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Bringing Intimacy Back, April 22, 2021

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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with Dr. April Brown and Dr. Kelly Bushey with guest Ron Kamen

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown and Dr. Kelly Bushey with guest Ron Kamen of EarthKind Energy Consulting,

Guest, Ron Kamen

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Ron Kamen
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Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with governments, non-profits, and businesses. He has developed successful public-private partnerships in clean power & sustainability programs, projects, marketing, outreach, and policy.  While President of the NY Solar Energy Industries Association, Ron led the campaign that culminated in the $1 Billion NY Sun program. He built and managed successful wind power & solar energy marketing, sales, and public education campaigns, and is a recognized coalition builder with the renewable energy industry, distribution utility companies, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), government leaders, and environmental organizations. Ron Kamen’s life mission is to empower everyday people to make clean energy transitions to reduce their carbon footprint– and save them money. For more than three decades, Ron has energized communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses to take their next step and increase energy efficiency, use renewable energy, and lower electricity, heating & transportation costs. He’s now building an online community of AWESome EarthKind people ready to “Go Clean and $ave Green.” Ron also has a podcast called The AWESome EarthKind Podcast.

Bringing Intimacy Back

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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welcome to the bring intimacy back show we are intimacy is real if you desire to intimately connected with yourself your significant other children Family Friends Community and you are higher power this show is for you that's we explore intimate topics inspiring life stories spirituality and insightful tips on strengthening relationship this show is hosted by dr. April and her co-host dr. Kelly now let's get this episode of the bring intimacy back show started because we share with you the secret power to intimacy to create a life you love or love the life you create now here's your host dr. April and co host dr. Kelly welcome to the bring intimacy back show where intimacy is real soba today before we get started I want to tell you all about I'll bring it to his feedback patreon so you know dr. Kelly and I work together and trying to do a weekly show and if you want us to bring you guys
binary Tips & topics on intimacy by subscribing to the intimate Reflections on patreon we will send you what we call the three shows post shows after we have a gas or we speak and you know very intimate play about different things that we talked about on the show and for intimacy tips a month and by joining the bringing it back patreon you'll be directly supporting out I'll come up and stuff and it's only $5 a month so just go to sorry VIP podcast welcome dr. Kelly how are you doing today I'm doing pretty fabulous awesome how do you say Greetings earthlings happy Earth Day is it Merry or say what is it I can't wait to hear about how to reduce my carbon footprint yes definitely today is Earth Day and
welcome back I missed you last week and so yes I miss you too feels good to be back yes if it yes and on Earth day next week the day I actually would like to dedicate this to my grandmother my grandmother was actually born on April 22nd and so I was just thinking about her this morning she passed away some years ago but I think about that other things that I wanted to let our guests know is that we have a couple of upcoming products on our things on our I'm bringing intimacy back one is a book on improving intimacy that you can come out and look for and then another one is stating which is dealing with dating here now trying to get out there and dating intimacy and how to talk and all that kind of stuff so yeah the other last thing that I really want to also talk about is out charity of the month of Charity of the month is the Sterling Center and if you're out there and you're thinking what is
Sewing Center the Sterling Center is in an organization that helps with nonprofit with with I mean it is a non-profit but that helps with foster children and bringing them resources and counseling in that kind of stuff so I'm and it's done by dr. Sterling so if you're thinking about you want to donate money check out the Sterling Center. Org now we're going to talk about a topic for today which is something we haven't had before how to be intimate and how it relates to the environment I know you and I talked I don't have his last week and the week before on clubhouse one of the ways that I feel completely the most intimate where I feel it's an M5 you know and how they fireman is so important we have to protect it
and also you were talking that was when we were talking about intimacy and and you talked about how you really like to connect with nature you enjoy walks and when it comes to that not everybody does but they mostly now people are enjoying creation like they've never done before because people when we're told we have to stay in place part of our human nature is let me out of here and some more people are going to the park more people are going to recreation centers and it's just beautiful to see when we had to stay in place I mean I was doing workshops workshops in workshops
yes you did find the gym and you lost something
and the gym that I found was a gentleman named Ron came in and he is the CEO of Earth time and if you consulted and so I would like to welcome him cuz he is the house awesome earth-kind which of the podcast because he wants to empower everyday people to think about the Earth to make clean transition to take care of that they are you know I'm he wants that actually reduce what you just said recently the carbon footprint welcome on how are you doing thank you dr. April in dr. Kelly I'm doing great such a pleasure to be here happy Earth Day some great friends but if you could say however you want to say it it's our home it's our mom it's the place where we live so happy Earth Day Good Earth Day whatever you'd like to say to go
