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How to Master Your Mind for Peak Performance & Productivity

You mind is one of your most powerful assets when mastered and honed.  But it becomes a tyrant when you let it run wild with erroneous thoughts.Discover tips and secrets known to mind-body-spirit experts that you can use to uplevel everything in your life – relationships, career, business, health, happiness & inner peace!

This is not your ordinary “feel good and think positive” information. So Tune into the New Reality Solutions show tomorrow night, Friday, February 4th at 9pm EST / 6pm Pacific on BBS Radio at  and call in live with questions and/or to join the conversation.  (Direct toll-free in the USA) 1-888-627-6008; (direct from outside the USA) 1-323-744-4831.

About the Show: This solution-oriented talk show is a labor of love, put together by Dr. Art Emrich and Dr. Christina Winsey to extend their reach to help as many people as possible.  With a combined 100 years of experience assisting patients and clients one-on-one, they explore a wide range of vital topics that afflict the human condition, including bringing on author experts to interview and help listeners.  But more importantly, they provide many powerful and natural, mind-body-spirit and natural solutions that you can do to help and empower yourself.  

You can call into the show live to join the discussion and get laser coaching as well, right on the air.  The call-in numbers are on the show page