is really<br> he could be philosophy could be its life it is the whole gamut of life and so I thought that was interesting that was a really interesting night have you got that from people before who watch the film to they've come away craving to be loved I have a lot of messages online I think that you know our notion love is a fascinating word we used it in so many different regards right it's Jim with more setting in my first documentary film some ten or twelve years ago as well I love my shoes I love my wife but I mean two different things they're right that are that are very very different and love has depth and textures to it so you know even your friend of people we are loved even if it's in ways that are some Junction are like for satisfying it's just that's a romantic love but it's not courageous love yeah I'm at work<br> we as we grow and as we deepen as the textures of our soul expand we require up something becomes more fulfilling yes in other words and I even two drawer fronts to popular culture and media in that regard lowest-common-denominator means everyone's going to like it if it's just plain rice and soy sauce or something like that everyone's going to like it it's simple matter to most everyone present in the more complexities we add to it right the more specific the flavor becomes the fewer people are going to like it but the more that the select people who do like it I can really enjoy it so much I think that love in that way has a requisite to it by saying to us what are we ready to accept and allow and because love is not just a receiving right is a dynamic energy force between two people that demand a giving sacrifice and so we can only accept and feel the powers of love when we<br> ready to surrender to them and that way until often times I think when people say hey I haven't been loved and Been Loved to disagree it's partially because perhaps them connected with someone who is ready to do that and also because we are have not been at that juncture ready to sacrifice and to give in that way another was it feels great to received love but we stay attached by giving you and that way just like a young child and apparently the parent becomes attached the more they give and where they sacrificed for the child yeah and vice versa can't just be receiving and so even as we grow his children we start to love our parents more becomes first Detachment we start to our love starts to sophisticate or is that Sycamore complexion we start to serve and care for our parents in the end of the ways that's our first experience of the dynamic qualities of love in that regard in this film and in this book and it is true story<br> and This Woman's journals I wanted to really demonstrate as is written in the book the different stages of love right and in this case they go through for romantic love and then passionate love which Deepak Chopra talks about that quote that you read about the movie at the beginning of our combo today so come romantic to passionate to Courageous love to Selfless Love Men ultimately to transcend those all those shapes of Love are articulated very clearly in this movie and in this story until I think that when people sit down and watch this film and I experienced when I read this book I thought wow this is a reference point for which possible and would love to be intimidated by that we sit down with our lover with our other one that was our friend is hate this is a place I can grow into like this hurts but it's gorgeous and this is the jam I mean this is what it's really odd<br> this is what I pray for what I hope for when I read a poem or listen to a Love Song and I cry I'm ecstatic right this is what I think about when I think about love it's the process of all the stages romantic passionate courageous selfless and ultimately Transcendent love and so few people will reach courageous or certainly Transcendent love but there is a pass to that if we are willing to give ourselves if we're willing to surrender then there is that enough ultimately what's really going on in this life<br> I think you just hit the nail on the head for so many people write is that the Romantic in the passionate<br> but the but the courageous part of Love often times we don't whether the cells used to turn weather the storm and you'll pardon the Simplicity of that but we don't we don't hang in there for<br> to get the beauty out of that experience because as you said it is how much love are we prepared to give all my God it is the giving of love that is so powerful and create such an enormous emotions within us as well as the receiving of that so how much was we get to that courageous part we open up to another level and it's it's bigger and it's better so you know for our listeners to who are waiting for for their love on this level hang in there it's available on Grace and grit Amazon Prime Apple TV show time if you have not seen this film if you've seen it once I know you've seen it more than once cuz I'm not the only one but if you have not seen you do it to yourself to really check out this film to experience the depth of love to take yourself on that journey and then go back and challenge yourself as I have so often after doing this film to<br> self critiquing self-aware in that neck critiquing for criticism just self-awareness because there's so much within ourselves that we take for granted in this film opened opened me up anyway to be able to look back and say hey drayvon I'm really proud of you and you have been some places with your love and your desire and your zest in his Zeal for life and just take that moment to acknowledge yourself so again we're talking to Sebastian Siegel the film that we're talking about his grace and grit you can see it today Showtime Amazon Prime Apple TV you won't be disappointed it is a love story that surpasses all love story somebody in my compared it to ghosts do you get that alot love Beyond life absolutely love your life I haven't got that first it's been so many years since I saw that film but I went back and watch that I guess I'm in the next season of My Life<br> and I was like I could see the parallel because that's what that's what we want and that's what opens us up to really experience we want a love affair and we want to be able to love on this level but as you said we also want to be able to Give Love on this level to open up to give love to be in that place of vulnerability my goodness oh my goodness so we're talking about the film I want to switch gears just a little bit here and you've got something pretty incredible coming up on November 7th and in addition to all that you do in the Arts in in the in the the gifts and the talents that you bring in the Arts and the Consciousness scene you're doing incredible work tell us a little bit about that<br> thank you I thought you might be interested in storytelling I think it's a kid and just too interested in poetry writers whether it was for me the people influence