time to recognize our special place right here
so I grew up in Queens and Long Island yes I did and then I went to college actually in Upstate New York and I lived in Binghamton New York 400 boy 30 years are raised a bunch of kids up there and then I got remarried about 15 or so years ago and moved into the Hudson Valley but I can't lose my accent that just stays what is there it's fake it's great and it sounds really dignified can't wait to hear more of it is called a lot of things but think applied is the first time so thank you very much for that
I just said something probably wasn't politically correct but I love the island accents I always want to know what borough you're from I can hear it of course I lived in Upstate New York for a Time on Schroon Lake actually wasn't too far from Binghamton so sorry everyone thinks of New York State and they take a New York City in New York City is obviously a big part but New York has a lot of Rural and semi-rural areas on Long Island and definitely Upstate is just a whole different experience what influenced your passion going from I have two questions for you today but the from going from the big city where it's really you know when you think about reducing the carbon footprint all the things that you have to do to motivate people to recycle in all the other thing I know there's so much more than Recycling and then you go to these places where the money
we're talking like the Adirondacks and these places all over Upstate New York that are so gorgeous when did you cultivate your love for the Earth or has it always been there you know it I guess it came about those so grown-up and a kid I lived in Flushing Queens and you know there was no doubt that part of the joy as you said was kind of getting out and there was a park nearby so if it's in a park actually not used to be one of those fun places to go and I think the green spaces I think everybody really enjoy so there's a natural connection we all have two to Green spaces that just fresh air and just a whole sense of Serenity and different feelings and then living on Long Island I really love the water in the ocean in the sound what kind of two of my other favorite places so I guess I kind of grew up with that never really considered a connection to Nature is much as just love being outside but then when I did move up to bring it
Upstate New York in the mountains in the trees and just nature that was where it really had to pee been packed on me for sure
yeah yeah and so with that you took that deep impact and what did you do with it I know you've created this whole big thing here you're so so what happened was I was kind of an interesting Evolution but I first went to school for accounting and management because I was good at math and I like the symmetry of the debits and the credit since I thought at the time I could be in a youngster as I was that I could become accountant and then just work half the year and take the other half of the year off to get away from the rat race and go into the hills and get away from it all and that was kind of my initial goal and I got my accounting degree with no doubt about it but being able to look at balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements in figure out all the financial stuff is really great but I realize it's just sitting in a dark room and Counting the pennies and more like
getting to where it was less and less about Symmetry and balances more about finding little loopholes and Miss Florida tax laws about how to save some somebody a little bit of money here and it was just what you would I wear it really wanted to be and so I went up in a in a graduate program still a school of advanced technology eventually became the Watson School of Engineering and gosh I start to study everything that I ever could dream of I was always into science fiction and future-oriented and display the more I got my hands on these studies I studied everything from taoism and Confucianism in all different world religions and all this kernel of truth about how we all have his purpose and Mission at the center of every religion I believe there's this core and I found for myself that part of my core was doing something for other people and simultaneously I also study
technology and everything from quantum physics and subatomic physics and and how that all relates to a whole range of things and I realized you know there's a lot more to life than just earning a living that we're all here for some reason I even kind of changes we got it all figure it out as we go but for me it became working with people and I became a community organizer working at the time the issue is energy just happened to be and that was sitting around working with senior citizens were on fixed incomes and really we're having to choose between heating their homes and eating ice utility rates were going through the ceiling since it was phasing in the cost of nuclear power plants that just went from 300 million dollars and they were going to create energy too cheap to meter quote-unquote a billion dollars went to four billion dollars at 4.2 as part of an effort to get a cap on the consumer cost of it it's 11 billion dollars it bankrupted the Long Island Lighting Company
oh my gosh Islands to that wiped out to a nuclear power plants I work at the Shoreham nuclear power plant one summer is a security guard when I was in college and I realized that all the things I had dreamed about nuclear wasn't quite right and it wasn't going to be the kind of energy source of the future and along the way I realize you know boy nature the forces of nature that just cause us every day right I've just been through right near my Upstate New York are there was another mini tornado that came through and rip the rooms off of homes near my daughter's house the forces of nature just incredible they are just astonishment and when you look at the forces of the air when power the water with hydropower the Earth with geothermal power and then that incredible sources of energy that we rely on to live a son that the Earth revolves around this just so much power do we live in what
