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Guest Name
Phillip King
Guest Occupation
BeatBox Harpist
Guest Biography

Phillip King – Beatbox Harpist

My job on earth is to spread this harp miracle and touch the hearts of humanity from ages 7 minutes to 70 years and beyond.  As I share, I see the fruit of smiles and good vibes.

We all know there are times in life where good vibes can be rare, so I offer this bowl of fruit with intention of covering you in the vibration of Unconditional Love.

“LA’s charismatic and inspiring Philip King plays powerful instrumental pieces on the harp in his own idiosyncratic style, having ceremonially taught himself how to play from scratch. He plays anywhere he can – in markets, on stages and subway platforms, at meditations, at UNLIT. On new years eve he’d finished his official gig and then went in to the casualty department of his local hospital and played…. he is a very special artist…. and has an equally special album…. buy it, and spread the word….