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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 10 January 2020
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Harry Edohoukwa
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Dallas native, Harry Edohoukwa is rooted in melody and committed to innovation. Raised on Jamaican smooth stylist Beres Hammond and Afro-reggae messenger Lucky Dube, Harry follows his mentors by using tuneful, personal deliveries to convey his purge of emotion and insight, whether it be hyped or brooding energy. His lyrics paint a vivid canvas of his life’s journey through triumph, agony, and personal lessons.

Family and immersion in the present moment with others are focal points for Harry’s daily life. His parents emigrated from Nigeria many years ago in pursuit of creating a different landscape for their children than what they were presented with. A very tough move for them to make and adopt to a completely different lifestyle, language and general societal expectations. Even though he was born and raised in Dallas, Harry holds true to his roots and family values.

However, his road to becoming an artist has not been an easy one. His parents, having sacrificed so much for their kin, expect a career path of stability and respectable wages, such as a doctor or engineer. For Harry, his heart has brought him down a different road. While it has been a struggle not only internally, but also with his parents, Harry knows that these challenges of life purpose and parental support exists in many other people. He is here to share his story and triumphs, hoping to inspire and challenge others to face their moments of growth head on with fierce energy.

Named by the Austin Chronicle as one of this year’s Must See Artists at SXSW, Harry headlined the Hotel Vegas stage with Jackie Venson and White Denim, as well as headlining KUTX’s premiere Austin Hip-Hop showcase’s SXSBREAKS and Love Lockdown. Becoming one of Austin’s premiere artists in under a year, Harry has expanded nationally with shows at Los Angeles’ Peppermint Club, nearly sold out show in Dallas' Double Wide and at Denver’s biggest music festival called The Underground Music Showcase.

On December 11th, his debut album titled, Fire on the Mountain was released. The album, speaks about the human mistakes he has made, in fact the mistakes that we all have made. He voices the small light of hope that exists in each of these mistakes that propel us into being excited about the present moment and the future moments to come. Harry falls into this feeling after his mindset shifts from focusing on the mistakes made and self-disgust to learning and self-love.