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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 28 August 2018
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Savan DePaul
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Rhythms from realms out of reach.

Savan DePaul prides himself on making music that challenges/subverts the notions of his contemporaries. Favoring the abstract and the surreal, DePaul not only operates as a rapper but also as a multi-genre producer, poet, and visual artist. He’s shown a penchant for creating musical projects that more closely resemble alien incantations than your average pop or rap banger. DePaul uses his eclectic tastes in music and a wide range of influences to fuse a central hip hop sound with electronic beats, traditional melodies, and Afrofuturistic sci-fi themes. Utilizing this lush instrumentation and bringing a distinct vibe to hip hop and electronic music has become one of DePaul’s edicts.