actually want to be organized into a birthday that is his called a sea of energy we just do my up did Vietnam helicopter that energy and the prices will come down so not only can we capture that energy you use it for our electricity in our Heating and Cooling and I'll Transportation but actually become a way to save money and just won't my career I've been lucky enough to work with people with governments with business with nonprofits with communities to help figure out how to put together a project that save the money and reduce their carbon footprint and the interesting thing is that no most 90% of the greenhouse gases comes from the energy that we consume it comes from burning gas for our vehicles to Heating and Cooling our homes to the electricity that we use to power everything about us so so to deal with this climate issues now we have to deal with energy and clean energy source solution and great news
Synergy all surrounding us we could tap into it so the sources of energy save the wind the rain the Sun and how that when they're in connection creates a magnificent force that can save us money you know it's like it's like the intimacy cuz you know I always look at things from intimacy of the fire when Sun Ray how that all is connected you know it since we're talking about intimacy me a call I guess this I'm how do you define intimacy Von compassionate connection and you know clearly that's between all of us has individual humans but it's also between us and all the animals that are around us with our pets in ETC but it's also really with nature and Mother Earth and that compassionate connection of caring and sharing
I'd be willing to do something to help each other that connection I think sometimes we get lost you know in all the different aspects of our life and that can't that connection that compassion a connection knows what really makes us special in human and and fuel heartfelt Joy soap actor the connection is how I Define it like we're going to take a short break but when we come back we can understand more about Earth Day and not only what people should do on Earth day but we should do actually for 365 days ago yeah yes are you going to take a vacation in Paradise vacation to rekindle the promotion without the kids a vacation where you can learn how to communicate where you and your partner actually hear each other in the game inside if so vacation counseling is your next vacation April Brown who created vacation Council
Southwest Florida has a perfect option for you and your partner our Retreat are one couple at a time we have a variety of packages available to choose from including virtual Couples Retreat if you and your partner interested in the vacation counseling please visit us at vacation for more information on pricing and packages also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep track of the latest news stories activities or coupons on vacation counseling and dr. April's other services are called dr. April remember if you and your partner are struggling with communication and intimacy and you are looking for a retreat to connect vacation counseling can be your next vacation in Southwest Florida
so for Earth Day there's you know people say well maybe I should go in recycle or help her by the beaches so people do of course clean up the beach and all that kind of stuff what is some other things that we should be doing and not only just for her birthday because really celebrating something for one day of the year does not truly impact you know the world versus celebrating and making something 80 actually a pattern a routine or have it you know daily a couple of this there's lots of different levels to this on a personal level one of the first things and I think you guys have done such a great job with it is connecting with your inner self Road and taking those breasts and be an intimate and connecting first with your body which is part of the earth we are part of the earth we are part of nature we are actually humans
force of nature on to ourselves but just first connecting actually in one of the podcast I had a Doctor Steven Cowan on who talk about his work with kids out of New York City who had green cases of asthma where they couldn't breathe they were literally on so much medication and in and out of hospitals and he took up just a little bit north of New York City and brought about it to Nature and just that censuring everyday and they're breathing and getting out into nature and connecting with nature he had kids in 30 days off of all the medication it was him so I think first connecting ourselves with our bodies and being presents and understanding that the first step next step is connecting with the people in the and the surroundings that were in our environment with Anna on a more sort of next-step bases 90% of the greenhouse gases comes from the energy that we consume so we should all take a
skip ahead and think about okay first where do I spend money on attitude because when you look at those dollars that you spend on electricity and on Heating and on Transportation you can make a direct correlation between the money you're spending on energy and the impact you're having on the environment so the first thing is efficiency and take a look at various different ways of efficiency actually for your followers if they log onto awesome biib bring intimacy back on there's a whole host a list of Energy Efficiency things simple simple things I can do that can have a significant impact on the environment and also I'm saving some money simplest easiest one really the first thing that always comes to mind is a light bulb so incandescent light bulbs you know the way that you have them on and you touch them and they turn hot their hot you burn your hand that's because most of the energy in an incandescent light bulb and not visible