me what is Khalil Gibran Joseph Campbell and Martin Luther King jr. Alan Watts you know her either musicians like Martin grey or black songs and art and poetry and sculptures and paintings and movies that were immersive in the way that if I would listen to them and look at them and read them or observe them I think about them and meditate on them but there was something inside me that it was happening that I couldn't understand consciously but that spoke to me on a deep level right now I think that's ultimately what are does it gives us a window into who we may become who we ultimately into it an aspect of ourselves that it seeks in urine to come to the surface but has not yet arrived and I think great art when we allow it to open the shop in that way<br> interest has always been really in Consciousness so these things these different things that I do seemingly from the outside of here to be different but all the same vocation for me it's location and in the forms of Storytelling in<br> film and in Psychology and meditation and immersive experiences and so one of the things I like to do everything to do my main social structure and outgoing I love talking to people in line at the Marcus that you're up and I connect with people Wherever I May for the most part I don't go out to a lot of things I'm a social limit in bars and clubs at 6 with this kind of thing that I'm still active so about how I spend my time cuz I want to have deep connected experience with salt and short<br> one of the things I love to do is about once a month I hold a facilitate a guided lucid dreaming experience and short that experience I'll do you at yoga studio or at a temple or at someone's home or at a theater and this Sunday November 7th in downtown Los Angeles and it's on Eventbrite if anybody would like to come in La I'm holding a guided lucid dreaming experience from 7 to 9 p.m. on Sunday night November 7th and that essentially is people made out of the ground is giant Dome and I will tell a story live on wireless headsets that will take people through diving under the deep ocean and flying through the forest and meeting other animals and falling through the Stars to ultimately meet their own subconscious mind so I use binaural sound waves which coax the brain<br> beta Alpha Theta Delta and back up and back down I kill it wild Lucid very creative adventurous story about the oceans in the forest the stars in the animals and sell and I use with wisdom in this case that the Sunday we're going to project all these images across the ceiling of the Dome to take a planetarium it's a circular Dome with people will be laying it on the ceiling it's one of the most amazing immersive domes in the world and I love you my first partnership with them and then I have a other smaller ones for smaller groups of under 50 people under 40 people once every month so if anyone is an interest anyone that people can reach me at Instagram's a great way to reach out to me how to use a lot of social media but Sebastian Siegel one people can send me a message or look at my website Sebastian see you on the events page I usually have an RSVP for each one of those event<br> I love the storytelling and the lucid dream dream to meet your higher self I think it's so incredible we do have a caller on the lines I'm going to open up the lines for all hello and welcome to the everyday piece show with Dr Trevon James we have a fabulous yesterday Sebastian Siegel that you have a question or comment<br> hi I was on hold I want to ask a question in regards to what you all have moved on but when I packed in my purse and I want to ask a question it was in regards to the movie some going to be very brief to buy I wanted to ask the a writer and director that does he two questions one does he think that if the two characters in this true story had not gone through that hardship with her being sick that they would have reached that level of courageous love and Transcendent love and then to do you think that you can reach Transcendent love without having to go through something<br> that's a great question love that question<br> it's a complex question because I think there's a paradox world into it and I greatly appreciate that thank you I think that there's this sort of Omega Point Pool to evolve which we all have within us which is a deep intuition so even when we meet someone we think what is it right whether it's love at first sight or is it explored in this film in the story love at first touch it there's something it's not rational Consciousness like we say I'm drawn to this person because there's something of space for me to grow into something that's deeper and richer and more complex yeah and the other person is feeling that intuition they dive in regardless of whatever the challenge is maybe because new your way and that the fruition of the growth is so Dynamic that we can't turn it down with can't look away<br> so in that way I think that for these two individuals for can if we're trapped in this story perhaps it's hard to say but perhaps in some ways it's already written that when they're drawn to each other for haps they can into it this Dynamic challenge that they'll go through and they have to they have to dive into it that they know it's for their own crucifixion and so therefore Resurrection if you will and then I think in that same regard yet the statement of the question about can we can we locate can we move from romantic passion it to Courageous and selfless and then ultimately Transcendent love without something devastating in short yes however the that yes comes with a footnote right or comes with an Asterix and then asks I think is that there is inevitably<br> within gross but that's the nature of pain but the pain on one level becomes Joy on another level just like that's ain't even right of passage like going through puberty at say are going to the first day of school right or something like it's our exercise or discipline is painful at first but then after certain amount of time we love school and we love growing into an adult and wheel of discipline and we love being the good things the challenges not always what challenges does initially in one way becomes spectacular and another right we've all experienced that where we have to sacrifice ourselves a weekly ritual if you will or meditation or church or service or practice or giving in the way that we show up giving some particular way that it hurts us in one way but then after while we love we love. We love how it binds us to something greater than ourselves so I think in short yes but in another way<br> the ego has to die again and again and again to be reborn again and again and again and what I mean by that ultimately his it's the expansion of self-identity that we have this identity of yourself is me in this little body in this lifetime but then we expand our do you suppose me and people like him clothes with around me and then we expanded outward this