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American Truth Finders, 14/06/2015

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American Truth Finders
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with Neil Douglas

American Truth Finders with Neil Douglas

Headlined Show, American Truth Finders June 14, 2015

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The ‘Pyramid Scam’ November 02, 2013 by Margaret Haase

There is a reason that they want us to believe that those 535 people in Washington can do that because what they have developed is a multilevel, marketing, pyramid scam. We are sending three trillion dollars a year to 535, basically lawyers, for them to spend for us, like they are our big brothers. People don’t’ realize what they have developed. When you look at three trillion dollars, divided by 535 guys (for people who do not know), three trillion dollars is three million, million dollars. It is the greatest prize ever known to mankind. It makes the Roman Empire look weak.

This is an incredible multilevel, marketing, pyramid scam. The same thing is going on in state capitals and on a smaller level in your own communities. We can no longer afford to keep financing over-taxation and misappropriation of these moneys. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. What we need to do is have a system where our money stays in our communities and goes to places where we the people want it to go.

~ David Frank ~   ‘300 Million Minds: Changing America Piece by Peace’

Guest, David Frank

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David Frank
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Dedicated to saving America one voice at a time
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“One voice made up of three hundred million people containing billions of brain cells all working together to solve the problems of today, making the world a better place for the children of tomorrow.” ~ David Frank ~

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American Truth Finders

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Neil’s internet talk show, American Truth Finders, will search for the facts of what is going on in America that is leading this country down the wrong path. In this quest to sort out the facts, there will be many theories. Some will be found to be truths, some non-truths. And there will always be the conspiracy theories. This show will investigate all those theories to give it’s listeners the knowledge to separate fact from fiction. Whatever the political position, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or other, if it’s not the truth it will be exposed.

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