OK Google if you change your light bulbs out to light emitting diodes or LED lighting people are somewhat familiar with those now 80% reduction in energy you get the same amount of visible light but instead of all that wasted she now you're just acting like interesting thing about LED light bulbs in this and other show on awesome Earth kind about choosing the right LED light bulbs is that they last 10 times longer to so not only do you get an 80% reduction in energy same amount of lights but they last 10 times longer so instead of having to go and get ten times more incandescent light bulbs you just get one and it last so much longer so that's the great thing with efficiency Technologies is that you got more with last and you save money at the same time lighting is a key thing is an easy simple thing
when you were talking and you were talking about currency I thought current the you know the electricity the current current and then I thought about currency the money and I thought I'm so glad last year I switched due to advice from a friend to all LED lights and what they were a little expensive at first but I thought I heard they lasted longer so you said today being a currency these lights are going to last longer and stay and wanting to be better for the environment and I haven't had to change one light bulb in a single year so far you know you don't want to go for the cheap LEDs that maybe not so good quality but by choosing ones that are if you look on the labeled as usual label says how many hours they last and you think about oh gosh you mean I can get a light bulb in the last twenty thousand hours instead of a thousand hours that I would get or less out of
incandescent light bulb oh my gosh I will change a lightbulb again for years so yeah it's a it's a wonderful technology to simple easy thing Violet LED light bulb and change out some of your incandescent and there is a list on the website that you can take a look and I'll tell that you walk through some of the things to look for and you can listen to the podcast and get some other ideas but LED lighting is a simple easy thing change some light bulbs out you'll save money but have a dramatic impact on the environment it's a good thing to do
now behind you there's you have an image in bed is one of the the images and what is that is that a grid I see the windmills yeah there you go there you go so that's part of awesome and the awesome earth-kind podcast is about the forces of evil are a water w earth-sun s forces that was awesome and you and I that last two letters of awesome is me me you and me and all seven billion of us a force of nature now where the fifth element with literally change in the world with the amount of carbon with producing and it's all women to mankind on Earth kind so we are awesome you are awesome every person on this planet has some amazing things to offer and we are literally changing the world so it's awesome earth-kind and that's the quadrant the air water Earth and Sun
a quad repair in the other pieces are kind of energy Consulting then I'll model there is go clean and Save Green and that green is birth the earth and its dollars yeah I love the logo of there and I'm thinking there may be some people out there that maybe because we do live in the here and now kind of culture that are thinking why should I care about saving energy of any so I did Eminem say forget about the cost efficient they're like yeah yeah I have the money by should I care involved in a recent extreme weather events should start to realize that these extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more intense and what's happened is that we've done so much we've dumped so much carbon and greenhouse gases into the air now we're literally had a place with carbon dioxide that the Earth has not seen and millions of years that access
energy basically that happens with a carbon in their traps the Sun's light set of reflecting it back and or taking it into the Earth in the water to the ocean what happens is that energy builds up and that's why we're getting more extreme extreme and frequent extreme weather events everything from droughts and fires like we have out west. Floods and storms and tornadoes and hurricanes that we see all over the world and it's literally changing the very existence of our planets the scariest thing really is you know people I hear people say something to why should I care about the polar ice caps who cares if they melt okay you know the polar bears is that ice cap that we have on both sides ends of the world reflects a lot of the sun's energy back into space and under those ice caps for millions and billions of
there's literally all the all the fossils that have built up all the bio message on today on its own methane and methane is a very potent greenhouse gas it's it's over 200 times more potent than carbon dioxide and in Frozen in those methane deposits if those methane deposits start releasing we going to see an exponential increase in extreme weather events Beyond even our machine now there's a lot of things to be scared about the I don't want to scare anybody but it is literally we're at the turning point where we need to get control over a greenhouse gases and I get to that ship it and take those greenhouse gases out of the environment and the great pain again as we have the technology we actually now have solar technology that and solar wind technology that has produced is producing the cheapest electricity ever it's like it's incredibly less expensive now and where is enough of it is a thousand times more energy there then we need so we just got to decide we want to do it and the same is true with all these texts
what is the cost to come down to the point where they really cost-effective and we can have such a dramatic impact and really this is doable at the chi vable but it will take all of us it will take a combined effort of each of us doing our keys and then our localities are communities are states our nation our world all coming together to make this transition that can be made it will be better for us and it'll be you not only smarter environmentally better for the air in the water in our living conditions but it will save us money create jobs and also help with equity which is becoming more and more of a concern when you take a look at energy and its impact on communities low-income communities you find that there was a real very real environmental justice issue there and clean energy can help solve that too and I was as you was talking about that I was just thinking that also I'm disappointed Simplicity of life
