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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 22 July 2019
Artist or Band Name
Tom Lindh

I am a musician from Stockholm in Sweden

(quite far away but music is without bounderies, so...I try anyway).

In the days, has released an album, Don't Quit. Proud. Think that the album is really good. Is a messy classic rock, like a bit of The Stooges, Modern Lovers, Saints, Wire, X-ray, Johnny Thunders and Killing Joke but mostly myself and my story

Don't Quit

14 songs

Can send you a CD or single songs or the entire album as mp3 or wav.

Contact me by mail


A biography, must say that there is not much to say about me.

Actually only when I play music that I get really nasty and want all in MY way. And thinks life is really fun.

If - which does not happen often - I get invited to a party, then people politely say hello to me. Then it happens that I sit quietly in the corner and do not talk to anyone and wait for me to go without anyone noticing me.

Some of my best friends usually lend a guitar and lock me in another room, where there are no others. Then come and visit sometimes. Play a little with me and give me a beer or two. Maybe a little wrong with me? Or am I just me?

Parents of a wonderful daughter Emma 11 years old who is all I am not. She is also on Spotify.

Forced her once (for a little money bribe) to sing on a song I didn't make. Clearly more beautiful voice than the dad then.

Have a good time!