it was me and everyone I come<br> wow thank you so much allows pain to subside and joy took two to culminate at the Heisman deepest level that you really explain that very well thank you very much thank you so much and thank you for being everyday Peacemaker and crawling into a show would really appreciate it there and I love the caller asking that question could they have reach courage had it not been for you know what would happen in your life and how they were challenged in that way<br> it I love that response that the eagle has to die over and over again as a part in the Bible that says I Die daily right over and over again and when we resist that process of dying off the eagle that sounds really harsh sometimes I know it sounds too hard to do but letting the ego rest so that we present for the full experience and sometimes that full experience can be so right so frightening and so uncomfortable with encouraging still the eagle to rest<br> to be we can be present I think allow should I like I gather that kind of washed over me and you were talking there so that we can be present for that.. And that opens up that I think that is the Gateway if you will that opens the door to that tunnel of the next stage just resting it<br> very much very much by the way we haven't said that and you haven't gotten that this is a true story and it's full of a lot of challenges and if it were fiction you would say it was interesting that the author chose a sickness in this type of sickness so that there was no wiggle room to ignore it<br> write that there had to be<br> it was there it was something that was going to have to be that was present in your didn't have any present but it was present in their life and so I think that it provided in the opportunities to say<br> I can resist<br> but this is still here so we have those challenges in our life and that's what I mean about the film opening me up in opening people up that I have to talk to about the fill to really look at our lives and see where I am I putting resistance where am I allowing the ego to resist<br> would I could use this opportunity to open up and being flow and be present<br> absolutely I'm so many levels to that we find ourselves hang out I don't want to do that because it's going to demand too much of me and I might I might not be able to take it it's that calling it when those things do show up it means we already do have that capacity good enough yeah we can only fulfill a job or a lover of course or a challenge once we've done it right how can you be president of a country or company if you've never done it before no one is qualified unless they've done it unless they already done it so we are whenever we step into anything more that you love our parents or you're working at a restaurant or being a lover or planting a garden or doing anything we are not qualified until we have done it because every experience is different and demands something different from us and success starts to leave Clues and lend itself to others do you know so if we find ourselves at the base of Mount Everest there's some Giant mountain or sometime<br> if you will tell you that is a metaphor and we look up and the weather is passing and is this Gap in the weather it says I cash in Summit Everest today we must go for it we don't know that it's going to be okay we don't know that we're going to be able to make it but here we are at the base of Everest and the weather is clearing we are to our intuition is telling us go go when it's calling us we have to keep that car you just put fire in my bones to the beach this this movie opens you I don't care what your faith is I don't care if you don't subscribe to a faith it doesn't matter you will find more of you in this film and so you just said this and it made me think about you know you're waiting to be qualified for something while I'm not qualified for this and it is not that the journey is looking for the journey will qualify<br> the journey qualifies you but you said it's so beautiful you never been president of that country before so you don't know no one has it so know that about this this this movie I said is at the beginning there's so much here there's so many levels<br> understanding and there's so many levels to ourself when you and call it my ugly Joy cry because my butt was happy at the same time as it's really weird kind of combination that's going on for you you know and I'm happy but I'm crying and and in all of that you're finding that<br> you're falling deeper in love with self which has to be there so that you can give love away to someone else right that's you got to see the movie I think to really get that that's what I think that's what we've been discussing some of my groups is that understanding and loving self in that coming through and being able to love more deeply being able to give it more Give It Away more freely and become more vulnerable but this whole idea and what you just did in that explanation there is that this fire in the bone is seizing the moment of life even if the moment is requiring you to stand still<br> there's so much activity in that wherever you are embracing that so we got a few more minutes left in your own words cuz I've said a lot of mine because I'm so passionate about the work that you've done with the in Grace and grit in your own words if you had to sum up this film how would you do it<br> it's a story about love Beyonce life and it's a story about the passage of romantic and passionate and courageous and selfless and ultimately Transcendent love it's a story about the power of how Love Can Transform us<br> oh I love it this is story of how Love Can Transform us and that's what love does it transforms exchange is an end that you guys know you listeners know is this a purpose of everyday piece right is for us to transform into that would be want to see presents in the world we get to go first week we get to be that example for the world and we get to do that through great art helps us to do that helps us to connect to it when it's great art when it's great literature I remember very young and my life falling in love with Shakespeare and being exposed to Great literature and<br> being able to love yourself deeper<br> and find a commonality among every living thing on the planet in yourself that's what your film Grace and grit did for me is to remind me of this, now I'm super excited that you are a guest today Sebastian I want to remind our listeners that Grace and grit can be seen today Showtime Amazon Prime Apple TV this is everyday piece I'm Doctor dravon James I absolutely love you we'll talk next week<br> you've been listening to Everyday cakes with Dr Trevon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that lead you to your next level of greatness and I would love to walk with you on your journey here some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so let dr. 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