changes if we don't take care of our elements cuz even in the sense of what I was just thinking as I was growing up we could use to drink from the water hose you know yeah but nowadays you know no one really drink from the water hose we have these water bottles and get to put these filters in the water and I'm not sure if that's all because of how we haven't taken care of our environment in the water you know what I'm saying you know we're evolving ride and look where we're still a young species in comparison to all the others on the planet so okay you know but we've we've now got to the point where there's so many of us and we'll have a such a dramatic impact that yes we've been dumping things into our into a ground and it's what groundwater and we've been really abusing and not being intimate and caring and compassionate with those very lights
what systems that are holding us to get that Keep Us Alive so we need to deal with that and yep it's a real issue and I got the good news is that if we decide to make inferences you know I take carbon out of the atmosphere this one really simple solution that's simple and one ways complex and other but that is planting trees and having sustainable agriculture what are you do organic agriculture in that captures carbon takes it out of the atmosphere and puts it back into your wonderful thing right so okay let's do more than that
I love that I want to let you know that I just made a decision I bought a property in northern Michigan and it has not been developed on
so are others houses on all over but this property does a two and a half has never been built upon and I'm trying to make a decision over how much where I should build and how much I should build and I think I'm going to build up instead of the Whip and just based on that that you just help me make that decision because I love that that property has so many trees and wow this is just fantastic you were talking about the polar bears to an article and how they Yellowstone number in Yellowstone they reintroduce wolves to Yellowstone and it helped change the entire ethological system of Yellowstone over a number of years and then when some people thought that these walls would actually be wounding the week they actually built up the elk herds as a result I read that article
very interesting and we should care you know
talking about intimacy right you know where it's one integrated Web of Life on this planet and what part of it and sometimes we think we're above aired we're outside of it but we're really nice and we really depend upon each other and we depend upon all other living things to survive and if not for the trees and for the animals we would not have air and food right so in plants and you know I mean it's all interconnected and we really have to recognize that and be much more intimate really with our living environment we just feel like we're over everything and we are very elegant
yep yep exactly another thing that you might think about you guys were in Florida now that Miami is getting flooded so they're having to put in a whole expensive piping system to get rid of the flooding so that they can get through the streets even on just you know I'm on Ramos the regular days so what are things to recognize is a sea level rises a lot of people who live along the coast of going to be severely impacted and that's something to consider as well but in a couple other things that we can do this really three pieces of energy when you take a look at what we each consumed is electricity there's heating eating right with heated pool and that piece and then there's Transportation how we move around in our cars and motor vehicle so electricity it's great to get no doubt about it clean electricity going and if you can't put solar on your roof is
all the ways you can now get clean electricity your piece of the grid and depending upon where you are in the country of is different ways you can do that but if you look at these clean energy green energy programs in your community with your utility is almost always a way that you can get some peace of your electricity to come from clean energy sources whether it's the water or the wind of the Sun so if you can't put solar on your roof because you have too many trees or you happen to live in an apartment or your renting there's ways you can still get clean energy and around the country now one of the new mechanism just called Community solar and see what happens with the solar farm goes up in your community and your utility territory and you can now become And subscribe to a piece of that Community solar farm and in most parts of the country you can get a short-term gig so you don't have to sign up for a long. Of time
month to month and in most parts of the country as well you can get savings under utility bill by doing it and is gaining versus different parts of the country there's different programs with utilities or with competitive electric suppliers that lets you get a piece of the grid that's coming from clean energy sources instead of from dirty ones and their various way so first take a look at your electricity consumption take a look at where you buying your electricity and talk to your utility do some research and see what you can do to get your clean electricity Supply do you do solar that's the best it's wonderful but if you can't do that that's one piece
second pieces we mentioned before is efficiencies the lighting is a piece when you go and get your appliances get energy star appliances those who rated you take a look to see how efficient they are worthless you refrigerate or your dishwasher or any other appliance that you have in your home therapies related to that is when we have our Electronics plugged in and even if it just plugged in like RI phone wires a plugged in or I'll wear stereos are plugged in even though they're or they're still consuming energy Pirates of Gold Vampire loads because they're sucking out the electricity even when we're not using it so when you can actually I could be almost 18 to 20% of your electricity bill counselors vampire load yet if so if you can put stuff on a power strip and then turn it off when you're not using it
TV or your your cable box or any other plants to put it on just to put off the power strip and that'll cut down on those loads another Energy Efficiency peace with heating and cooling a lot of people don't realize that we have we have filters write in a heating and cooling systems that blow when we have our air stuff right so if we don't change those filters if we don't know about it several things happen one is that's not a good thing for bacteria and other things to build up on their ass with an air quality issue never helped him pack but in addition if when the air can flow through those filters it makes the system work harder means that you're consuming more energy and it also makes the system work harder to the point where it could break so regularly change the air filters for your vents in your system in Europe in your home and your apartment wherever you are because those vans have multiple impacts in her or another so Heating and Cooling that's a piece with these vents
deficiency things and what many people haven't heard about that we all have is the you guys ever hear what a sheep pump is do you know what a heat pump is since I do and then why do people keep their water temperature so high and it can come down like 10° or however many I actually read my lighting companies recommendations and I go to the and I've increased my filters and for my air filters to my 11 and up they last longer than more efficient and then I read about those eating the heating heat pumps because that's a really good point so we will actually have our almost all of us have a heat pump if you've got a refrigerator and a freezer which most of us do that's actually a heat pump and
what a heat pump does is it compresses and expands you heard of a compressor right to a compressor basically compressors and expand usually a gas and then it takes the heat from one location in your refrigerator in your freezer takes it out of the box and let it get out in the coils and back or underneath the box right there where I keep Palm just moved it around compressors and expanse of a gas and then takes that heat and moves it in various places and air conditioner is also we keep pump and an air conditioner does that same thing as a refrigerator or freezer does but instead of taking it in and putting it out the back of the coil the air conditioner dumps it into the outside air in the South people are familiar with heat pumps because they use them for shooting because you can take that process that air conditioner and reverse the valves inside and by reversing the valves inside now you can take the heat out of the
and use it to keep the inside of your home or any other do an air source heat pump is an air conditioner but it just goes both ways it takes heat out and cool there or takes heat in and she picks the technology has improved now we're air source heat pump to take heat out of the air even when it's down to minus 15 degrees outside because there's still have energy and he can meet up right so if you've got a traditional boiler or furnace and you're burning natural gas or you're burning oil or you're burning propane Carla koehl hopefully people got away from calls but anything that you're burning you're always burning and inefficiency of something less than 100% because you're just burning and the most efficient natural gas is like in the 98% range yourself but everything else is less than a hundred when you go to an air source heat pump and you got an air conditioner that both Heats and cools and it takes the end
be out of the year for every unit of electricity you put in your getting two to three units of heating and cooling out of it so it's 200 to 300% efficient and The Next Step Beyond that is ground Source heat pumps or geothermal heat pumps and we all know that if you go down if you dig a hole in the ground that's why are animals go when they're outside and it's hot. Dig a little hole because the temperature down underneath is a constant temperature because the Earth sucks up here about half the energy from the Sun and over billions of years if we go down four or five feet and most part of the country most parts of the world it's a constant temperature and it's basically about 50 degrees or so 50 55 degrees depending upon where you are so if you dig a hole down and that's what a geothermal system. There's a hole and you can go straight down or you can go in a field and you go down far enough and you put basically little hoses and you run a fluid water through those hoses it goes out and comes back it's
now it's 50° and now you start heating or cooling starting at 50 degrees and to cool a space you don't really have to do much more than 50 degrees and if your heating a place space now you just bumping it up 20 degrees and a geothermal heat pumps are four to 500% efficient so for every unit of electricity. Electricity put in you got for a $5 worth of heating and cooling out of Toronto Heating and Cooling bases whenever you're able to do air source heat pumps or ground Source heat pumps you're improving efficiency you can usually get utility incentives is tax credits many times you can get as well and you could save a pile of money and move away from fossil fuels and burning and dirty and having air quality issues to these clean sources of heating and cooling to this is this is fascinating and I'm not even playing I love this geothermal heating
I wonder if that's possible for my property in Michigan I am going to look into geothermal heating I haven't I had a question about a air pump I don't mean to monopolize but I just love this topic I mean I'm just like you were talking about me know I'm worried about piracy I know both those pirates I didn't know they were called me Empires damn Pirates is what I'm going to call him but every time I leave before I leave the refrigerator is what I understand from what I've read is one of the biggest pirates in a home and I never really understood it until today when you were talking about that heat pump I never thought that my frigerator my refrigerator has that I never knew it had a heat pump
Advantage you get really kind and that's again why you want to get an energy star refrigerator that's much more efficient in terms of producing the cooling at you want for Less energy that you have to put in so that's what we want to encourage our listeners those of you that are listening and money is tight for you and you're thinking you know why I can't afford a new refrigerator while perhaps you can because what is energy efficient refrigerators you're actually going to be saving money because that is one of the biggest vampirates of your electricity pay you to take out your old refrigerator and put in a new one so they'll give you at least some sort of rebate on it and if you get an energy star refrigerator which are more energy efficient usually many parts of the country and its Scent of a rebate from the ability to also do it says were thinking about because you're right if you finance it in particular or the Energy savings and loan to pay for the cost of it so those were thinking of
right said that the second area right so we've got all the electricity that we use in our in our homes in our at workplaces etcetera we've got the heating and cooling we do and then the third piece in this is another fascinating piece is the transportation and so here's where Transportation has evolved to a lot of the greenhouse gases 30 to 40% that we produce comes from are driving and are moving people around the burning fossil fuels to move ourselves around to transport and it whines up at electric vehicles now have come to the point where they are so cost-effective and so efficient that we won't hurt as much as we do Tesla LED the way they would definitely at the Forefront of its people mostly think I do Tesla's death ray the really fast a coolster amazing but they're so expensive right and they're the only ones and etc etc one now every manufacturer is either have them or
they will happen we just heard an announcement that General Motors is going to stop producing internal combustion engines in 2035 Volvo is beating them with 20/30 this year Ford has their Mustang Mach which is an all electric Mustang that came out if they're releasing which is like an SUV Mustang Cobra manufacturer has won every no matter which car brand you like from the low and the Chevys to the words to the Nissan's and the Toyota is up to the high-end the Porsche the BMW's in the Mercedes and everything in between the whole world is moving to electric vehicles and people think I do okay well that's great but where am I going to charge it that's the usually the first question that folks have and if anything is this is that 98% of Americans trips are less than 50 miles
think about that for a second how often how far do you drive in a day do you usually Drive less than less a a hundred miles on almost any day around time we go to school we go to the store we go to commute to work or whatever else but maybe a percentage of our trip so less than a hundred miles do with an electric vehicle now it ain't get over 200 miles to recharge so the fascinating thing is if you ever single family residence and you can just have a garage or you can just run an extension cord outside these electric vehicles actually like those trickle chargers that you get from just plugging it right into an electric wall socket so you just plug your electric vehicle into a wall socket overnight you've got 200 miles of charge which is enough for 98% of your trips right so you don't need to think about a charging station if you're here they're right to Goa distance okay fine in those charging stations are being built but for most people
most of the time just plug it into a regular wall socket overnight and the fascinating things when you look at the economics with that yeah I'm right now we're paying a little bit more but there's a tax credit on those electric vehicles so you get a $7,500 tax credit off of your taxes if you buy one of those electric vehicles plus there's usually State and in utility incentive so you take a look at that and various States so now you're down the costs of buying it is almost the same sometimes less than internal combustion engine and then you look at your fuel cost and you realize that no matter where you are in the country paying for electric per mile with an electric, it's half the price of paying per mile for gasoline at expensive gasoline prices so you're saving a half to two-thirds on your fuel cost these electric cars don't have an oil change don't need oil changes they don't have transmission so you don't need transmission fluid changes they have 20 moving Parts instead of 2000 so there's any less things to break when I got
you're going to give me when I get a New York City has been a total cost of a total cost of ownership analysis and then moving their entire fleet will actually be closer to saving money all the way down the line if they line up front to saving on fuel to saving on maintenance then let's break down so it's just it's really a no-brainer it's where the whole world is going and it took us a long time to get to the first a million electric vehicles in the world from 1 to 2 million by 18 months two to three million it was eight months we now it over seven and a half million electric vehicles and it's growing exponentially and again every manufacturer is doing it and the whole country the whole world is moving to electric vehicle so if you haven't thought about an electric vehicle were thinking about if you live in a multi-family building or you don't have any place you don't have a garage or you can plug your car in there are many more charger station
well now coming out and if you take a look around I'm sure you'll find that they sell a lot more going on and really met the meets the eyes stuff about electrical issue I want to pick your brain on just one last thing I know that you are a very family and a very romantic guy actually he has had seven children I had married at 2 wine and and after my wife wanted to divorce on the first one I married into four more so yes I have seven but five of them so just to be clear how can a couple who wanted to be romantic but also give back to their environment what are some activities for an environmentally conscious Capital that they can do together to bond and make a difference a boy what a group questions thank you so much so far again be in your own body and can
text physically in the fitting physical space with your partner so touching hand holding etcetera taking walks a really nice of doing things together in nature that just lets you connect with both your body your partner and then with the nature nature as wonderful as you take a look and you think about the impact of particular on our kids if you're if you happen to have kids and you're concerned about the future think about the fact that while I really want to make a difference and have a legacy and start doing things with your energy bills cuz that's 90% of the issue to take a look at all your utility bills together and say okay well let's start chipping away at it what can we do to reduce our electricity cost in electrical impact and everything from the pirate vampire the vampire it loads through turning off the lights in the all those sorts of things do all the efficiency things and then start dealing with some of the more in-depth things to look at your heating system and your cooling system in your van and your transportation
what are you doing and how far are you driving as you start to look again I start with the dollars cuz I've worked with businesses and governments and nonprofits over the years to help save the money with clean energy transformation and it really is every dollar that you start saving at the major environmental impact so those dollars reducing your cost is not just good for your pocketbook but it's good for the environment to you do the more the folks get together as as a family or as a partner and start to systematically look at okay we want to do something together to have a positive impact on the environment on a planet leave a legacy for our kids time to take a look at those instructors make chipping away at it but first connect with yourself connect with each other and connect with nature because that's what it's all about
awesome thank you so much I'd like to encourage couples that want to be sexually and considerate of the environment to have sex with the lights off and honor of our great are you normally tell people to keep the lights on because as therapist we want them to have that direct contact to see one another to experience one another and sometimes if you have sex with lights off it's not always the best sign you know I'm saying turn off those lights tonight or how little are we do night light if you need something or some kind of light is obviously always good to encourage
CD light night. I love it if you want to go to / b i b bring intimacy back you'll find some energy saving tips there that you can download you'll find some actually business opportunities to because we're always looking for referrals to do businesses and nonprofit the government's I want to make this transition in my meet our services in which case you can not just do a good thing I just helped save him money but also maybe you're in a little extra income if that's something they might be interested in this is about two different opportunities that some things on LED light bulbs you can download all the free things and then some other opportunities that might be of interest to you so call the social media to so please connect with us on and if you would actually rating rank are podcast every upgrade I found you all right
and then you know we're on Facebook and Instagram and all the rest so I'm LinkedIn so please connect it would be great to hear from all your folks
I'm going to give you an update in a year or two once and let you know some of the things that I'm doing to protect the environment with my Northern Michigan property thank you you can probably just so you know there's no that the best time to do this stuff is when you build in cuz at this point you mobilizing Capital you're getting people involved you building materials so make it a real energy efficient envelope right so make you later space really efficient that's one step further steps second thing is when you can do solar if you can't do it on your real you might do it in a field nearby or you might build a shed for extra storage space and put it on a shed or get that clean energy trying your electricity move to ground Source heat pumps because you're games you're going to be drilling and moving and doing foundations anyway so you dig and so do a ground Source heat pump Chris now you can have the solar Queen electricity Supply your heating and cooling and putting electric vehicle charging stations at Lee
password is the same electric that we use for our stoves electric stoves are for electric dryer right so it's not anything different you just want to make sure that you have it set up in the beginning but by doing that if you do it right you then include all your cost in the mortgage so you know how we got long-term financing which is very inexpensive these days you've got now all your energy course can go into that so you got the Sun and clean energy to play matches your electricity but your heating cooling and your transportation and all of a sudden you're saving a lot of money and having a very positive environmental impact
wonderful thank you so much thank you so much truly and I will follow you and for those of you that are following us at bringing in the back still I just want to let you know too that you can join at be forward slash Vib podcast bats VIP podcast also have upcoming shows were really excited about and that's Makayla Cox at 38 triple D driving through all things we have dr. Farid zarif coming up with heart health and food and of course the whole man Sky Chronicles with making working friendships work happy earthday birthday thank you guys this is Greg dr. April Dr Keller you guys are wonderful please keep up you got a fantastic message of thanks so much
driving me on your show thank you again for being in the show and this has been to bring an intimacy back show where intimacy is real will see you guys next week

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